Chapter 47 – The Expedition to the Wisp Territory


The first day, which was turbulent in many ways, ended, and the second day of the voyage started.

Both Kajero and Weisster seem to be holding themselves back, so I was able to enjoy the outside view from the deck.

“No matter where you look, while we see this horizon, we can feel as if this ship is the only one in the whole world…” Feria said.

She seemed to have recovered from her seasickness, so she could appreciate this view with me now.

Phillka on the other hand was still laying on his bed. He said something about how humanity will eventually rule over even this vast wilderness… It’s a magnificent way of refusing to admit defeat.

“By the way, Alty, did the Earl get to the empire’s capital already?” Feria asked me.

“If everything went well, he should have just arrived, but… It’s hard to be sure, since it’s the Earl that we’re talking about.” I replied.

After all, he is the kind of person to always move at his own pace. In both the good and the bad… It can’t be helped since he lived for a thousand years already though.

If he finds something interesting on his way to the capital, like a cat chasing a butterfly, or a lost child in the woods, or maybe even some other unusual thing, it might serve as a distraction that keeps the Earl from arriving in time.

Essentially, he was somewhat unpredictable.


On the third day of the voyage, the ninja dolls told us that the Earl properly reached the empire’s capital.

However, we also heard some concerning news… (The government’s army is advancing towards the Wisp territory…) Kajero muttered.

The national army’s primary purposes are to defend the capital and to suppress rebellions, so it’s natural for them to move against the Wisp territory when my father is supposedly a traitor, but… “The imperial family seems to be on our side, so this movement is unusual. Maybe the soldiers were moved by the aristocracy instead?” I wondered.

(Most likely, but… It’s still a bit strange.

(There are plenty of dolls at the Wisp territory, enough to attack the empire’s capital even… The aristocrats should know this much.) Kajero replied.

(Could they have obtained something to overcome the difference in power?) Weisster asked.

His blade-self was currently shaped into a question mark, so he was probably thinking really hard about this.

(It’s been a bit over ten days since the princess’ father was accused of treason, right? Isn’t it a bit too soon to move the whole army against him when the empire has been in peace for so long?

(There’s most likely something happening behind the scenes…) Weisster commented.

“Do you have any guesses of what might be happening behind the scenes though?” I asked him.

(I don’t know, but… I have a bad feeling. I can’t stop the chills.) Weisster replied.

“That’s just because your body is made of ice, right?” I jested.

(I wish it was…) Weisster said.


On the next day, we got some new information that confirmed Weiss’ premonition.

(Young lady! Urgent news!) It wasn’t even dawn when Kajero entered my room to say that, (We’ve become unable to get in touch with both the ninja dolls and with the Earl.)

“How is this even…?” I muttered.

(Details are still under investigation, but on top of that, the government forces have moved to the south of the Delil Mountains.) Kajero replied.

“What about the Wisp territory?” I asked.

(The knight dolls are under alert, but at the moment neither side has crossed the mountains yet.) Kajero told me.

Now let’s see… My parents’ home, the Wisp duchy, is on the northeast region of the Medea empire… It’s not only key in protecting the northern part of the border, but the eastern portion of the territory also contains the city of Spiril, the empire’s largest trading city.

And the Delil Mountains are to the south of the Wisp duchy. They serve as the division between my parents’ territory and the emperor’s territory… And it’s now about to become a warzone, it seems.

(Apparently, the attack’s goal is to capture the rebel Solute Wisp.) Kajero told me.

“Is my father at the Wisp territory?” I asked him.

(The dolls are doing all they can to search for him, but no such reports came just yet.

(It is more likely that he is hiding at either the empire’s capital, or at the territory of other aristocrats.) Kajero replied.

“Thank you. I understand the situation now.” I told him. My early-morning drowsiness has already been blown away by this conversation.

While moving my hands through my disheveled blond hair, I started thinking… What is the best move I can do now.

Ugh… The blood vessels bounced in my brain. It wasn’t as painful as usual though. It was more like a strange sense of incongruity.

“Kajero, I think you should return to the Wisp territory and command the dolls there.” I told him.

If he left, the ship would slow down, but that cannot be helped. In the current circumstances, a good commander needs to be assigned immediately.

(Rest assured, young lady, that is not necessary.

(Or rather, I think it would be better if I continued in charge of the ship instead.) Kajero replied.

… How come? The dolls are a bit too innocent to organize themselves on their own. They’d definitely need a commander in this kind of situation.

And Kajero would definitely be the best commander possible. Cactus would probably be the second best option, but Kajero would still be considerably better.

Walf might be the third best option, but that carefree child might not be that suited for work as a commander in a warzone.

Besides, Cactus is missing, together with father, and Walf is in secluded training right now.

So right now, the only dolls at the Wisp territory are probably as mature as elementary schoolers… I can’t imagine them handling the government’s forces well.

(Currently, the dolls are building an impromptu citadel at the northern part of the mountains and watching how things develop.

(Meanwhile, the knights of the Wisp family seem to be collaborating too.) Kajero explained.

“Knights, as in, not doll knights, correct?” I asked just to be sure.

(Indeed. They’re human knights.) He told me.

Things are just getting more mysterious. Someone who can not only move the dolls, but also influence the humans? Who else but my father would be able to do that?

(Young lady, isn’t it a bit too merciless to forget about your own blood-related relatives?) Kajero asked me.

“My relatives? But father is missing, and mom died long ago…” I replied.

Was there anyone else? Did some hidden child appear without my notice?

Kajero sighed as he saw me tilt my head–

(Your brother, lord Tourus.

(I know you two don’t have much contact, but you really forgot about him?) Kajero asked.

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