42 Part 2

Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus

Chapter 3: Betrothal And A Manuscript Of The Olden Gods

Episode 42: The Melancholy Of The “Chosen One (Part 2)


I had always been curious about that.


The king mentioned that the demon king existed. That was the reason why we were summoned.


However, we had not come across what we believe to be the demon king during our journey so far. We encountered monsters, but the ones rampaging were aristocrats and abandoned visitors. I could not quite understand the threat of the demon king.


“… I think it exists. Irgafa sends relief supplies by sea. The supplies should have been unloaded at a harbor across the sea, and then transported to the remote fort where from where they are fighting the demon king’s army.”


“You said ‘should have been’, which means you don’t know what lies beyond the port, right?”


“Yes. Soldiers under the direct control of His Majesty the King are to transport them to the frontier … but no matter what ….”


“I’m sorry. It was just my assumption.”


I guess no matter what, it would be impossible.


If the demon king did not exist, the king was using that as an excuse to summon heroes for other unknown purposes.


It seemed to be a delusion no matter how I thought of it. That would only mean ….


“If you’re curious, I could talk to the person in charge of the supplies in the frontier.”


“You don’t have to go that far. I’m grateful for your telling me whatever information you possess, Iris.”


“Don’t mention it.”


While sitting on the edge of the bathtub, Iris shook her head.


“Master Souma, I owe you more favor than this information could pay for. ‘Those who help each other during a storm can become family for life’. That’s a proverb from Irgafa.”


“Family …. I think it’s only natural to help your friends.”


I also wanted to know about the true identity of the “fake demonkins”.


But it was true that I wanted to help Iris who had been treating us as her friends even though we were of different status. If not, I would not have intervened in combat and used cheat skills.


“Yes. We are friends, indeed.”


Iris laughed while saying that.


This makes it feel like a normal little girl.


“We are … friends, aren’t we?”




Why are you making such a worried face while trying to confirm if we’re friends?


“If we’re friends, it’s normal to take a bath together, isn’t it? You have nothing to hide, right?”


“Taking a bath depends on the customs of each region. And I think it’s okay to have some secrets.”


“Then, my custom is for friends to take baths together and keeping no secrets from each other. Are you fine with that?”


In an instant, the logic was taken in the wrong direction.


I expected nothing less from Iris. How good is her negotiation skill?


“I have been longing to have friends with equal footing.”


With gleaming eyes, Iris muttered as if she was seeing a dream come true.


“[Friend LV 1] talks about dreams, imaginations, and favorite people, [LV 2] holds overnight parties and exchanges daily journal, and [LV 9] goes through life-threatening dangers together and keeps no secrets from each other, right?”


“Iris, are you treating your friends like skills …?”


“Master Souma, we went through life-and-death situation together, so we’re [Friend LV 9]. That’s why I want you to know everything about me.”


With that being said, Iris took the bucket in the bathroom and scooped up some hot water.


She poured the hot water over her shoulders. I guess that’s what they call therapeutic hot water treatment.*


… Was it because of the steam?


Something green seemed to emerge on Iris’ skin.


“This is the proof of the ‘blood of the Sea Dragon’ that the devil wanted.”


Iris turned her back toward me and dropped the bath cloth down to her waist.


Her back was smooth.


Green scales covered her shoulders.


The bright red sunset shone through the high skylight window.


Iris’ scales glittered dimly, reflecting the sunlight.


“… Scales of the Sea Dragon.”




I guess it was common in games; Half-human, half-dragon.


In this case, Iris’ ancestors’ “Daughter of Sea Dragon” genes seemed to appear that way.


“When it gets wet, the scales of the Sea Dragon appear. This is only known to family members … and those around who are taking care of me.”


“I see. So, do those scales have some kind of a defensive power?”


“D-defensive power?”


“Yup. Because dragon scales usually represent inviolable defense.”


“Well, I have no clue. I have never thought about it. Come to think of it, it doesn’t hurt when I’m hit.”


“I thought so. You’re a dragon, after all. It’s so cool!”


Oops. How rude of me to stare so much.


Dragon — dragon. That’s right.


Since this is a fantasy world, there are dragons and girls descended from the blood of dragons.


“… This is the first time.”




“This is the first time anyone ever said that my scales are cool.”


“… In a fantasy world — I mean, this is a world of swords and magic. Wouldn’t scales be something natural?”


“Not at all …. In the olden days, daughters descended from the ‘blood of the Sea Dragon’ were confined as soon as they were born. Unless it was during the ‘Sea Dragon Festival’, they weren’t allowed to go out. As time passed, they can go out and stroll about normally like I do now … but I’ve been called disgusting at times.”


Iris was lost in her thoughts while muttering.


“It was really hard to find a maid who would take care of me. The only maid who didn’t mind seeing these scales was Matilda ….”


So that was the reason why she became Iris’ aide despite that personality.


I guess there’s always some good in everyone.


“Although being called the ‘Sea Dragon Shrine Maiden’, I’m a very boring person in reality. When I return to Irgafa, there’s nothing else I can do other than helping with the ‘Sea Dragon Festival’ and my father’s work. The truth is, I’m not worth sacrificing the lives of the soldiers who are protecting me. The important thing is the ‘Blood of the Sea Dragon’ ….”


Iris fixed the cloth around her body and turned toward me.


Her smile appeared so lonely.


“I thought no one would care about scales or other details here, since it’s a world of humans and demi-humans.”


“Because of this kind of world, those who can’t be categorized into humans or monsters are being discriminated against.”


“But Iris is brilliant.”


“Don’t you feel unpleasant when you find out someone unfamiliar can work better than you do?”


… I guess that could happen.


Even though they held a low position, but it would be troublesome without them. A person who performed better at work than yourself. The existence of such a person could not be eliminated, only be ostracized. These people were treated quite harshly.


“It is the duty of those born into the lords’ family to serve Irgafa. I don’t mind that … but to have my life targeted because of the “Blood of the Sea Dragon” is a little too much even for me.”


“Don’t feel disheartened.”


“Disheartened … yes, that expression is perfect. I am disheartened.”


Iris held her cloth-wrapped chest and laughed.


“That being said, I would like to consult with you regarding life, since you’re my senior. Secretly.”


“Even if you say I’m your senior in life, I haven’t lived that long.”


“But don’t you have three slaves? Moreover, everyone adores you and longs for your attention, Master Souma. Nevertheless, everyone is on good terms with one another. The fact that you can make it possible must mean you have mastered the ways of the world.”


“I wonder.”


To put it simply, the reason they could maintain good terms with one another was because everyone considered one another as family. Cecyl definitely considered everyone as her family. Rita loved Cecyl, and Aine was also their friend. Aine loved to provide service and work for everyone.


While staring at everyone, Regii the cursed sword said, “That’s our Master for you. So go have children with those girls.” That was … off-topic.


“So, what would you like to consult about?”


“Yes, I keep this a secret from everyone, but … achoo!”


She sneezed.


Iris covered her mouth. She turned her back toward me and undid the cloth that wrapped around her body.


When I turned my back toward her, I heard a splashing sound. She immersed her small body in the hot water.


I turned around to find Iris soaking in the hot spring up to her shoulders. She beckoned me to join her.


“… If we’re too loud, the soldiers outside could hear us. Come here, to my side.”




“This is a good intrigue. Let’s talk secretly, Master Souma.”



Translator’s note:

* In Japanese, this is called “kakeyu” which is a type of hot-spring remedy where you would pour hot spring water on yourself repeatedly.


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