45 Part 2


“Yes, my ancestors bought it from the Viscount’s family a long time ago.”


“Bought it…?”


“That’s why I used up all of my assets, all I had left was this mansion. It had originally been used as some kind of research facility, but it seems it was bought precisely because it was close to the lord’s house. So though it might look like it’s quite luxurious, please don’t worry about it.”


“… Are you really okay with giving us this house?”


“Didn’t we have a contract?”


We did.


There was a big difference between what I had thought it would be and what it actually was.


I’ve got my own house now.


The place where we belong. A place to return home to. A place to say “I’m home!” when you arrive and be told “Welcome back!” in response.


This was incredibly overwhelming.


Was it really okay for me to have this house?


“If we don’t accept it, I won’t be able to sleep at night thinking about the contract breach punishment.”


“Hmm… You’re right.”


“I don’t particularly care. But I feel like living here, so that’s what I’m going to do.”


Leticia placed her hands on her hips and puffed up her chest with pride.


“At that time, if you were messing around with the mansion or doing something terrible to Aine, I would mercilessly confiscate it from you. Wasn’t that the deal?”


Leticia put her hand forward.


There were two white keys on her hand.


“Got it. Thanks, Leticia.”


Making up my mind, I picked up the keys.


“I’m so glad I met you, Leticia.”


“Even if you praise me, I’m not your slave, am I?”


“We’re friends.”


“You can call me a friend, too. Well, let’s get in, everyone.”


“Yeah. Thanks.”


I was feeling a bit awkward.


Far from having a home of my own in my original world, I actually had never lived in the same apartment for more than a year.


I inserted one of the keys Leticia gave me into the lock.


Then I turned it.


There was a little resistance, and the lock opened with a clicking sound.


I undid the chains…


Opened the gate…


And then, we officially entered that place we could call home.





The first thing to do when entering a new home was to check the water supply.


This was something I’ve learned in my original world.


Did the water supply come out properly? Was there any water leaking? I’d check for those kinds of things.


It seemed that the water supply here in Irgafa was magically maintained. You didn’t have to go to the well every time, but I still had to make sure.


That’s why I went to the kitchen while everyone was placing their luggage down.


When I opened the wooden door, I found a cookstove, a sink, and…




A huge slime was stuck to a large pillar near the wall.




I closed the door.




I opened it again.


The slime was still there.


It was blue, and big enough to cover the entire kitchen wall. There was a pump near the wall. Maybe that was Irgafa’s magical water supply. And the slime seemed to have come out of it. Its mucous body was stretched all over the place like a spider nesting. It slipped into the gaps between walls, pillars, and bricks.


Perhaps it noticed that I was coming in, as it was shaking its body. Was it scared? Angry? Wait, what was this all about in the first place? Did the villas in this fantasy world always have slime in them? Perhaps it was after some leftovers? No, but Aine’s food has almost no leftovers, and it wasn’t like we had left any behind to begin with…


I mean, this is our house now.


What’s the meaning of this? What’s this slime doing in here? Let me say this again: What’s the meaning of this?




I reflexively grabbed the cursed sword Regii from my back.


“We need to kick this guy out. Help me out, Regii!”


“Understood, Master!”


“Let’s go! Slime Bringer!!


Regii’s voice overlapped with mine.


“Slime Bringer LV1”


Calls in any slimes that are several tens of meters around me and puts them under my command.


I raised Regii high over my head.


“Slime Bringer” was an Ultra-Super-Rare skill made using Aine and Regii. It could enslave nearby slimes.


I didn’t like shooting first before asking any questions, but this slime was an intruder. I had to get him off my walls! Then there would be plenty of time for talking.


*rattle rattle*


The wall shook.



Ro, rorororooororooooooooooo



The slime started to make a noise.


Its mucous body was trembling. Its main body was stuck to a pillar, while its tentacles were extending over the walls on every side. It was trembling, and crying… And then…


The entire house began to tremble as well.


“It’s no use, Master! It’s resisting!”






The slime was frantically resisting.


It was a mess! Brick debris began to fall from the ceiling. This slime dug deeper into the pillars and walls. The vibration of its body was transmitted directly to the house’s structure. If this kept on going like this, the entire house could collapse!


“Stop, Regii! Cancel the skill!”


“Got it!”


The cursed sword Regii’s trembling stopped. The skill stopped.


And with that, the slime stopped trembling as well.


It’s jelly-like body had goosebumps all over. It seemed scared of me.


“Slime Bringer didn’t work…”


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