Chapter 48 – A hangover is not the cure for motion sickness


Altirea Wisp’s older brother, Tourus… I myself had completely forgotten about his existence. He has never had much of a presence, but I think his presence is much thinner now than it was before.

“I didn’t know that Tourus had returned to the Wisp territory…” I muttered.

(He returned around the same time you left for Malgaroid, young lady…) Kajero told me.

Is that so? Then, just before I left, did we talk a bit perchance?

Hmm… I really can’t remember it. It’s a mysterious feeling, as if I’m wrapped in a haze.

Perhaps my older brother has a strange talent that erases his presence somehow…?

As if.

“Is it alright if my brother is in charge?” I asked.

(While I haven’t had much contact with lord Tourus, I can assure you that he is a very intelligent person.

(By now he is surely putting a lot of pressure on the hostile forces. If you leave it to him, there should be no problem.) Kajero told me.

That was a bit surprising. This must be the first time I heard Kajero praise a human like this.

And yet… My impression of my older brother is probably closer to a gentle gardener than a military commander. It’s hard to imagine him at the frontlines.


Not too long after that, we arrived at the Wisp Territory. There were no major changes seen in the front lines since the last report.

As soon as the high-speed ship arrived at Spiril, I immediately went to a carriage.

The destination is the southern part of the Wisp territory. At the foot of the Delil Mountains.

Though of course, I’m not going there to command the dolls myself… After all, I don’t really know how to war.

At most, I played strategy games in my previous life, but my strategy just consisted of slamming a lot of soldiers with tremendous force against my opponents.

Therefore, my job is a different one. What Kajero told me was, (Considering the way they are currently moving, the Wisp dolls do not seem to have lost their loyalty to you, young lady.

(In that case, I’d like if you could go to them and praise their hard work.)

Essentially, I’d be motivating them for the most part, though there was also one more duty that Kajero asked me to fulfill, (Also, some of the dolls might be lacking in magical power. I hope you can refill their energy, young lady.)

Because even if I lost the doll magic, I still have an enormous magical capacity… Perhaps, if the Wisp dolls are filled with energy, then the situation might change.


… This carriage shook a lot when compared to the one I rode in Malgaroid. I took this one specifically because it was advertised as ‘the empire’s finest ride’, but… The difference in technological advancement between both countries is just way too wide.

“To think a genius like me would be losing to motion sickness…” Phillka muttered. He was prostrated on the window right now.

He also wasn’t much better during the sea voyage, so I guess he isn’t very good with vehicles.

“You’re just like a beam sprout, brother!” Feria laughed as she patted Phillka’s back.

She wasn’t feeling motion sickness right now, and she seemed to be quite proud of that.

“Shouldn’t you have waited at the Wisp house? You’re a scholar, so is there any meaning on you coming to the frontlines?” I asked him.

“But of course… There are quite a few inventions for war…

“I was useless in Malgaroid, but here–” Phillka then started giggling for some reason.

(Before that, shouldn’t you improve the anti-sickness medicine, you idiot!?) Weisster asked.

On that note, Weisster’s ice-blade-self was currently resting on Phillka’s neck. Apparently this made Phillka feel a bit better.

“To defeat the motion sickness, I just drank 10 bottles of the anti-sickness medicine!” Phillka then started laughing out loud.

(This has just made you drunk! Stop drinking any more of those!) Weisster told him.

… I agree. Phillka is definitely drunk right now. His face is red, his eyes are sloppy, and he definitely feels like he just crashed into a bar.

“Hmm… Perhaps I should have drunk some Sake.” Feria suddenly something really strange just now, “I mean, isn’t drinking good for curing hangovers? I was kinda seasick for the whole trip, so maybe I should have just drunk some Sake.”

Oh dear… I hadn’t realized it until now, but Feria might actually be kinda stupid.

I ended up looking up to the sky to avoid thinking about it… Soon enough, the blue sky was covered by black clouds.


Before long, we could see the Delil Mountains in the distance. They had a heavy moss-green color to them… And slowly, it felt like they were coming to me.

At the foot of the mountain, something akin to a fence spreads endlessly from left to right.

However, as we got closer, I started realizing that I had just been tricked by perspective… It was not something as lukewarm as a fence.

It was as big as a three-story or even four-story building… It was a very thick wall.

The southern portion of the Wisp territory, and the area under the direct control of the emperor… They were now separated by a vast fortress.

It was like the great wall of China. A truly impressive construction… I could hardly believe that this was made in only a few days.

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