47 Part 1

Episode 47


Employment Contracts in Another World and How to Do It


“So, if you need to go through the guild to get a job done, we’ll do that, but in this case it’s …?”

I looked at the guild’s reception desk.

The woman standing in front of the counter looks away with a feeling of ‘huh’. I heard a small mutter. “It’s okay if they agree with each other. The guild won’t interfere,” she said.

Doesn’t the guild here protect adventurers like Aine’s “Common Guild”?

“Yes, that’s right. What do you think, Rafilia? Will you accept my request?”

“Oh, yes. Under that condition…”

“Your career is in danger, Rafilia Grace.”

A masked man stands in front of her, blocking her view as she stands from her chair.

Theses guys sure are persistent.

“You make us explain this to you this far and then you refuse?”

” Don’t you think it’s irresponsible?”

I’m not sure the Adventurers Guild would want to work with someone like this in the future. It may be the collective responsibility of all elves.”

The three masked men blame Rafilia.

This is a common pattern in interviews in the original world. Giving anxiety to the interviewee about future consequences. Do these guys really want Rafilia that badly? I’m not sure which is more important, that or they want her to take a job at a discounted rate and not know what’s going on.

It’s annoying. I’m tired of such tricks.

“Miss Rafilia?”

“Oh, yes! The bath man!”

“I’m sorry to bother you, but can I have a word with the Order of Divine Command? I don’t want to get you in trouble with the guild.”

“Yes, yes! Of course. Please!”

Rafilia is convinced.

All I have to do is silence the Order of Divine.

This is the town where we will live in from now on. If I blow it away with cheat skills here, the rest will be troublesome, so let’s go with a peaceful solution here.


“Yes, My Lord”

Calling her casually among the people, I hand over the parchment.

Reggie takes the pen attached to the guild and writes the sentences I instructed with a smooth feeling. I’m still not used to writing letters from another world yet.

Yeah, is it like this?

“Listen, the Order of DIvine. I think I understand your situation. Then why not write down each other’s employment conditions on a piece of paper and let Rafilia choose herself?”

I show Rafilia and the masked men the terms of employment that Reggie wrote on the parchment.

The content is as I said earlier. Elder Slime Countermeasures. The content of the work is the provision of research materials. The reward is 120 Arsha. Required time is about 2 hours. It will not be a battle. Or rather, if it becomes a battle, we will solve it.

“This way we both know exactly what the terms of employment are. Isn’t that fair?”

“… Where is the need for that?”

The masked man looked at me.

“I don’t know your terms and conditions of employment, but if you are unable to offer better terms and conditions than I can, it would be a disgrace to interfere. I’ll leave you in peace. What do you say?”

I answered.

“… Are you sure?”


I nodded, and the masked man summoned the guild’s receptionist. He clicked his tongue and ran his pen over a piece of parchment on the table. His hand was moving awkwardly. It’s as if he’s writing in a language he doesn’t know.”

“You won’t complain about this, will you?

The masked man raised the parchment and showed it to everyone in the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Quest: Dungeon Exploration Assistant.

Duration: Minimum 3 days. Maximum 5 days.

Job description: Assist in combat. Rearguard. No need for close combat. Free use of restorative magic. Defensive support.

Free loan of equipment. Accommodation is provided for the duration of employment. Private rooms. Bath. Meals included. Rest.

Reward: 6,000 Arusha.”

There was a sigh of relief in the guild.

It’s true that it was a surprisingly good deal.

“This is what we, the Order of Divine, are offering to Rafilia Grace.”

“Didn’t you just say that her reward is reduced to one-fifth because of her bad attitude?”

“Well, what are you talking about?”

” Well, are you sure those terms of employment will be offered to Ms. Rafilia?”

“Isn’t that what we said?”

“… Sure, I can’t get her on those terms.”

Rafilia’s face turned pale at my line.

“You can’t be irresponsible, you know. Terms and conditions of employment are important, and it is only natural that those who cannot offer adequate terms and conditions should step down.”

“Hey …, bath man…?

Rafilia trembles.

In contrast, the masked men are proudly puffing their chest.

“You seem to understand. Now go away. She will be our loyal─ party member.”

“Yes. So, just to be safe, let’s make a ‘Contract’ual agreement that we will both hire Rafilia on these terms.

“… What?

The masked man exclaims.

Okay, I got it.

“It’s should not be a problem. As I said earlier, what kind of employment conditions you have doesn’t matter. What matters is ‘what you are offering her’.”


“If you hire Rafilia on that condition, “Punishment of Contract” cannot come down. Besides, you were trying to “‘Contract'” with Rafilia on the condition that she will only get one-fifth of the reward, right? ”

“Oh, there’s always some irregularities about adventures. Binding with a ‘Contract’ can put people at risk when something happens. So ──”

“Yeah, that’s okay. However, I’m going to” ‘Contract’ “with Rafilia to keep this employment condition. I want to guarantee that I will definitely pay the mentioned reward.”

I know that there are always irregularities in adventure.

So what I’m listening to is the minimum line they can guarantee.

Normally, the Adventurer’s Guild acts as a coordinator and protects the adventurer. But that doesn’t work in the Irgafa guild. The proof is that Rafilia was under pressure interview, but guild officials pretended not to see it.

And these Order of Divine cannot be trusted by any means.

Then there is no choice but to have “God of Contract” appear.

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