45 Part 1

Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus 45


There was a problem with the water supply at our new house



“Well then, let me show you to my house.”


Leticia combed her hair back and laughed.


Then, she took the lead, starting to walk ahead of us.


We had come here to accept Leticia’s villa.


Obviously, only she knew the way to that place.


That’s why we were swaying behind Leticia, who was swaying her arms around as she walked.


The street was crowded with many people. Since it was a marine trading city, there were all sorts of races and attires. There were humans, elves, dwarves, beastfolk, and dark elves. I was wearing a traditional kimono from my world, which was fluffy like the dresses in a game. Some half-naked big, brawny tattooed men were also walking around. The weather was a little hot, probably because of the warm breeze coming from the sea. Both Cecil and Rita were wiping the sweat off their foreheads. Aine had a nonchalant face, but her face never revealed much either way.


“Master Nagi, look! They seem to be preparing for some sort of festival!”


There was some sort of huge dragon ornament in the direction where Cecil had pointed at.


It was a blue dragon atop the roofs of the buildings lined up on the main street. It seemed to be made of leather. As Iris said, it had eight horns on its rugged-looking head. Its eyes were small and seemed to be half-closed, as if they had regressed because the dragon lived in the bottom of the sea.


It was a replica of the sea dragon Kerukatoru.


Upon closer examination, there were many similar decorations in the town. Dolls, illustrations on signboards, and dragon-shaped paper balloons. There was also a store selling “Sea Dragon Masks”. They covered the upper half of the face, had horns in them, and only had holes for the eyes.


There were lots of paper banners around that store that celebrated the “Festival of the Sea Dragon”.


It was scheduled to be done 7 days from today.


It seemed the festival would take place on the brightest night of the year.


We started to whisper amongst the crowded city, roused by the preparations for the festival.


“It would cause a big fuss if it was known that Iris had been kidnapped right before the festival…”


“… People would start to say that the army corps went out of their way to receive the shrine maiden…”


“… And that a villain attacked them but the soldiers defeated him…”


“… That means that Naa’s greatest efforts would be a secret that only we know…”




The three of them said that in unison. How nice.


Though it was true that officially, the ones who got the credit for preventing Iris’ kidnapping were the soldiers of the army corps.


You couldn’t take pictures in this world, and you couldn’t spread eyewitness testimony on social media. The only way to spread information is through rumors passed on by adventurers and townspeople. And that couldn’t be confirmed until the lord of Irgafa approved it. He served as some kind of information control in this fantasy world. That was better for me, though.


“But a port city sure is busy.”


I spontaneously looked at the city as we walked.


I had heard that the economy was good where things and people gather, but this place was something else. The number of people and the number of things were incredible. Maybe it was all because of the upcoming festival.


I wonder if I can make a living here.


The money I had on me was the reward I got from Iris. It was enough for me to live for a while, but not enough to live without working at all. That meant that I had to find some kind of job, and when thinking about how to utilize my skills, I’d have to work as an adventurer or a trader of sorts.


As soon as we’ve settled down in the villa, let’s go to the Adventurer’s Guild.


I hope there’s some nice, easy, non-dangerous, and profitable job for me… That’d be great…




“We’re here. From this day onward, this will be your home!”


Before we realized, we were standing in front of a mansion.


An iron gate stood before us. It was sealed with a locked chain.


The garden was unmaintained and full of weeds, but it was surprisingly huge.


The building itself was a two-story brick building with ivy entwined on the walls. It looked surprisingly old. Taking a guess from the number of windows, it seemed to have at least six rooms.


It was located on a high part of Irgafa. The view from there was good. Very good. I could even see the sea from the mansion.


Cecil, Rita, Aine, and I looked around the place.


There were many trees around here, probably to provide some sort of windbreak. It looked like a small forest.


There were many buildings around as well.


The closest house was a huge mansion surrounded by tall walls at the other side of the forest.


There was a barracks behind the wall, and silver soldiers were lined up one after another.


To put it bluntly, it was the house of the lord of Irgafa.


To put it even simpler, it was Iris’ house.


She was unexpectedly our neighbor now.


“Now, don’t hesitate. It’s a little old, but you shouldn’t have any problem living here.”


“Umm… Leticia.”


“What is it, Nagi? Is there any problem?”


“… Isn’t this some kind of prime location?”


“Don’t let it trouble you. It’s just my mother’s villa.”


“This is the house of a Viscount, isn’t it?”

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