43 Part 1

Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus

Extra Volume #2 “Family Planning Of Big Sister Maid”

Episode 43: Family Planning Of Big Sister Maid (Part 1)


Author’s note:

I’m writing an extra volume this time.

It’s an event that happened between episodes 41 and 42 (from readjusting Rita’s skills to the visit to the hot spring).


The slave, big sister maid Aine Curnett, had always started her day early in the morning.


She woke up to the birds chirping. While listening to them sing, she made up her bed. She then washed her face with the water from the well. In her room, when she was about to change into the usual maid outfit, she remembered that it was covered with mud from the battle on the day before. She had no choice but to wear the one-piece dress that she used to wear during her apprenticeship days under the guild master of the “Commoner’s Guild”. Wearing the dress again for a long time, she felt as if she was in disguise and felt restless.


Although it was only a while ago she was an apprentice of the “Commoner’s Guild”, she somehow felt as if it was the memory from her previous life.


While muttering, Aine chimed the metal fixture on her collar in front of the mirror.


Yup. This is my current self. I’m my Master’s — Naa’s slave, everyone’s “big sister”.


Yes, indeed.


She nodded in front of the mirror, tightly tied up her hair, and get took a deep breath getting ready for the day.


All I need is to put on an apron, and the preparation for today’s service is complete.


Aine left her room while humming.


“Good morning, Miss Aine.”


“Good morning, Cecyl.”


Her companion slave, Cecyl, was already standing by in the kitchen.


It was little Cecyl’s job to fire up the kamado*. A weak “flame arrow” is to be fired into the piled up kindling, and the ignition of the kamado would be complete.


To show her gratitude, Aine brushed Cecyl’s hair while waiting for the water to boil.


Such was her usual daily routine.


Cecyl’s silver hair was like fine silk threads and felt very good to the touch. When I was little, my grandfather used to tell my brother and me about a myth. I thought the fairies and goddesses that appeared in the myth might look like Cecyl.


“You’re so kind, Miss Aine.”


“Am I?”


“Because I’m a demonkin.”


Cecyl was staring at Aine with a bewildered look.


“You’re my friend, Cecyl.”


Aine smiled while continuing to brush Cecyl’s silver hair.


Cecyl was tickled pink upon hearing her said that.


Another important thing was that Cecyl was an important bride candidate for Naa.


Aine wasn’t surprised at all when she heard that they had performed “Engage”. Because for Aine, Naa’s existence was beyond her reach. Cecyl, the demonkin, and Naa, the mysterious boy, were meant for each other. Of course, Miss Rita was meant for Naa as well.


Aine felt happiness when she stroke Cecyl’s smooth hair.


It was such a comfortable and gentle time.


After she was done brushing, Cecyl looked at Aine. She was staring with her big and round eyes as if asking if it was all right. When Aine nodded in approval, Cecyl started running like a puppy that was just unleashed.


Her destination was their master’s room.


Waking up Naa was an important ritual at the beginning of each day.


That was the reason why they took turns in waking him up every morning.


Today was Cecyl’s turn. Tomorrow would be Rita’s turn. Aine’s turn would be last, because she was the oldest among them.


“All right then, I shall make breakfast.”


Aine put some chopped vegetables in a pot of boiling water.


She was happy to get some fresh eggs from the morning peddlers that often came to the villa. Since everyone did their best yesterday, she put a lot of salted meat in the soup. She also added the eggs generously. Since Aine was responsible for everyday spending, she had to carefully balance their financial condition and everyone’s health.


The pot was rattling with the simmering soup.


It smelled good.


“Good morning, Miss Rita!”


Aine could hear Cecyl’s voice greeting Rita in the hallway.


The house they were staying in conducted sound very well. Truly well.


“Miss Rita, you and Master Nagi became intimate friends yesterday, didn’t you?”




“Were you able to “Engage” properly with Master Nagi? I would be very happy if we could be like real sisters …. Huh, Miss Rita?”


“Wh-whoa —!”


The beast girl, Rita, dashed away from Cecyl as fast as she could and burst into the kitchen.


She was a very beautiful girl with golden ears and a tail.


For Aine, she was a senior slave and a reliable person. Naa’s life depended on Rita, since Aine could not fight on the frontlines. Aine had always thought so. She had always wished that she could work like Rita did as well.


But now, Rita was shyly looking down with a bright red face.


“Good morning, Miss Rita.”


“Go-good morning, Aine.”


Rita wiggled her ears and wiped off the sweat from her forehead while looking at Aine.


Sweat — ah, that’s right!


“Nice weather today.”


“Huh?  Yeah, it is.”


“It seems the laundry will dry well, too.”


“… Yeah, you’re right.”


“So, if you have dirty laundry to be done, please let me know.”




“Yup. Miss Rita and Naa were sweating a lot yesterday, weren’t you? That’s because you were doing your best, right? So, give me your nightwear and underwear. I’ll go change the bedsheets later.

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