48 Part 1

Episode 48

“Legend of the Dark Hero (with Poem)”


An elf doing dogeza.

That was the first dogeza I saw in another world.

Rafilia has an immovable posture with her hands, feet and forehead stuck to the ground.

It’s a dogeza that you want to put on the picture book as it is.

“… No, you don’t have to go that far”

“Without you ‘Bath man’, I wouldn’t know what to do. It really helped me … Thank you.”

Rafilia screamed, holding her forehead against the ground.

“My name is Souma Nagi not ‘Bath man’.”

I said. I’ve already taken off the sea dragon mask, but Rafilia is still on her knees, shaking a little, as if she’s afraid to look at me.

“… And you don’t have to do dogeza. I can’t talk to you like that.”

“Yes. Bath…, Souma Nagi-sama!”

Rafilia finally raised her face.

Rita is looking at me mysteriously.

I’ll explain later why it’s a “Bath man” later ──I wonder if I have to do it.

“I’ll introduce myself again. I’m Souma Nagi, this is Rita. We’re not suspicious, I’m an acquaintance of Iris Hoffimier.”

“No. I can’t doubt those who help me! I trust SoumaNagi-sama and his friends unconditionally!”

Is this child okay?

Rafilia is looking at us with her purple eyes wide open.

“I’m Rafilia Grace. As you can see … I’m a former adventurer.”

“Former …?”

“Yes.I have understood that I am not suitable to be an adventurer.”

Rafilia stood up and brushed her bare knees.

“I’ve had nothing but bad luck since I started adventuring.”

“…Is that so?”

“I left my hometown because I wanted to be the hero of the fairy tales I had heard so much about,……, but nothing good ever came of it.”

Rafilia hangs down her elf ears and slumps.

“In the previous battle, all my friends were wiped out. All of them became incapable of fighting, and I was fine. Still, everyone managed to recover by magic. After that, Iris invited me to a hot spring as a reward for my work. I was told to just go … In the meantime, a member of my party ran away with all my luggage, equipment and money … ”

It was unfortunate.

“After that, I managed to get to this point with the 3 Arshas I had left, but I didn’t have the money to go back to my hometown, and when I stopped by the Adventurer’s Guild to find a job, I was caught by the masked people.”


Rafilia held her chest and sighed.

“Ah, where is Rafilia’s hometown?”

I couldn’t help asking.

I was afraid that if I left her alone, she would die there or be made a slave.

“If it’s in the direction of Metekal, my friend is going back, so you can go with her.”

“It’s a small village on a peninsula that takes a month by boat.”

“Is it in the opposite direction …”


“It’s not my birthplace, though. I can’t remember anything that happened more than five years ago.”


“I’m in trouble.”

Said Rafilia with her arms folded.

No, even if you say such a thing so easily.

“I was picked up by my parents when I was wandering around without my memory.”

I’m not sure how to react to such a heavy story out of the blue.

But Rafilia seems to have recognized us as “people who she can truly trust”.

While grabbing her own beautiful elf ears with her fingers, she keeps talking as if she were shy.

Five years ago, an old bakery couple picked up Rafilia when she arrived in a different port town.

They were good friends at first, but as the bakery’s business declined, Rafilia had no place to stay.

She was almost sold as a slave.

So she set off on a journey to become an adventurer.

But she was too weak and was treated as useless in the party. She was robbed of her reward.

She doesn’t seem to mind it at all. It’s as if she is talking about someone else’s past. Rita, Reggie and I contined to listen to her with a blank face.

“As you knowI got to Irgafa from the hot spring town of Richerda, and now I’ve lost my carrer, the great adventure of Rafilia Grace is over.”

“Great adventure of Rafilia Grace is over?”

“I mean, I mess up so much. And as the masked men said I lack crisis and money management skills. I am not cut out to be an adventurer.”

“In the first place, why did you decide to become an adventurer even though you don’t remember anything?”

“The only old memories I had were my name, the story of the hero’s adventure when I was little, and the fact that I ‘protected’ something or someone.”

Oh. I see.

“So, you thought that if you became an adventurer and ‘protected’ something or someone, you may remember your past …?”

“Yes. I thought I could remember who I was!”

Rafilia shined her purple eyes and pushed her fist up into the dark sky.

“Because, maybe I’m a legendary hero whose abilities have been sealed, or a great wizard of the country’s salvation! When I run into a crisis, I awaken and defeat the Demon King. ”

“” Go home because it’s okay! “”

Rita and I spoke up at the same time.

“Can’t you go back to your hometown? Even if you can’t just go to a safe place.”

“A safe place?”

“It is reckless of you to become an adventurer even though you have no memory in the first place, and it is too dangerous to travel alone without knowing the land or information.”

Even I, who was summoned from another world, was initially informed by Ashtalte, and I managed to survive because Cecil and Rita were there.

“Without knowing anything, even though you don’t know who you are, you travel alone aiming to be an adventurer … It’s like blindly belivieng something will happen and return your memories back to you.”

“That’s why you got caught in a pressure interview! Or rather, it’s a miracle that you’ve survived until now!”

“If you can’t go home, find a town you know nearby. Look for a safe job there.”

“Maybe you are right. I couldn’t be a legendary hero, but … I’m happy.”

Rafilia closed her eyes, held her big breasts, and muttered dreamily.

“I have seen the real legend properly. That alone will keep me alive.”


“Yes. They are Dark Heros of justice. That’s why I inadvertently got involved with the Order of Divine. I foolishly thought that they might be the ‘ Dark Heros’ since they are the no.1 party in Irgafa.

“I think you should forget about the ‘Dark Hero’.”

“Yes … I was thinking of forgetting about that ‘Dark Hero’ and not telling anyone. But, I feel like I’ve been charmed by the darkness.”

Rafilia said with a slightly red face.





“I’m going to tell you about the’Dark Hero’ who rules slaves with fear and pleasure’.”

“Rather, I think it’s better to subdue him.”

“Don’t speak ill of him, he’s my benefactor!”

“By the way, where did you meet this ‘Dark Hero’?”

“Yes. In the hot spring town of Richerda, during the attack on Iris-sama. ”

The hot spring town of Richerda. During the attack on Iris.

“When my party was about to get annihilated, they quickly appeared.They wiped out all of the Black Living Armors. ”

Wipiping out the Black Living Armors.


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