50 part 1

Episode 50

The Right Way to Untie a Curse



“I’m scared. I don’t know why, but when I was with the Master’s friends, I kept hearing a voice inside of me. It told me… that this was the darkness and that I shouldn’t go near it.”

Shivering, Rafilia informed me.

That’s when I understood the curse of [Bad Luck LV3] and the true nature of the black chain.

It’s a system designed to frighten Rafilia into a… state of unhappiness.

This [Bad Luck LV3] has a triple curse on it.

For one thing, it’s invisible.

Second, it’s a locked skill, which means I can’t take it out.

The third is this black chain that is entangled in the letters of the skill.

“Rafilia, try to remember when you were talking to Cecil and the others about the poem.”

“Yes, yes. Well…

A dark hero with black eyes.

He reaches out his hand, which is filled with darkness, and sends a demon into the slave’s chest.

The girl’s modest chest trembles, and an inescapable chain surrrounds her neck.

The silver hair trembling with pleasure…” Here, Cecil clapped her hands, and was feeling very happy…

With a snap, the black chain moved.

I know because I’m connected by [Skill Reconstruction LV3].

I could see the black magic flowing out of the black chains.

At the same time, Rafilia’s eyes widened.

Her thin body began to tremble as if she is frightened.

I felt it too. I heard a strange voice, though it was faint.

“Don’t expect anything, you’ve never lost anything, you’ve never gained anything, you’re just going with the flow.”

A dark voice, as if echoing from the depths of darkness.

So I asked Rafilia.

“Could it be that Rafilia gets scared when she is happy or joyful?


Rafilia’s face turned pale.

“…What, what? No…way…, no way, no way, no way.

Her mouth is still open. She seems to have had an idea about it.

I had a hunch.

When Rafilia feels that she is having fun and wants to be free, black magic flows out from [Bad Luck LV3]. This causes Rafilia to feel that it is “dark” and “scary” inside her.

It was as if this chain itself had a will of its own and was mentally attacking Rafilia.

It is also dark to have your skills adjusted in order to be free. Eating a meal together is also dark. Being free is also dark. This is what Rafilia is afraid of.

So maybe ‘darkness’ is really what Rafilia wants and what she wants to do.

If so, then the key to unlocking the curse must be there.

“I command my slave, Rafilia Grace.”

I said.

“Embrace the darkness.”


“Look into the darkness. Tell me what’s in it. What you feel. What you see. Put it all into words. Tell me what you are afraid of.”

“Uh, uh, uh…huh?

Rafilia’s body shuddered.

It was because I had poured a lot of my magic power from my fingertips into it.

“No, no…, no, no, no, no, no.”

“I don’t think it’s as scary as it was before, but what do you think?”

“…Yes, yes. That..”

Rafilia nodded, still looking a little pale.

“Yes, yes. It’s not as scary as before. But… why?

“I told you, didn’t I? I have a skill that can interfere with other skills.”

For now, I’m covering the black chain with my palm and pouring my magic power into it to contain the black chains. Of course, that magic power is also flowing into the [Bad Luck LV3] skill.

I’ll take care of the fear.

I’ve heard that whenever I ‘rebuild’ someone’s skills, they feel fluffy, tingly, and itchy. I’ll let Rafilia focus on those sensations.

“Rafilia’s skills were bugged, and a virus… something bad was attached to her. I’m going to kill it now.”

Maybe I can.

I just have to make the ‘concept’ of the skill loose enough that I can move it even with chains wrapped around it.

“So, Rafilia, see what’s in the dark. Tell me what’s scary.”

“…Huh. Huh. Yes, Master.”

Rafilia looked a bit dazed, but answered clearly.

“Rafilia Grace, face the ……darkness. Go beyond it, and awaken… ah!

I wrapped [Bad Luck LV3] in the palm of my hand and poured more and more magic power into it.

I will make it stronger.

To drown out the black magic that the black chains spit out.

I’ll paint over my poisonous fears with “fluffy,” “tingling,” and “jinjin.

“…NO. It’s too hard. I’m scared. I’m scared of the darkness.”

Rafilia struggled to wriggle free, her shoulders shaking.

Her large breasts swayed as she moved, and their hardened parts touched my palms.

“I can feel it. I’m …scared. Mastaa… No!

“I can’t tell what is in the dark, Rafilia.”

Is that black magic still flowing out?

Rafilia is puckering her fingers impatiently. She is holding the hem of her nightgown – which is about to come undone – at the base of her legs and wriggling her knees.

“I can’t do this, …I can’t do this, I can’t be …happy, I can’t be happy, I am sorry.”

Rafilia opens and closes her mouth like a goldfish.

“Tell me. What are you afraid of?

“I, I, I…”

I heard a snapping sound in my hand.

A crack appeared in the black chain that bound [Bad Luck LV3].

“I…I am afraid of being hugged by…Mastaa. I love you, so I’m …afraid of being touched…. You’re warm and gentle, and… I love that. It’s scary because I love it. I’m afraid of losing it.”

Rafilia declared, opening her hazy eyes.

“I can hear it. Inside me.

It will be gone anyway. It will be gone. It’s just too painful to lose it.

It said that I have always been like this.

I’ll lose it because of the darkness.

I don’t want the darkness. It’s only painful. That’s why it’s scary. It’s scary. But I like it.

I want Mastaa to touch me. I love it. I like to hear your voice. I like the people around Masutaa.

But I’m scared. I’m afraid of losing it. That’s why it’s dark. Everyone is dark. But…

I like having Masutaa’s hand on my chest, it’s warm. I like having my fingers rubbed. I love it when you give me a squeeze. I love it. I am…scared to lose Masutaa.”

With tears spilling from her purple eyes…

Rafilia continued to speak as if something she had been holding back had been released.

“I’m… scared of you, Cecil, Rita, Aine and Leticia. I’m scared to be friends with you. I’m scared that I might make you and people around you unhappy,but… I like them. Because… they are Mastaa’s friends.”

I see.

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