43 Part 3

Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus

Extra Volume #2 “Family Planning Of Big Sister Maid”

Episode 43: Family Planning Of Big Sister Maid (Part 2)


It was a cold night. Naa, Cecyl, and Rita did not return because of an important quest. A little baby was crying in front of the fireplace. The brown skin was inherited from Cecyl; a cute baby with bright red eyes.


Aine could not breastfeed the baby, even though the baby was crying. Her breasts were just for show. Even though she wanted to get some milk, there was a snowstorm outside. Although Irgafa was a town in the south*, there was a snowstorm in Aine’s delusion for some reason. The baby was crying in vain. Aine could do nothing about it —.


“… How could I have overlooked something like this …?!”


Aine was devastated and covered her face with both hands.


Leticia patted her shoulder.


“Now you understand, Aine. You shouldn’t just be happy when the other two are on good terms with Naa.”


When Aine looked up, her best friend was looking at her with gentle eyes that were almost mysterious.


“What should I do? What should I do, Leticia?!”


“It’s simple.”


“… Is it?”


“You should become intimate with Nagi as much as Cecyl and Rita. That should do it.”


While pointing her finger as if giving a directive, Leticia continued to speak.


“That’s right! If the two of them are having children with Nagi, then you should do the same. That way, you can breastfeed all the children!!”




Aine’s body quivered as if she had been hit by lightning.


It was as if the surrounding fog had suddenly cleared up.


I was naive.


How could I be so naive?


I shouldn’t have been satisfied with the current happiness.


I also have to have a child for the sake of Cecyl and Rita’s children who will be born someday. That is the mission of the party’s “big sister”! I can’t just be happy with the current condition.


Everyone’s big sister has to prepare for the future.


However —.


“I’m Naa’s sister. Is it all right for me to do that?”


“As his big sister, you have to guide Naa all the more.”


Leticia whispered in Aine’s ear,


“Nagi may have the skill to perform ‘Engage’, but that doesn’t mean he has an actual experience in making babies. According to my observation, — no, going by their every word, I’m sure he doesn’t have any experience. Then, Aine, as their older sister, should teach Nagi how to do it!”




It was a blind spot.


Aine felt like she finally realized her role.


It’s not that “even if I’m their big sister”, but “because I’m their big sister”!


“Besides, if Aine can feed their babies, wouldn’t Cecyl and Rita feel at ease when they have to go on quests? Then everyone will be happy!”


“Leticia! Thank you!”


Aine grabbed Leticia’s hand.


Leticia is my best friend indeed. She made me realized my “naiveness”.


As Naa’s big sister, I’m dedicating my entire body for him. For the sake of everyone’s babies, it’s not a problem for me to have a baby with Naa.


I’m doing this for the sake of everyone.


Aine was really excited, but that was irrelevant. She was thrilled with excitement, and her heart was about to burst thinking about that version of the story!


“I’ll ask Naa! I’ll ask him to perform the same ritual as he did with everyone else!”


“Okay, okay. Good luck!”


“Watch the pot for me! Thank you, Leticia. I love you!”


Picking up her skirt, Aine ran toward Naa’s room.






“Gee, such a handful to handle,” Leticia muttered while sticking her cheek on the table.


Her spirit to serve was good, but Aine had to be a little more honest with her feelings.


“… It’s pretty hard to support you. Honestly.”


Leticia could not stay with her forever.


Once the hand over of Irgafa villa to Nagi was complete, she had to go back to Metecal.


Though unimportant, Leticia was also an aristocrat after all. She was a family member of a Viscount.


Even if she wanted to sever her connection with her house and become an adventurer, she needed to follow some procedures.


After that … well, I’m sure I probably would go to Nagi’s place until everything has settled down.


Nagi shouldn’t mind that either. He seemed like an argumentative person, but definitely a good person at heart.


She trusted him that way.


Otherwise, Leticia would not have entrusted her best friend, Aine, to him.


“Do your best, Aine.”


Leticia saw a small card lying on the floor. Aine must have dropped her “service point check card”. Every time Aine did something good for everyone, one more circle was added. Did she say she would perform “Engage” when she had collected a lot of these cards?


“Oops, my hand slipped.”


Leticia inadvertently threw the point card into the kamado.


“No, it’s a failure. Knowing Aine, she won’t be mad, will she?”


I’ll make the replacement later. On a samesized card, I’ll draw a bunch of circles on.


That way, she doesn’t have to wait to earn points.


If she has something she wants, she should reach out right away.


“Well, let’s think about the name for Aine’s child. If it’s a boy, ‘Nias’ would be good …. But it’s the name of Aine’s younger brother who died really young …. Would it be considered a little unlucky? Nagi doesn’t seem to care …. If it’s a girl, … that’s right ….”

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