49 part 1

Episode 49

The Darkness and Wishes of an Unhappy Elf Girl


Rafilia  Grace (POV)

When did I start to think that I was JONAH?(TL Note: ‘Jonah means someone who brings bad luck’)

Perhaps it was around the time when the bakery of the elderly couple who took care of me began to lose business.

Perhaps because of that, the skirts in the store uniforms were getting shorter and shorter.

Perhaps when the customer base gradually began to change and all the customers who used to buy our products started to leave us.

Or perhaps it was when I realized that all the money I had spent working in the bakery to make ends meet was being spent on alcohol for the old couple.

Then I decided to become an adventurer and make a fortune, but when I went to learn magic, the teacher was a bluffer and only taught me low-level magic.

Or perhaps it was the time I decided to leave some money for the old couple to thank them for raising me before I left, only to be caught and sold into slavery.

Or perhaps it was when the mast of the merchant ship I was aboard on broke and it took three times as long to reach Irgafa after drifting ashore?

Or when the party I was part of nearly got wiped out during the attack on Iris Hoffimier ?

Or … or.

There were many signs.

Many unfortunate things have always been happening around me.

It’s not miserable, but definitely unfortunate.

I have always been troubled by it.

Maybe I shouldn’t be with anyone.

But even if I look inside myself, I can’t find any answer.

And it was Elderslime who gave me a clue.

Before he left, he wrote a sentence in front of Rafilia with his body.

It was short.

“You may have the skill to interfere with fate…”

But I don’t know anything about it.

In that case, there is no choice but to make a ‘Master-Slave Contract’ and have the Master authority to check me.


──I wonder if there is actually a person who will form such a ‘Contract’ with me who is a JONAH.

──I wonder if I’ll be told to be a slave for the rest of my life.

Someone that I can trust, someone that I can ask to do these things, someone that will take care of my slave.

Such a person ──

“When I thought about it, you suddenly popped up Souma Nagi.”

Rafilia said so and bowed to me.

We are in the woods near our house.

It’s a dark forest between our house and the house of the lord of Irgafa.

It’s about the size of a small ground with tall trees.

The sound of the branches rubbing against each other and the leaves rubbing against each other can be heard in the night breeze.

I didn’t want my other slaves to know that I was using ‘Master-Slave Contract” to find skills, so I came here.

Certainly we can’t be seen or heard here.

“That’s why. Souma Nagi. Please be my Master.”

“I understand! You don’t have to kneel down!”

Rafilia hurriedly stopped trying to kneel on the damp ground.

In a sense, it’s a mental attack while sitting down. When it is done, it feels like I am being forced.

“I understand your situation Rafilia.”

“You understand?”

Rafilia exhaled a long sigh.

She seemed to be quite nervous. She was desperately holding her chest down. Her face is bright red.Her shoulders are quivering.

“I understand your feelings.  It’s only natural to be scared when you’re about to entrust yourself to someone you have hardly met for a day.You want to know if you really have ‘skills that can interfere with fate’.”


“What if you really do?”

“Go so far away that I won’t inconvene anyone.”

Rafilia firmly declared.

She doesn’t seem to have any hesitation.

“I want to be clear about what I am. If I’m  someone who makes others unhappy, I’ll go somewhere where no one is. That’s all I can do to ‘Protect someone’.”

Her voice was trembling.

Rafilia, I wonder if she’s at her limit. Working and failing, moving, working and failing,moving── and so on and so forth.

If it’s because of  “skill that interferes with fate”, then she is confirmed to have bad luck for the rest of her life.

I want to do something if I can.

But ──

“What if I sign the contract and find out nothing? What if your bad luck is just a coincidence?”


Rafilia dropped her shoulders with some mixed feelings.

“At that time, I will think about it and decide then. Originally, I would have been dead without the help of ‘Dark Hero’. I thought that I would serve that person.Well, that doesn’t matter right now. Now… Souma Nagi let’s start … Take this body … and use it… Hmm, I’m prepared … ”

Rafilia says that and takes a deep breath.

You don’t have to go that far.

“OK, let’s decide the rules.”


“Yeah. It’s hard to trust someone else with a ‘Master-Slave Contract’.”

I took the paper and pen that I had prepared next to the magic sword Reggie that I put on the ground.

I intended to cooperate from the start anyway.

That’s why I was thinking about measures so that she won’t be my slave permanently.

“For this ‘Contract’, I’d like Rafilia to ask me to check her skills and be a slave until she pays the reward for it.”


Rafilia’s eyes became a point.

To put it simply, this is what it is.

Rafilia-for example, at 200 Arsha, asks me to “check my skills”.

And Rafilia will be my slave until I finish paying the price.

200 Arsha is the amount one can earn by clearing one or two quests.

I’m going to have Rafilia work for Iris, so I’ll be able to pay it in about a month. Then the Contract will be cancelled. Rafilia can be free.

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