50 part 3


I grabbed my magic sword, Reggie, which I had left on the ground.

One swing. If they don’t move, I don’t miss.

The black shadow disappeared in two pieces.

“So this is what the curse on Rafilia’s skills really is.

“You’re right, it must have possessed him.”

Reggie replied, still in his sword form.

“I’ve seen the whole thing. It seems that she became an experimental subject for the’skill that intereferes with fate’.It built into her, probably to control good and bad luck by concentrating misfortune on a ‘Pillar of Humanity’ – in order to keep the rest of the world at peace.”

“For example, in a village, only the area around Rafilia is unhappy, but the rest of the village is happy?”

I’m sure it is like this.

“Or send Rafilia to the Demon Lord’s army to spread misfortune among the demons.”

“The wisdom of the elves can do that much?”

I wonder what it is it that makes someone scared of being happy and joyful?

“Isn’t this to get her used to misery? If you don’t have any hope in the first place, you won’t despair.”

“That sucks.”

“I agree.”

That would mean that Rafilia was a victim of such an experiment.

The fact that Rafilia washed up in the port town means that she was either abandoned like Elder Slime, or was in the middle of an ongoing experiment that …I can’t confirm it. Either way, she’s being treated like a tool, isn’t she?

Even if it’s for the sake of fighting the Demon Lord, it sucks.

It’s even worse than visitors who are summoned from another world and made to be disposable.

“Unacceptable! This is outrageous!”

The magic sword Reggie trembled as if it was indignantly lashing out from the bottom of its heart.

“How dare they put such a beautiful girl through so much misery!? It is common sense that such a girl should be loved and loved and loved! Her tears must be from love and pleasure! How dare they implant a skill that causes misfortune and make her shed tears of sorrow! They should be ashamed of themselves!”

“I agree with you about the first and last lines. Reggie.”

Rafilia was lying on the ground, breathing heavily.

Her nightgown barely covers her stomach and below, and it’s all soggy from sweat.

Every time she makes a small gesture, the collar’s clasp clicks, and Rafilia smiles happily each time.

Rafilia’s happiness is… to be dominated, isn’t it?

I wonder what will happen to that.

Anyway, the skill rewrite was a success. The [Bad Luck LV3] is gone.

There are two new skills that have been created.

[Bad Luck Annihilation LV1] (Lock Skill: Unremovable Property, UR Ultra Rare)

The skill to “wash away” misfortune.

Touching yourself or others with your hands washes away their misfortune (brings in good luck).

The activation time is a few minutes. During this time, the parameters of the ‘luck’ will increase rapidly.

As a result, your attack, defense, and magic resistance will be reduced to zero for ten minutes after the effect of the skill ends.

Limited number of uses. It takes a few days to recharge after use.

This is Rafilia’s rewritten skill.

[Slave Summoning LV1] (UR)

The skill of “attracting” the body to the surroundings.

A slave of your choice can be summoned to the master.

The summoned slave knows the exact coordinates of the master and will come to the master ‘no matter the situation’. Therefore, be careful on how to use them.

In addition, the summoned slave cannot leave the master’s side for a while.

Use: Once a day.

This is my new skill.

[Annihilate Bad Luck] is a high-risk, high-reward skill that increases your luck.

Considering the risk of having zero defense or resistance, I’m going to have an unbelievable amount of luck.

I don’t think I’ll have a chance to use [Slave Summoning]. Cecil, Rita, and Aine are all always with me. I think I can use it to summon the magic sword Reggie, though.

“I’ve been caught in the darkness.”

Rafilia murmured absentmindedly.

“Yes. But you can cancel the contract right away.”

I used my own nightgown to cover Rafilia’s body.

As I said at the beginning, Rafilia is a slave for 200 Arusha. So, she’ll only be a slave for a month or two at most.

Once she is free, she’ll be able to find a new ‘Rafilia Grace’.

You see, there are people who quit their jobs and wonder why they ever did that in the first place.

With this in mind, I picked up the parchment that had fallen to the ground.

The price for Rafilia’s “skill search” that was written there…

11200 Arsha


I looked at the back of the parchment.

When I looked closely, I saw that the ink was smudged on the numbers.

I placed it at the base of the tree, so the dew fell and the ink flowed. As if it had been measured, it created the number 11. I rubbed it with my finger, but it didn’t disappear. Is it possible that this is an official contract from the ‘Contract’ ceremony, and that the god effect is in effect?

“I suppose the ‘God of Contracts’ must have recognized it as a certificate of the ‘Contract’.

“It’s not a coincidence, is it, Reggie? I’m not sure if this is the effect of Rafilia’s [Bad Luck]?”


The humanoid Reggie, who had appeared with a pop, nodded.

“It was dark for her to be a slave until she realized her true nature. It was also unfortunate for the Lord to continue to dominate her. So here we are.”

I knew it was right to rewrite that skill as quickly as possible.

This was in a short period of time, from the time Rafilia wrote down the amount to the time we ‘signed the contract’.

I don’t know…what would have happened if I had just left it alone.

“I wonder if I can use [Bad Luck Annihilation Level 1] to erase this.”


“Because it’s a God-level contract?”


“So, now what””

“It’s not like she’s unhappy being your slave.”

“I don’t have a choice now, do I?”

Well, we can’t talk about it right now even if we’re worried about it.

I picked up Rafilia’s body, wrapped in nightgown.

When I shook her lightly, Rafilia woke up and noticed her outfit…

“Ha, ha. You can’t do that! Not in front of Mastaaa!

She was flabbergasted, her face bright red.

I explained to Rafilia about my skills, and told her about the contract price.

Rafilia was surprised, but she could see her skills on her own now.

And then it happened, the third time she got on her  knees.

“I can’t thank you enough for changing my fate.”

Rafilia decided to get down on her knees in such a spectacular way that I wanted to put “Elf Dogeza” in the dictionary.

“I, Rafilia Grace, intend to devote my body and soul to Master until I repay his kindness!”

After making this declaration with a refreshing clarity…

“And also, I know I said something strange earlier, but I think it was because of the darkness. I was not the ‘real’ me then. I’m the righteous Rafilia-Grace who protects everyone!”

“Huh? Master, why do you have such scary gentle eyes? Oh, please don’t touch my head. If you’re going to stroke me ,…please pat me on the collar. I love it when Master touches me. Huh?”

She walked next to me (and Reggie), wobbling around like she was doing some kind of weird dance.

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