49 part 2

I’m also worried about “skills that interfere with fate,” and if it really causes bad luck, I can’t just introduce Rafilia to Iris.

So I think this method is the best.

I can learn about ‘skill that interferes with fate’.

Rafilia can learn about her skills and hopefully get rid of bad luck and find new jobs.

I think this is a win-win relationship.

I explained to Rafilia that way ──

“… I will die tomorrow !?”

Rafilia trembled with a deep blue face. ──


“I don’t think I deserve to be this happy. It’s can’t thank God enough to have someone who listens to me and thinks about me.”

Rafilia held her mouth as if she was seeing someone incredible.

…I see.

Rafilia was faintly aware of her “bad luck”.

That means that even the people around her may have noticed that bad things happen to people who are on Rafilia’s side. Moreover, Rafilia has no memory of the past which is  a very strange thing.

Well, you can imagine what kind of treatment she received …

“Please, Souma Nagi”

Rafilia nodded.

“I accept your suggestion. Thank you. I  … Souma Nagi … what should I do … please …”

“Then write the terms of the ‘Contract'”

I handed the parchment to Rafilia.

I have already written the text. Only the part about the price is left blank.

So that Rafilia can put in a reasonable amount.

“Okay, uh, uh.”

Rafilia draws letters in the air with her fingers, like practicing a dry run.

She kept on writing and writing and writing…..


“Two hundred is enough!

“Sorry, sorry! What? I was going to write 200…. I don’t know why I wrote …

Rafilia mysteriously bent her head and then wrote “200” on the parchment.

I confirmed that and then put the parchment under the tree.

“Then, ‘Contract’.”

“Ah, yes, ‘Contract’.”

With a Klinck, we klincked our medallions together.

The medallion shines, and a leather collar wraps around Rafilia’s neck.

Alright, the ‘Contract’ is complete.

All I have to do now is check Rafilia’s skills.

“My slave, Rafilia Grace.”

I took Rafilia’s hand.

“I exercise my right as your Master. Disclose your skills to your Master.”

“… Yes”

After hearing my voice Rafilia’s face turned bright red.

The focus of her purple eyes became blurry.

“… My Master. What’s inside me …?”

“… You have a bug”

Rafilia’s skill is ──

Unique skill [Magic aptitude LV1]

[Archery LV3] [Bread Making LV5] [Avoidance LV3] [ Poet LV4]




Learned magic

[Flame Magic LV1: ‘Light’ ‘Flame Arrow’]

[Flame Magic LV2: ‘Flame wall’]

There is a skill with a blank name. Moreover, there are two.

I don’t know the ability or effect. What’s this?

“Bu, bug? What is bug, Master !?”

“There’s a mysterious skill … But I don’t know its name, what it does or how it works.”


“Don’t you know what it is ?”

“Hm…I don’t know. Besides magic, my skills should be only” [Magic Aptitude], [Archery], [Bread Maker], [ Avoidance] and[Poet]. ”

Is this the skill the Elder Slime mentioned?

Invisible to the person herself.

She can’t use it because she can’t see it. She doesn’t know about it.

The existence of this skill is revealed only after making a ‘Master-Slave Contract’. Still, I don’t understand it’s contents.

Who installed something like this on Rafilia? And why?

I don’t know. But ──

“I can’t just leave it like this…”

The aftertaste is too bad.

Elder Slime described it as a ‘skill that interferes with fate’.

If this is a really ‘bad luck’ skill, it’s the worst case scenario. Rafilia can’t be with anyone for the rest of her life and can’t even get a decent job. She would have to work in the black for the rest of her life.

“… Even Master doesn’t know …”

Rafilia dropped her shoulders.

“But it’s enough to know that there is such a thing … Thank you … I’m sorry …”

So don’t look like you’ve given up on everything.

It feels like I am looking at my old self.

“But I think I can do something about it.”

My skill [Skill Reconstruction LV3] conceptualizes the skills of me and my slaves without asking questions.

If I conceptualize her ‘blank skill’ and write it in sentences, I should be able to understand what kind of effect her skill has.

“But to do that, you would have to put up with something Rafilia.”

“I will do anything”

“Specifically, I will need to touch your chest.”

“… Huh !?”

“The details are secret, but I have skills that interfere with slavery skills. I might be able find out more about your skills if I used it on you.”


Rafilia bit her fingertips.

“… I trust Master, but … the scary thing is … the darkness in me.”


“Yes, I am fascinated by the darkness.”

Rafilia turned her back on me, saying.

She slowly starts to undress and lower her nightwear. Her elf ears are quivering. The tip of her ears were so bright red that I could even see them at night.

“It was the same when I saw ‘Dark Hero’ and when Souma Nagi told me to be his slave. Somewhere deep inside me, I was like ‘Kyun‘. It seems that the darkness inside me is trying to ooze outside … ”


Somehow, it sounds thrilling.

“Even right now, the darkness is seeping out from the depths of my heart … I’m afraid that if I accept that darkness in myself … I won’t be able to return …”

“I don’t really understand what it means.”

I’m not a maiden, and I didn’t read the legends of heroes like Rafilia.

“I think Rafilia can go through the darkness and awaken yourself. You see, I was in a terrible state just like you once, but I’ve managed to endure it.”

“── Huh!”

Rafilia opened her eyes.

“… Yes. I have a Master! What was I scared of? That’s right. I’m ‘Protecting someone’. It’s funny that I’m afraid of darkness! I will accept darkness and go through it. I have to do it! “

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