Chapter 42.2 – An Inexplicable Mystery


The situation that Figuz outlined so far seems very strange. I’m somewhat confused about how it led to the dad being captured, but I decided to keep on listening instead of interrupting him.

On the night that the letter arrived, Figuz was personally watching over the movements of the imperial knights. He was worried about what would happen to dad, but the knights truly believed in dad’s innocence and refused to investigate him. They just stayed on their usual patrols, and during breaks, played some poker.

However, once the sun went down and the full moon rose, an unbelievable report was delivered to Figuz. He immediately sent multiple ninja dolls out to confirm the information, but it was just as the report said.

Multiple imperial knights entered a high-class inn and captured the people who were planning on assassinating the emperor… But it made no sense, for he was keeping track of all members of the Imperial Guard. They were right in front of him, eating dinner. How could they possibly exist in both the inn and on the guard’s dining hall at the same time?

Figuz let out a groan before continuing… For things just got even stranger from that point on.

The knights that were right in front of his eyes suddenly started shaking. Their eyes went out, and then… They exploded.

Not in a grotesque way that spread a lot of flesh and blood, but instead, they just turned into smoke and disappeared.

Things on the inn were also strange, but in a different way. As the inn is often used for secret talks, the ninja dolls constantly monitor it. They always know who is inside and what they are talking about… Or so it should have been.

But this time, the dolls did not notice dad entering the location, nor did they overhead any assassination talk. They only noticed what was happening when the knights went inside. It was already too late by then.

Dad was arrested for high treason, and had his execution immediately scheduled for the day after the next. No interrogation nor trial was held, as it was a direct order from the emperor. It was an extremely severe punishment, to stop any hopes of a revolution.

However… I just didn’t understand it. Didn’t he suspect that dad might have been framed? That the aristocracy was trying to harm the Wisp family? Wouldn’t the emperor normally postpone the execution in order to have time to make a thorough investigation?

Two days passed, and on the morning of the execution day, Figuz and the other ninja dolls had finished preparing an emergency rescue plan.

But they did not need to carry it out, for dad had escaped the prison by himself.

There was no one in the prison. The only person they found, was a guard who was supposed to be in charge of dad’s cell… This guard, was sleeping on the cold hard floor.


(Even the great me cannot fully understand this situation.) Weiss commented.

(Similarly, the genius that is me is also confused.) Phillka said.

It truly was quite the situation… I also did not know what to make of it.

(Figuz, please tell us more about the exact situation where Solute was captured.) Kajero asked. His tone wasn’t as sharp as normal, so I suppose he must be putting his everything into comprehending what happened there.

(Understood. The meeting was held in the second floor of the inn, which was supposed to be unmanned that day. This has been confirmed by several ninja dolls.

(However, the moment the knights stepped into it, about a dozen men suddenly appeared on the room. And of course, Solute was one of them.) Figuz explained.

(Do you think they were sent there with magic?) I asked.

(It’s quite unlikely, I’m afraid. There was no evidence of such magic being used. Moreover, from the state of the room, it truly seemed like those people had been there from the beginning.) Figuz replied.

(In that case, I suppose we should assume that the meeting was indeed held, yet the ninja dolls were seeing an illusion that made it seem as if nobody was there.) Kajero concluded.

(Wait, magic that can deceive even the eyes of spirits is a thing?) Phillka asked.

(But of course!) Weiss answered, (With the right ancient spells, spirits can definitely be fooled.

(Even the great me was once deceived by that Earl…)

Weiss seemed to be quite bitter about that.

However, rather than pitying Weiss, the Earl proudly nodded instead, then said, (Absolutely. Just like how I showed a special scenery to the princess in our meeting some time ago.

(With the right spells, one can even wrap an entire city in a dream.) After explaining this much to us, the Earl then turned towards Figuz, (Also, let me ask you one thing.

(Earlier, the fake Cactus also disappeared in a puff of smoke… Could it perchance be the same kind of disappearance that affected the imperial knights?)

Figuz did not immediately answer the Earl’s question. He seemed to be searching for the answer deep into his memory.

It took him a while, but eventually, he nodded, (Yes, you’re correct. I hadn’t noticed it until you pointed out, but it was the same kind of explosion.)

(Well, I haven’t lived for a thousand years for nothing…) The Earl commented, (There are still some vague points, but I believe I have arrived to a plausible theory.

(If there are no more facts to be shared, I’d like to present you my reasoning.) The Earl had quite a confident expression as he looked at us all.

The feeling he is giving out is a bit worrisome though. As if he is going to say something I do not want to hear.

… I hope he doesn’t do some flashy illusions like he did on the time he started assuming I was his princess… But more than that, I hope his deduction might serve as a good starting point for us.

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