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Chapter 42.1 – The Earl’s Incident


Translator’s Note: Chapter 42 was split into three parts by the author, hence why it will also be split up here.


As Cactus was the first spirit doll I made, the other children treated it like a special existence of sorts… That, paired together with the fact its spirit was originally a god, then I suppose it can’t be helped that they didn’t escort dad when Cactus gave an order against it. It would be unfair to blame Figuz for this.

At times like this, it’s better to try looking at the situation from different angles. If I had nobody looking over dad, then I probably had extra manpower in other regions, so we could have gotten some information from them.

Let’s try asking Figuz about that, (Was there anything suspicious regarding the imperial family or the other nobles?)

Figuz seemed to regain his courage once I asked that, (The old aristocracy seem to be the same as usual. There didn’t seem to be anything that pointed towards the fall of Solute there.

(However, the imperial family did provide some useful information.)

(Did they frame dad?) I asked.

That would have been a very stupid move. Even if a good chunk of the nobility felt like the imperial family was just a decoration, dad was one of the few loyal retainers that they had. I cannot imagine why they’d even consider attacking my dad of all people.

(It’s probably something completely different than what you’re imagining, princess.) The Earl told me.

Then what is it? I’m getting worried.

(You see, there were some rumors on the imperial family, about how the Wisp family will wipe out the aristocracy with the power of the spirits and bring glory to the imperial family again.

(A lot of people seem to be giving credibility to this rumor. Some of the members of the imperial family seem to be eagerly waiting for the day even.) Figuz explained.

(How did this even…?) I wondered out loud.

I just don’t get it. Just what happened why I was away? Why would anyone reach this kind of conclusion?

While I crossed my arms and desperately tried to think of a logical explanation to this, the Earl just nodded to Figuz’s statement and said, (I see. It seems like my two steady years of hard work have paid off.)

His years of hard work…?

Figuz seemed to notice my confusion, so he started explaining, (The earl has been talking about how Altirea Wisp is the reincarnation of Rastiyu, the sister of the first emperor, Wald.

(Most people would usually just dismiss that as a madman’s ramblings, but as the Earl has over a thousand years behind him, he is basically a living legend. There is no way that people won’t give credit to the words of such a person. His influence is immeasurable.)

(I didn’t do just that, Figuz.) The Earl pouted before continuing, (I said that history would repeat itself. That the princess, who is beloved by the spirits, would correct this corrupt empire.)

Oh, wow… So basically, because of the Earl’s words, the imperial family made a strange misunderstanding… Could this have led to some noble framing dad in order to stop a possible revolution?

(I dedicated myself fully to create an appropriate climate that would lead to people eagerly waiting for you to take over the throne, princess.

(However, there seems to have been an unexpected side effect to this, that ended up leading to the disappearance of Solute Wisp.) The Earl told me.

… Why does the Earl seem to be incredibly happy after saying that?

Well… No use worrying about the Earl’s past actions now, I suppose. In the end, they’re as exaggerated as what I’d expect of him.

(Is something the matter, princess? Is there something on my face?) The Earl asked me after I stared at him for a while.

I shook my head and said, (It’s nothing, let’s continue.

(Thank you for your detailed explanation, Fig. I now understand the background situation better.

(Now, can you tell me more about the specific details? What led to being dad arrested?)


Apparently, a secret letter was delivered to the headquarters of the imperial knights. It said something along the lines of:

–Many are planning on an assassination of his majesty, the emperor.

–I couldn’t withstand the guilt of being aware of it and doing nothing anymore, so I’m delivering this letter of accusation.

–The mastermind is Solute Wisp. A fool who mistook his daughter’s power as his own.

Normally speaking, in face of such a heavy accusation, an investigation would be held in order to find out the truth, but… The knights decided on the verdict from the beginning.

That it was a plot from the aristocracy. That dad would not do something so stupid.

Dad had earned the trust of the knights since his time at the Magic Academy, so they instantly assumed he was innocent, and instead assumed that the aristocracy, who had much to gain from the fall of the Wisp family, was just trying to frame him.

So, instead of acting on the letter, the guards just talked to each other about their anxieties, about how it had to be a ploy, about how they had to find who was the real culprit, about how it was worrisome that Solute might now have an actual reason to betray the empire, or about how this might maybe be some kind of elaborate ruse that he decided on himself…

Some disagreed to some of the opinions, others agreed, but still, the guards did not think that dad would lead the dolls to attack the palace if he had a choice. And even then, they doubted that he’d harm them, as the man that earned their respect since such a long time ago would not go out of his way to attack the guards that are meant to protect the very empire that he is sworn to serve.

And in the middle of this kind of situation, with the ninja dolls flying all over the imperial capital to try getting more information, dad still ended up disappearing, just like Cactus.

Even with my vast information network, there were still some pieces missing… It was in this scenario, that the incident happened.

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