48 Part 3


Rafilia nodded looking very determined.

“… I’m the same as that elf, so I also don’t care about my underwear. It’s in” Material provision “! I don’t mind if I have to give you everything I wear! This Rafilia Grace is a person who protects someone and makes them happy! ”


“… But at least in a place that people aren’t looking at …”

Well, that’s right.

Cecil, Rita, Aine, and Leticia, who were watching at the entrance of the kitchen, went out to the corridor.

“Then I will be translating Elder Slime’s words standing behind the door. If anything happens, call me right away.”

“… No, please stay here with me Souma Nagi-sama.”

Gyu, Rafilia grabbed my sleeve.

“Please stay. Please.”

“No, but …”

“By all means. I feel a little strange … No, just in case something goes wrong.”


I think it’s okay because we have a treaty with Elder Slime that we will not harm each other in “Food Negotiations”. However, as a person who requested a job, I can’t just leave the anxiety of the hired person alone, can I?

“Then, I’m looking towards the door, so please tell me when you’re done.”


I turned my back on Rafilia and Elder Slime.

“… My Lord, what do you think of that elf?”

The magic sword Reggie placed under my feet trembled.

It whisphered so that Rafilia and Elder Slime don’t hear us.

“She maybe a good match for us, and even Elder Slime is friendly with her. If I left her as she was, she would definitely have been enslaved by the Order of Divine.”

“She also helped us with Elder Slime, My Lord.”

“And it looks like she saw our battle.”I don’t want the ‘Dark Hero’ poems to spread.”

“What do you do think about her? We can’t leave her alone. ”

“I’m thinking of asking Iris.”

Rafilia is being watched by the Order of Divine.

On the way home, I learned that she wanted to return to her hometown by boat. She was trying to get the quest to earn the money for the boat fare and the cost of staying until the boat arrived. I can’t afford to pay her that much reward.

Rafilia has been hired by Iris once, so she should be acquainted with her. Iris may be able to introduce Rafilia to some work in the mansion or to a job that don’t require her to go outside.

We can’t even show up in the Adventurer’s Guild until this matter cools down, so I’d like to meet Iris and listen to information about the Order of Divine.

“It’s a good idea. But my recommendation is ── ”

“I won’t enslave her.”

“If you just say “I’m that ‘Dark Hero’, I think she will happily be your slave.”

“There is no reason to enslave her.”

“I thought it would be useful for researching the skills that the Lord wanted. Oh, it’s about to end. She has just taken off her underwear. I cannot believe what I am seeing. Even though it’s that big, it’s wonderful and is in good shape. By the way, she is about to take off the bottom ── ”

“Don’t give me a live feed.”

“──── A”


There was a sound.

Involuntarily, I looked back.

I looked back and saw it.

Rafilia’s body with her underwear down to her knees is sunk into the Elder Slime?”

“Did you……. fall?”

“Ye, Yes.” ”

“Rafilia! Are you okay …?”

Elder Slime’s mucus entwined Rafilia’s limbs.

“Elder Slime! You”

“No, no. I did’t do anything.”

Juru, Piccha, Torori

The tentacle-like body of Elder Slime stripped off Rafilia’s underwear.

Also her jacket.

Also her skirt.

Elder Slime swallowed every single thing that Rafilia was wearing and spit out metal and anything other than clothes.

“Thank you for the food, elf, Rafilia Grace. Souma Nagi, thank you for hearing me out. You both are wonderful people. ”

Elder Slime’s body shrinks.

It shrinked to the size of a poster that spread all over the wall. More like a tablet. Finally, Rafilia’s body, which lost its support, collapsed.

“Because this girl is awkward, I will leave a part of my body.”

With that said, Elder Slime tore off his body and put a marble-sized alter ego on Rafilia’s back.

“It doesn’t have a personality, so it should obey this girl’s orders. Then I will tell you one last thing. This girl may have unknown skills that even she doesn’t even know. The master who made me was such a person. I feel the same sign from this girl. ”

“Skills that the person herself does not know about? Is there such a thing?”

“I don’t know if it’s invisible or if it’s has not awaken yet. However, it turns out that it is a “skill that interferes with fate.” You can find out if she awakens or you make a “master-slave contract”. I highly recommend it …”

The smaller Elder Slime slowly left through the window gap.

After all, it looks like he wasn’t a bad guy.

But …

I saw Rafilia lying down on the floor.

She was completely out of it.

She was completely unconsious.

“… I’ll give you an additional reward.”

I put my coat on the fallen Rafilia.

“Farewell. Elven girl, human boy. Good luck to your future. ”

Muttering as if praying, the Elder Slime went out of the window.

“I’m not trying to make a good story …”

The kitchen was cleaned.

He collected everything from the part that stuck to the wall and the parts that he spilled like tears.

The only damage was Rafilia Grace’s clothes and her underwear.

After all, what did Elder Slime really  …


Are you telling me this happend just to save Rafalia from being abducted by the Order of Divine? Is this Rafalia’s ‘skill that interfers with fate’? But if that was the case, the Order shouldn’t have noticed Rafalia in the first place.

No use thinking about it.

“… Let’s ask the person when she wakes up.”

“Are you considering the ‘Master-Slave Contract’? My Lord ”

“If I do, I will be the same as those Order of Divine.”

“It depends on the person who performs ‘Contracts’.She may be willing. And ── ”

I saw Rafilia’s face.

“… I did it. It’s my first time completing a quest…”

Rafilia, still unconsious, had a strangely happy face.

“Didn’t I say that she was a gem?”

Reggie, who had taken a human form before I knew it, said that and laughed.

After that, I asked Aine to dress Rafilia appropriately.

Now that we can use water, I’ll take a bath.

We celebrated “Arrival at Irgafa & Commemoration of the availability of water” with leftover ingredients. Rafilia ── It’s difficult to get an inn this late, so I decided to stay overnight.

Aine seemed to like Rafilia, who shed tears no matter what she ate, and recommended a dish that couldn’t fit on the plate. Cecil was also impressed with Rafilia saying, “She’s a real elf …”, and Rita and Leticia repeatedly thanked her for being able to get rid of Elder Slime. Leticia, in particular, may have failed her “contract” because of the Elder Slime.

After the meal, Rafilia recited a poem titled “Praise the Dark Hero.”

Everyone was very excited. They seemed to be getting along well. I was blocking my ears.

Finally, I told Rafilia that I would introduce her to Iris tomorrow, and she readily agreed.

We had some trouble, but we were finally able to calm down.

In this way, the first night of Irgafa was peaceful.

“… I’m sorry for the late night. I have a request …”

It was midnight.

I heard a voice and a knock at the door, so I opened the door.

In the hallway, Rafilia was on her knees in her nightgown.

“… So why Dogeza”

“I was taught by a certain person that whenever I thank someone from the bottom of my heart or whenever I ask someone for something, I should do this.”

Beyond the pink hair on the back of her head, her long ears were shaking.

Who spread the dogeza to the elves? Was it a visitor …?

“I have a favor to ask you, as I consider you to be a trustworthy person, Souma Nagi-sama.”

Rafilia finally raised her face.

Her purple eyes seemed to shine in the darkness.

They was serious.

She looked straight into my eyes, took a deep breath, and then…

“Why don’t you become my master and check me!?”

She declared in a hoarse voice.

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