43 Part 4


While imagining, Leticia was grinning ear to ear.






“Good morning, Aine.”


“G-good morning! N-naa!”




Aine bumped into Nagi’s chest as he was coming out of his room.


She looked around.


Cecyl, who was supposed to wake him up, was nowhere to be found.


She could hear the sound of water from outside, so she was probably washing her face.


“Um, you know …. I’m ….”


Close, too close.


Naa’s body temperature and the smell of sweat were transmitted directly through the thin nightwear.


My heart is throbbing. I can’t breathe. Eh, huh?


“Ah, sorry, Aine.”


Before Aine could say anything, Naa apologized.


He scratched his head with an embarrassed face and look at Aine from shoulders her knees.


“You’re wearing the one piece from the guild. Was the maid outfit ruined in yesterday’s battle?”


That’s right!


When they were fighting the “Living Mail” yesterday, Aine was hiding under the bridge to intercept them.


Her maid uniform became covered with muddy water when she dashed toward the river in an attempt to purge the “increased filthy water”. She had no choice but to wear the one piece from the Commoner’s Guild era.


Naa noticed it.


“Do they sell maid uniforms … in town? I’m sorry. I’ll buy you a new one when we get to Irgafa, so bear with it for a while.”


“Naa ….”


Whoa, whoa!


Aine’s chest got warmer. It was so fluffy and warm.


… Eh?


Speaking of which, didn’t I come here to ask Naa something?


Well, that’s fine.


It must have been something unimportant since I have already forgotten about it.


Being able to hug Naa like this is enough for me.


If it’s important, I’m sure I’ll remember it later. And I’m sure Naa will give whatever I request of him. Because my master is such a person.


“You don’t have to worry about the maid uniform!”


Aine banged her chest proudly.


“Don’t underestimate my housework skills, Naa. No matter how dirty they get, I will clean it! The weather is nice today, and we’re having a big laundry competition! Wash away all the dirt from the trip!”


“Yup. I will help you too. I can do housework reasonably well.”


“I can’t let my master do that!”


“No, but I don’t feel comfortable relaxing while everyone is working hard.”


“Then, please help check if the laundry can be air-dried right away! Whether everyone’s clothes and underwear can be dried properly, or the colors and styles you like Cecyl and Rita to wear”


“That’s pretty difficult!”


“First, let’s have breakfast! Yippee!”


As such, Nagi and Aine went to the kitchen.


Since Rita was still up in a tree, Aine made sandwiches for her. Everyone else had soup and bread.


After breakfast, they all did laundry. Everyone wore only underwear so they would not dirty their clothes, and then they began to wash the clothes that were soiled during the last trip. By that time, Rita had tied a rope from one tree to another, and came down to help with the laundry.


A large amount of laundry was fluttering on the tree in the garden.


After having their master checked upon them, they had lunch.


We ate the leftovers from the morning and talked about our future plans. Naa was planning to go to the hot spring in this town tomorrow. It seemed that Iris had given him an invitation ticket. Aine and the other girls were invited as well, but they declined.


The corps sent by the lord of Irgafa would be arriving tomorrow. Then it would be safe. Even so, it was the role of the slaves to protect their master’s back.


Master felt it was a pity that they refused to join him. You’re so kind. I love you.


When I saw his gentle face, I remembered what I had forgotten to say. But it’s okay, because everyone is happy.


With a dumbfounded expression, Leticia glanced at Aine.


This is a crucial time. Please don’t miss this opportunity again … okay?


“Well then, shall I help according to the custom of my hometown?”


“Naptime” came after having lunch and finishing the laundry.


That would be the custom of Naa’s hometown — or rather, it seemed to be the custom that he wanted to do.


He mentioned that if he decided to make a “company”, he would definitely introduce that custom. He was trying his best to explain how the brain became sluggish after a meal because most of the blood would flow toward the abdominal area. It would be best to take about an hour nap. Aine did not mind it since she could relax with everyone else.


Naa flopped down on the sofa. Cecil lied down under his feet. Rita curled into a ball near Naa’s arm, while Leticia sat on a chair and closed her eyes.


Aine closed her eyes last because she was everyone’s older sister.


I wish I could lie down by the sofa near Naa. But before that — I need to tell what I had forgotten to tell him earlier.


“… Naa.”


Aine whispered in Naa’s ear. She whispered so softly as to not wake him up.


“Please make it that my breastmilk comes out someday ….”


“… Hmm … okay. What kind of magic shall I use …?”


“It’s a magic called … family, Naa.”


Aine nodded to Naa’s half-asleep response.


Yup. I’m satisfied.


Aine lied down near the sofa, holding her throbbing chest. For some reason, Cecyl’s long ears were moving, and Rita’s beast ears and tail were reacting as well. Everyone seemed to be having mysterious dreams.


Aine had always been in a dreamy state of mind.


I hope days like these would continue forever.


Well then, good night, Naa.


Have a fun dream.


A dream where I become the big sister for you and all your children, Naa.


A dream about the future.


Please. Aine’s master … Naa.



Translator’s note:

* This is from the point of view of a Japanese writer. Any place in the south (which implies the south of Japan) is assumed to be warmer. Since Irgafa is a town in the south, it should have warm weather. So a snowstorm is considered a very weird phenomenon in this context.

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