42 Part 3

Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus

Chapter 3: Betrothal And A Manuscript Of The Olden Gods

Episode 42: The Melancholy Of The “Chosen One” (Part 3)


Turning her back toward me, Iris laughed mischievously.


… Well, I guess it’s okay.


I approached Iris and sat with my back toward her.


She rested her slender back on mine.


Her skin color was like pale cherry blossom. Emerald green scales were emerging around her shoulders. Her back felt very smooth. I did not feel uncomfortable or strange. It only reiterated the fact that I was in another world.


“I seemed to have become a naughty girl.”


Iris said while still resting her back on mine.


“I have come to feel being the ‘Sea Dragon Shrine Maiden’ is a burdensome.”


“Yeah, if I were you, I think I would have already run away.”


As a matter of fact, only hearing about the duty of the “Sea Dragon Shrine Maiden” felt burdensome. She was allowed to go outside freely only once in a year. When she was finally out, her life was being targeted. Moreover, her subordinates would not listen to her. She could only relax around us adventurers because we had no interest in her power.


It was as if she was detained for 364 days for the sake of one day’s work.


“I’m thinking that it’s probably all right for you to forget about the Shrine Maiden position temporarily.”


I said that as her friend, not someone who owed the lord of Irgafa a favor.


So let me say something irresponsible here.


“The ‘Sea Dragon Festival’ is held only once a year, right? Then, wouldn’t it be fine to go wandering in disguise leisurely? Of course, you should do that after we have completely resolved the current incident. We’d be happy to help if you need an escort.”


“… I asked my parents’ permission to do a similar thing in the past. But they didn’t allow me.”




“They said … what would they do if I didn’t come back on the day of the festival?”


Iris dejectedly murmured.


“This is the fifth anniversary of my mother’s death, so I was finally allowed to travel. But something like this happened. I think I probably won’t be allowed to go outside for a while.”


It was the destiny of a Shrine Maiden.


When it comes to games and novels, the “Chosen One” was always admired. But since they were created for a single purpose, freedom was not taken into consideration at all.


In this case, the divine protection of the Sea Dragon would be gone if Iris disappeared. That would mean the maritime town of Irgafa depended upon her existence. That explained why she did not have the freedom to move about. She did not have the freedom to choose a job either. Moreover, because of those attracted to the blood damages to the surroundings occurred ….


I see.


The “Chosen One” was, in a sense, an exploited worker whose whole life is about work ….


“Do you know a way to renew the contract with ‘Sea Dragon Kerkattle’ without you, Iris?”


“There are only two ways to do that.”


“What’s the first?”


“The first one is for me to have a child.”


I knew Iris was fidgeting since I felt her movements through my back.


“If I had a child, the ‘Blood of the Sea Dragon’ would be transferred to that child, and I will be released from the duty as a Shrine Maiden. But ….”


“You don’t want to do that because your child would have to carry the same destiny as you do, correct?”


“… Yes. Besides, I have never fallen in love yet.”


Aren’t you being too straightforward, Iris?


“What is the second method?”


“If I perform a ritual with the Sea Dragon hero, it would no longer be necessary to hold festivals for as long as I’m alive. It would be like a reenactment of the original ritual, so to speak.”


“Reenactment …. Are you saying to do the ritual between the ‘Daughter of the Sea Dragon’ and a human boy ‘Spirit Link’ one more time?”


“Yes. It doesn’t have to be ‘Spirit Link’. Anyway, with this blood of the ‘Daughter of the Sea Dragon’ in me, if I were to engage with a boy that possesses the hero’s sign, the Sea Dragon would recognize it. That way, both that boy and me wouldn’t need to hold the festival for the rest of our lives.”


“In other words, if you could find the Sea Dragon hero, you would be released from the role as a Shrine Maiden.”


“Yes. When I come in contact with the hero, my scales will glow with pearl white color. So I’ll know.”


If the Sea Dragon hero existed, Iris would be freed from the Shrine Maiden ritual.


And her scales would glow in pearl white color when coming in contact with the hero.


… Or rather, the conditions were too strict.


“… It’s difficult, isn’t it? You need to defeat the natural enemy of the Sea Dragon in order to become a hero. The scale of that natural enemy is the sign of a hero. But … no one can defeat such a huge monster. Since now is no longer the era of the legends anymore ….”


Was Iris crying?


Her small body was trembling against my back.


The fate of the port town of Irgafa rested on her shoulders. Moreover, she was deeply connected to the town. I might be able to take her with me by force, but if something happened to Irgafa, she would surely continue to worry about it.


Being the “Chosen One” was … hard on both Iris and the hero.


Why would the king or the feudal lord, even that fake demonkin want to be something like that?


“Well, we’re planning to stay in Irgafa for a while.”


“… Master … Souma?”


“If you’re tired of being the Shrine Maiden, you should come and visit us. However, I won’t be able to give you special treatment. If we’re busy with work, I’ll have you help out. Your change of clothes and baths will also be together with my slaves. But if you don’t mind them, you’re welcome to stay.”


Of course, if she decided to come, she would have to do it secretly. She would have to do it stealthily.


“Y-yes! Thank you … Master Nagi … thank … you.”


Iris covered her face with both her hands.


I turned back to look at Iris’ scales. They were emerald green. Well, it was only natural.


The natural enemy of the Sea Dragon must be a legendary monster. I did not think we would encounter the monster … but if we did, I’d have Cecyl try using the super-giant magic to remove a scale off of the monster.


“I-I’m getting out first. I may have soaked a little too long.”


Iris mumbled. With the splashing sound of the water, she stood up.


I hurriedly faced forward.


“Master Souma, please take your time. You may use this facility as many times as you’d like until your departure, so if you’d like to soak with your friends …. Well, then!”


The door opened, and then closed.


How shall I save the “Chosen One”?


It might be as difficult as defeating the Demon King.






“… I’ve done something very embarrassing.”


Iris wiped her body dry in the dressing room; her appearance that almost had no curves. She wondered what Souma thought of her. It made her turn beet red just thinking about it.


But Souma Nagi was definitely a friend.


Even if she knew it was indecent, she could not stop grinning.


She unconsciously hopped in excitement.


Iris had made a friend. He might not stay forever, but he would stay in town for a while.


He told me to come and visit anytime.


I don’t need anything anymore. I can be myself.


“What shall we play? How about we start from a session of reading poems? Or let’s lie down next to each other and talk about love all night long.”


Iris wore her underwear while muttering in a dreamy tone.


At that time, for a brief moment, she noticed. It appeared, and then soon disappeared.


“… Is it … and optical illusion?”


Iris held her small chest. Her heart was pounding.




Earlier, for just a brief moment, her scales seemed to glow with pearl white color.


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