50 part 2

Rafilia has always been alone.

She will make the people she loves unhappy, and they will eventually leave her.So, it’s painful for her.

She has no memories, no friends, nothing. All she have are failures, and she can’t get anything.

So she was afraid of getting something. She was afraid of getting hurt.

She asked me to sign a ‘Master-Slave Contract’, but in the end, it was because she was cornered so much that she couldn’t help it – and the truth is, she was scared.

But for Rafilia, it was what she wanted most.

That was the true nature of the ‘darkness’ in Rafilia.

That’s why I was never able to touch it, so this is her ‘darkness’.

“It’s fine. It’s fine.”

I said.

“I’m not going to let you go for now. I don’t like danger and I don’t like being tired. I’m sure everyone else does, too.”

Now that I have a house, all I want to do is relax and study my skills.

“For now, I’m not going to let you die or go away.”

“But… but I’m not like other people…”

Rafilia looked at me, crying.

“I don’t have much of my memory and my skills are limited to baking bread. And I’m a weird person. I like being touched by Master. I was happy when you put the collar on me.”

“I don’t care.”

It’s a different world, there’s all kinds of people, right?

“Besides, I’m pretty weird myself.”

“Do you mind if I stay with you? Will you accept me as I am?”

“I won’t use the ring’s compulsion, though.”

So it’s a request to be precise.

“I like it. I like that kind of thing. I like it because I makes me feel like I’m needed. I like wearing a collar because it makes me feel connected to Mastaa. I like it when Masutaa touches me. I love it, I love it, I love it.”


The black chain that had bound the [Bad Luck LV3] was breaking away.

The curse is about to be lifted.

Was it because it was no longer able to control Rafilia through fear?

The ‘concept’ of the skill began to loosen up. I can move it. I’m almost there.

“My slave, Rafilia Grace. What do you want?”

“…More, please.”

Rafilia grabbed my hand.

See pressed it against her own chest, which was getting hotter.

“Because it makes me happy to be Mastaa’s. …Because I’m thrilled. …Because it makes me squeal. Please make it impossible for me to live without you!”

The moment Rafilia shouted…

The black chain that had been entangled in the skill shattered and fell away.

Okay, now…

I shook the two concepts of [Bad Luck LV3]together.

Rafilia exhaled and clutched her nightgown.

“Master’s finger is touching my deepest part. It makes me shudder. It’s like I’m being touched even though I’m not. My stomach is burning. My tummy is burning. I love it. I love it. I love being connected to Masutaa.”

Rafilia kneels down on the ground, as if she can no longer stand. Her thin body sagged and laid down on the grass. Her nightgown was completely untied, and her white skin stood out in the night.

Rafilia is looking at me with downcast eyes. She is sucking her fingers impatiently and letting her body do what it wants.

“…I figured it out.”


“I knew that I wanted to be like this when I met …Masuta in the bathroom, …so I was scared. I felt like I couldn’t go back if it happened.”

Rafilia nodded her head.

“I thought I might be bringing bad luck to everyone around me. So I thought I should be the sacrifice but I somehow always survived. I don’t know why?”

Tears spilled from Rafilia’s eyes.

“It’s not Rafilia’s fault, you know.”

I ran my fingertips over the words [Bad luck LV3], “surrounding” and “attract”.

“… Hiya, hiya. No, no, no. It’s like Mastaa’s fingers are touching every inch of me. I’m not sure what to do. It’s so hot,… I can’t… go back now.”

Each time I touched the characters, Rafilia’s white body bounced.

This skill is probably a curse that someone put on Rafilia.

Same as Rita’s lock skill.

Someone tried to get Rafilia to do something without her knowledge.

I thought that the ‘skill that intereferes with fate skill’ could be a material for the ‘living without working skill’.

The concept of “attraction” may be able to pull in money.

But no. It’s too dangerous. I don’t have time to look for or buy money-related skills.

You never know what will happen in the meantime.

“Bad luck lvl 3” is the worst curse skill.

I’ll rewrite it all at once while Rafilia accepts me.

I stroked the concept of “bath aid” that I had installed in myself – “clean” and “wash away”.

I slapped it against the [Bad luck].

“Oh My God…”

I’m going to push it in harder. Before the black chain is revived.

“No, no. No, no, no… no, no, no, no, no, no!”

Reflexively, Rafilia cowered and tried to escape.

Hir body hit the tree and stoped. She has no escape.

Rafilia raised her eyebrows and closed her eyes, accepting it as it came to accept it, as if she were prepared for it.

She got down on both knees, puts her hands behind her back, and mumbles to herself.

“I’m not sure what to do, but I’m going to do it. It’s soft. He’s poking and prodding me. I’m happy… scared… no… I like it… no… I want it… wait… immediately… no… I like it.”

The [Bad Luck LV3] stopped resisting.

I lightly touched the “clean” and “wash away” that I pressed against my loosened skills.

With that, Rafilia’s skills quickly swallowed the concept.

Rafilia’s body warped as if it was about to break.

Her large breasts swayed and twitched.

The other lock skill, “Survivor LV5,” remains intact.

It’s not chained. It’s not cursed. It’s harmless and can be left alone.

The only thing I’m going to do is tear apart and destroy [Bad Luck].

I will destroy it completely until there’s nothing left of it.

“Get rid of that cursed skill! Execute [Skill Reconstruction LV3′!


Rafilia’s body jumped.

At the same time, a black chain popped out of the “Ability Reconstruction” window.

It changed it’s shape in the air and took the form of a small black person.

What is that?

“Confirmed failure of fate manipulation experiment.

The small black shadow murmured.

“The experiment. Rafilia Grace. Pillar of humanity. ‘Control of fortune by concentrating misfortune’, a place to dump misfortune in order to make other places peaceful. Or to be sent to the Demon King’s army. Experiment failure confirmed. Confirmed failure. Skill extinction confirmed… End.”


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