45 Part 3

To begin with, this skill would be easily resisted by high-level slimes. And this one wasn’t just big in size. This guy had that much ability and fighting power.


The trouble is that the slime’s body was getting into the gaps between the pillars and walls. If something were to go wrong, the house could come crumbling down.


The only way to protect the house would be to kill it in an instant. However, if the skill he used were to be too powerful, the house would definitely be destroyed before the slime was killed. Aine’s “Sewage Increase” could be used to defeat it, but to do that, she would have to soak it in sewage. That meant that the entire house would be flooded.


“In this situation… do we have any other choice but to try to get it to go away peacefully?”


The slime wasn’t making any moves. Its intentions weren’t clear, but it could be non-hostile.


However, this guy’s body is blocking the water supply and drainage. If they couldn’t get rid of it, they would not be able to draw water, wash stuff, nor fill up a bathtub. Jeez… Where did you come from?


“W-W-What’s all that ruckus about–!? A s-slimeeeee!?”


“That’s what it looks like… Do you know anything about this guy?”


Leticia darted into the kitchen, and I asked her that.


Cecil, Rita, and Aine arrived as well, and were completely dumbfounded.


“This wouldn’t happen to be the housekeeper, right?”


“Of course not. When I got a report half a year ago, they didn’t tell me about any abnormalities…”


Does that mean this thing has been in here for almost six months?


Cecil and the others reflexively got ready to fight, but I stopped them.


Don’t mess with it or the entire house is going to come crumbling down on us.


I had no intention to lose this place I could call home. I had just received it a few minutes ago, after all.


“Regii. Can you tell me about this guy’s true nature?”


“If it’s strong enough to resist Slime Bringer, it’s probably an Elder Slime. It’s a monster that has been strengthened by magic, such as that wielded by elves.”


Regii spoke while still retaining its sword-like shape.


“Do you know about elves, Master?”


“Elves are… A magical race of people that dwell in the forest?”


“That’s right. It’s said that the elves who originally lived in the forest used to strengthen animals and monsters over a long period of time and use them as familiars. Unlike towns, forests have no walls or lookouts. So, instead of having watchtowers, they use familiars for patrolling the area.”


“So this guy is an elf’s familiar?”


“No, but long ago there used to be a forest in this area. Some elf must have inadvertently made it like others over the town and, having trouble dealing with it, decided to throw it away. ”


“That’s illegal dumping!”


But if it’s been given some kind of high intelligence, maybe it’s possible to talk it out with it.


Let’s negotiate.


I placed the cursed sword Regii on the floor as proof of not bearing any hostility towards the slime.






The Elder Slime was groaning.


I took a deep breath.


It was the first time I would be negotiating with a monster right in front of me. Hope it goes well.


I took out a piece of dried meat out of my jacket’s pocket.


“Food Negotiation LV1!”


I used the skill I created with Rita during the fight with the fake demonkin.


This was a skill that allowed me to negotiate using food ingredients instead of currency.


And while the skill is activated, I would be able to communicate with my target, regardless of whether it was a monster or an animal. It was literally an OP skill as far as communication skills were concerned.


It was my first time using it… I wondered how it would turn out.


“Do you understand what I’m saying, Elder Slime?”


I started speaking.


“We have just moved into this mansion. I don’t plan to kill you, but I’d still like to go away from here.”



Ru–ruuru–I–Ia, I–am…



A pale light began to flicker from the slime’s body.




“I am– a slime— made by the elves’ secret arts– a long time ago.”


The slime’s voice clearly reached my ears.


It was a slightly hoarse female voice.


“I’ve told you my demands. We–”


“Hah! Don’t be ridiculous, trying to coax me with a single piece of dried meat! You inferior being!!”


… Excuse me?


“I’m a slime among slimes! An Elder Slime!! I’m a superior being that has been created, and as such I have gone through a great deal of trouble in my younger years!

Compared to you… you’re so pitiful. To make such a fuss after having just your kitchen occupied! Have some shame, you lot! Shame on you!

To begin with, I’m an Elder Slime that has been created by an elf after being born in the Moon Girth Forest that used to be here in ancient times! Therefore, I have the right to be wherever I please here in Irgafa!

Anyway, it’s not even worth talking to inferior races such as yourselves! Bring an elf along! Bring one to me! Then we can talk! Don’t just stand there with that dumb look on your face! Bring someone of the noble race here right now!”


... Alright then.


I’ll beat the crap out of this thing.


I adjusted the delay’s frequency. It was a bit of a stretch, but I hoped it would work out just fine. I figured I should be able to calculate how many times I had to shake the sword in order to make it huge. Don’t let the sword touch the pillars and walls, just make it big enough to scrape off the slime.


Poof, poofpoofpoofpoof (x14)


I got the cursed sword Regii all set up and ready to go.

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