48 Part 2

“The sun that appeared in the middle of the night and the wall of flame. I will never forget that … ”

Like the sun that appeared in the middle of the night. And the huge wall of flames?

“… Hmm. That was so magnificient.”

Yup. I know that hero.

The one who hides his powers and doesn’t want to be seen.

” Accompanied by a golden beast and a dark magical girl, he looked crazy.”

“Where is the crazy part come from!?”

“I didn’t get to see his face because it was dark, but that person’s hand struck the big magic girl’s breast, and the girl said,’I’m sorry … but … happy.’ The hero’s mysterious dominance also seemed to bring out the girl’s magic.! ”

“Wasn’t it wrong to o that?”

“Impossible! That dark hero’s beautiful eyes that fascinate all who see it (Rafilia’s POV), his noble demeanor (POV), and the way how he gracefully and brilliantly dominates the slave girls. What’s wrong with the strongest ‘Dark Hero’ (subjective) doing that !? ”

“…all of them”

“You can say that because you haven’t actually seen him!”

Rafilia quivered, holding her body with both hands.

“That golden beast that blows black armor with a single blow is also a mysterious. The maid was also amazing. It seems that the dark hero has controlled information to hide his identity!  The proof is it was announced that the regular soldiers defeated the enemy!”

I see. That’s one way of looking at it.

It’s amazing.

“I still can’t forget his voice that seems to echo from depth of the underworld. It echoes deep within my soul, and on that day my body was so hot that I couldn’t sleep, and I finished a lot of poems to honor the hero. I have … ”

“Can you tell me more about that poem?”

Rita, who was silently listening to the story, suddenly shook Rafilia’s hand.





“It’s a poem that honors the hero who wiped out the’Black  Living Armors’, right? I think everyone, Cecil and Aine, want to know. I wonder if you can tell me when you’re done.”

“Are you interested?”

“Rather, I want to buy those poems.”

“The title is’Contractor running in jet black-Honeymoon in the darkness with a slave girl-‘”

“It’s great. You should spread it to the Adventurer Guild right now.”

“Do you like ‘Dark Hero’?”

“You can say I love him.”

“He is a hero who uses slaves to avenge evil.”

“I want to teach everyone in the world how wonderful he is.”


Rita and Rafilia hold each other’ss hands again.

“No, I think it’s better to destroy it now. It’s also an information control method!”

“This is my soul. I am going to sing it until the dayI die.”

Please stop.

But … I see. Was Rafilia the elf girl at that time?

It makes sense for Reggie to remember.

In other words, the ‘Dark Hero’ that Rafilia saw was us.

Rafilia, who was about to quit being an adventurer, got caught in the Order of Divine because she misunderstood that they were the ‘Dark Heroes”. She wanted to meet the hero she longed for once more.

… What is this… this feeling of guilt.

“But Rafilia-san, one thing is wrong.”

While holding Rafilia’s hand, Rita muttered with a serious look.

“Wrong? What is wrong?”

Rafilia mysteriously bends her head.

“I don’t think it’s fear and pleasure that dominate the slaves.”


“Yeah. That’s not the reason why slaves show their true power. He’s pulling out the power of those slaves via-uh, uh … oh, oh, oh.”


“Uh, yeah. Oh, love. I’m sure of it. I’m sure of it!”

“I see. But it doesn’t burn as a poem, so I rejected it.”

It was rejected?

In this way, I was handed down as “a dark hero who controls slaves with fear and pleasure.”

… I wonder if that memory will be erased if I doubled the reward …

By the time we got home, the sun was setting.

I introduced Rafilia Grace to everyone and went to the kitchen.

I told her about our current situation. About how a Elder Slime lives in our house, and we need an elf’s hair, nails or bodily fluids to get him out.

“… Isn’t it okay if you just give me your hair and nails?”

“No. Now that I have a job, I have to be present!”

Rafilia said, sweating because she ran around.

She was very serious. She looked like she was about to cry because she was so enthusiastic.

“I brought an elf, Elder Slime”

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!”

Plop, plop, plop, plop, plop!

Elder Slime still clinging to the pillars of the kitchen is still dripping blue drops.

“Please stop because cleaning is difficult.”

“Well, well, what have you brought me … oh, an elf. You look a lot like the one who made the me … My master was just as beautiful as you. I was generously allowed to eat … ”

“What are you talking about?”

I translated what Elder Slime said to Rafilia, since they can’t converse directly .

By the way, this Elder Slime was made and thrown away.

Then …

“You poor little thing. Waa..”

Poro, Poro Poro Poro!

Tears began to spill from Rafilia’s eyes.

“Oh, I was abandoned by my partymates, so I understand. I’m sorry, I feel so sorry for you.”

“Do you understand? What a gentle elf.”



The elf and the Elder Slimes continued to shed tears just like that.

They hit it off in a very weird way.

“Please tell me anything you want me to do. You can use my hair, nails, or sweat. Please help him.”

“I am lucky to have met such a wonderful elf at the end of my long life …”





“Don’t I look like the same elf that abandoned you? I am so sorry. Let me know what I can do. I will do it without fail.”

“I am going to take your word for it then. Please let me eat your panties. ”

“Of course.”

When Rafilia heard the lines I translated, she turned over her skirt and put her hand on her underwear.

“Wait a minute!”

“Don’t disturb me. I’ll take it off for Slime-san ──, huh…huh…huh?”

Rafilia stopped her hand on her white underwear just before she lowered it.

Did you finally notice?

“Hey ‘Elder Slime’, you said you needed elf hair, nails or body fluids, didn’t you?”


“Then, why do you want underwear?”

“When I saw this kind-hearted elf girl, I remembered my master.”

The Elder Slime speaks with nostalgic eyes.

“The elf who made me looks a lot like Rafilia.”

It seems his creator was handing her sweaty underwear as it was, so that it would be more efficient to hand the fluid to Elder Slime. Elder Slime hasn’t died until now because it had been absorbing the panties little by little over time. It seems that the person eventually died in an accident and the Elder Slime was abandoned because she was gone.

“It is said that elf’s hair, nails, sweat and other body fluids have magical power. With your underwear, I can return to a completely small size and hide until death … ”


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