47 Part 2

“I’ve got a good deal to offer. And the reward is guaranteed by the ‘Contract’. I’ll make up the difference with the Order of Divine Command with certainty. What about you? Can’t you at least guarantee the amount of the reward in the partchment?

“No, … no, no, no!”

The masked man shook his head.

“It can be a little more or less depending on the results of the search! Of course, any shortfall will be taken into account in the long run to maintain economic stability of the party.”

“How about you just pay full for the success of your quest? If you can’t afford the full amount, you can guarantee half.”

“No, no, no, no, no!”

The masked man is shaking his head in panic. What?

“… only a tenth”

“No, no, no, no, no!”

“…Hyakubunno”(TL Note: This literally means ‘hearing a hundred times’.I guess it means that he replied with a hundred “No’s”)


“Are you sure the … job involves healing magic and no close combat?”

“No, it’s a field decision…”

“What about rental equipment and the inn bath break?”

“Of course.We’ll lend you equipment! It’s just that it’s not always a weapon, and you can’t lend a luxury item. But you don’t have to sign a ‘Contract’ to do this!”

“What I’m most interested in is the duration of the job.”

They tried to confuse Rafilia and force a “‘Contract'”. All the conditions were neglected.

Did they really intend to hire her as an “adventurer”?

“Isn’t it okay to ‘Contract’ to release her in up to 5 days?If we have no choice but to extend the ‘Contract’, you can do it for seven or eight days, and if it goes longer than that, we can make another ‘Contract’.”

“You can make a ”Contract” for that in advance, can’t you? Am I right?”


They gritted their teeth.

Looking at Reggie──To be exact, her collar made me realize their goal.

Did they intend to … enslave Rafilia? … Oh no.

“What about the honor of the town that was blessed by the great Sea Dragon ‘Kerukotaro’?”

I tappeded on “The Mask of the Sea Dragon Kerukotaro”.

It’s a great way to make sure that the people in the Adventurer’s guild understand what I am talking about.

“Is Rafilia irresponsible enough to hurt her adventurer’s career if she refuses because she is not satisfied with the conditions offered by the Order of Divine?” The woman at the guild’s reception desk looked away.

But a few of the adventurers in the room certainly shook their heads.

The Adventurer’s guild – I don’t know why, but they might not be able to resist the Order of Divine Command. But the adventurers aren’t, you say? Well, whether the quest conditions are worth it depends on your life.

“So, what do you want to do, Rafilia?

“Of course, I have decided!”

Rafilia hits the table and trembles, but still desperately raises her voice.

“Oh, I’m going to take the quest from bath ── from the mask of Kerukataro. It’s only 120 Arsha but at least I am guranteed to get it without any risk to my life.”


You don’t be too hard on yourself, you know.

“I thought the Order of Divine was the legendary party … because it was the highest ranked party in the Adventurer’s Guild …”

Rafilia was teary and stared at the masked men.

“But not at all! I know the true legend. You guys are nowhere near the feet of a true hero. Shame on you !!”

“… Oh well. There are many other adventurers with same skill as Rafilia Grace.”

The masked men start to talk again.

The masked men have left Rafilia.

With the black eyes behind the mask, I look at Rafilia and laugh with my nose.

“Don’t get me wrong, Rafilia Grace. The reason we spoke to you like that was to find out how strong you are spiritually. We are in the service of a noble one. We must not be rude in any way. So we had to test you.”

“That’s just…”

Rafilia murmured, as if she was out of breath.

I helped Rafilia to stand. Her legs are trembling because she has been abused.

But the men don’t stop talking.

“It’s a shame, because we could have told you about our employer if we had made a formal ‘Contract’. You would have known your own stupidity by following this unknown person. I’m sure he was only attracted to your beauty anyway. I’m sure he’ll tell you – he’ll show his true colours.”

The man in the mask pointed at me and Rafilia.

“He will make you his slave!”

“That’s enough! It’s none of your business now!”

Raphilia slammed the table with a bang.

“I’m not going to be a slave, that’s for sure! Don’t underestimate me!”

“Of course not.”

I’m mad, too. What are these people doing?

“How could they? I’m not going to ask you to be my slave, Raphilia!”


Rafilia jolted back.

“That’s right. I… I… I am not going to make you my slave,okay?Hahhh… even if I say that… No. It’s no good! ”

… Hey, hey, hey.

Why are you holding your skirt and trembling? Rafilia-san.

The people in the guild are staring.

“Let’s get out of here, Rafilia.”


I took Rafilia’s hand and walked out of the guild.

“Reggie. Watch your back and see if they’re following us.”

‘Yes, My Lord.”

Reggie reappeared in the shadows, palm-sized, and hid under my collar.

“We will need to lose them. We’ll be walking a bit fast, but please follow me.

“Yes, thank you very much!”

The festival crowd helps us.

We walked quickly into the crowd. Leggie is watching our backs. They’re wearing silver masks, so they stand out. They reflect the setting sun, so it’s easy to see that they’re following us.

We leave the main street and head towards the harbour. It’s on the other side of the house, but there’s more shade here. There are also large crates and boxes to be loaded onto the boats. So…



There is enough material for Rita to stall our pursuers.

That’s the plan.

Looking back for a moment, a blonde girl who also wore the mask of Kerukotaro was standing there.

Rita slid under the feet of the masked men and sweeped their legs. The masked men rolled together on the ground and plunged headfirst into a pile of crates.

We joined up with Rita.

We were running through the streets of an unfamiliar town when we came near our house…

“Thank you very much for your help… ─!”

The elf girl Rafilia Grace got on her knees and thanked us.


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