46 Part 3


I walked outside for a moment. My eyes scanned the stalls on the street. I found what I was looking for.

I paid the asking price and went back to the guild.

“Reggie, come out. Can you take a normal human form, like you did in the dungeon?”

“For a short time, yes.But I can’t be too far from the sword or else you wont’t be able to fight.”

“If you can move, then it’s fine.”

I told her the plan.

“Rita, you wait outside. I’ll signal you if there’s a fight and you can help.”

“Roger that. Be careful.”

“And are they using their spatial dominance skills now?”

“… Hold on. No, they aren’t using any such things.”

“Thanks, Rita.”

I patted Rita’s head.

Rita’s skill [Area Breaker ] can not only break the opponent’s space control but if the opponent uses a skill that affects the space, she can see it with her eyes. If Rita can’t see it, then what they are doing right now is just a normal pressure interview.”

Then I can break it.

After all, I’m a professional at it.

“Rita, put that on , just in case. And cover your ears and tail, too.”

I handed Rita and Reggie the festive gear I had bought at the stall. I’m going to put the same one on my face.

I’m not going to let them know who I am if I don’t know who they are.

I nodded to them and stepped into the Adventurer’s guild.

They were too preoccupied with Rafilia and the masked men to pay any attention to me.

No one was surprised to see me. Maybe it’s because it’s the festive season and the men surrounding Rafilia are wearing silver masks.

But it’s surprisingly easy to blend in with your face covered with these festive tools. It’s only available for a limited time though.

“I’m not taking any quests. I won’t be accepting any quests. I’m sorry for talking to you!”

In the adventurer’s guild, Rafilia was out of control.

She’s banging on the table and pouting with tears in her eyes.

“It was a mistake to aspire to be an adventurer. I should not have wanted to see the legend again…”

“It’s as if we’ve been misunderstood. If we don’t clear up the misunderstanding, our reputation will be at stake.”

“I’m not going to say anything! I’m not an adventurer anymore!”

“Oh, I won’t let you get away with it, Rafilia. I’m trying to be civil here. If you kick the chair and run away, your career will be damaged. You might not get any more jobs from the Adventurers’ Guild. What will you do with your life if that happens?”

“Oh, oh, oh, oh!

“Why do you look so dazed? Are you not listening to me?”

“… I, I, I…”

“I’ll have to think about the punishment for being so rude. So, would you accept a fifth of the reward posted on the quest board? In return, we will provide you with accommodation for the duration of your stay. It’s the same inn we stay in – it’s more fun – no, it’s more convenient. Oh, you won’t take the job? Did you say that? I think you’re mistaken. You’ve got the look of a dead fish in your eyes. That’s a good sign. Now, let’s change places and slowly make a ‘Contract’…”

“Repeating the same question until she can’t answer anymore.”

I said.

“And when she refutes, you deny her humanity.”

I said it again and the masked men looked at me.

“You don’t allow her to leave the room. The aim is to get her to sign a contract on terms that suit you. It’s like a bad black company. Is that how the adventurer’s guild in Irgafa asks for quests?”


I tap the wall with [Building Strike LV 1] (destruction attribute invalid).

The Adventurer’s Guild building shook.

Dust fell from the ceiling.

All the people in the guild turned to me.

” I’m sorry to interfere with your negotiations, but the method was so bad that I had no choice except intervening myself.”

“What are you doing?”

One of the masked men shouted.

“Let’s say,’A person who respects the shrine maiden of the sea dragon.'”

I ── stroked the “Kerukatoru’s mask” that covers my face.

It’s a good way to hide my face. I’ll ask Iris’ permission later. The “goodies” are “the sea dragon mask to protect my privacy”.

Then I turn to the masked men.

“I want to work with Rafilia-Grace, and I want to do it legitimately, unlike you.”

After saying that, I looked around the guild.

All eyes in the guild were focused on me.

All right, no one has noticed Reggie.

Reggie, now in human form, hides under the table and goes to Rafilia.

Reggie pats Rafilia’s leg. Rafilia, who was stunned, jolts. In the meantime, Reggie hands her a small piece of paper from under her feet. She points at me.

I’ve told Reggie what to write.

‘I’m the one you met at the spa. I want to get rid of the masked men and ask you to do a job for me. If you believe me, I’d like to talk to you.”

My face is hidden behind a mask, so Rafilia can’t see me. Rafilia can’t see me because my face is hidden behind a mask.

Rafilia’s face turns bright red.

Reggie whispered to her that it was confidential information.

This was a bet. If I want her to believe me that she has met me before, and that I’m the one who accidentally saw her naked in a hot spring resort in the spa town of Rihgerda…

I had to tell her that I knew she had three moles in a row on the right side of her belly button.

“… Oh, that time …”

Rafilia’s eyes met mine.

Rafilia nods looking mellow. She doesn’t look angry. On the contrary, she has a soft face. At least she doesn’t seem to be hated.

Reggie points a finger at me. Then, while crawling under the table, it went to the corner of the room. With a plain face, it mixes with the people who look at us in an unconcerned manner.

“Thank you again, Rafilia-Grace.”

I bowed my head to Rafilia.

Now it’s time to negotiate.

“I need your help. Can you help me with my work?”

“Oh… yes…”

“What the hell are you doing? Are you kidding me? What’s with the mask?”

Interrupting Rafilia’s words, the masked man said.

“It’s the mask of the sea dragon Kerukatoru.”

I replied, still wearing my festival mask.

“If these people are visitors, they may know my face. I want to keep my identity a secret as much as possible. Besides, they’re wearing masks too. It’s not fair for me to expose my true face.”

“Are you really going to be a hero of the sea dragon? You don’t have to talk to a suspicious guy wearing a mask, Rafilia-Grace!”


Rafilia and I pointed at the masked men at the same time.

Behind the silvery masks, the men’s eyes widened. I’m sure you’re not expecting me to say that.

” We are the Order of Divine Command. We’re not like you.”

“The Order of Divine Command?”

I look at Rafilia. She shakes her head. She doesn’t seem to know either.

“Don’t you know? It’s the party that currently boasts the highest quest capture rate in Irgafa. This silver mask is a proof that you are a member of the Order of DIvine. It’s different from the festival mask.”

“I see. But I don’t know you.”

I looked at Rafilia.

“And …in case you’re wondering, Rafilia and I know each other. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you’re willing to negotiate in this situation.”

The rest is whether Rafilia believes in this.

At the hot springs … it was not a very good encounter.

“I know, I know. He’s a …… person I’ll never forget.”

“Is it okay to negotiate as it is?”

“Not at all…”

Well, if I had such a pressure interview, would I get a fever?

Did Rafilia need money to go home? Then, what about these conditions?

“The job I would like to ask Rafilia-san is ‘Elder Slime Countermeasures’. The required time is about 2 hours at the longest. There is no battle. The reward is 120 Arsha.”

“If you are satisfied with these conditions, please help us. Rafilia Grace ”



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