51 Part 3

The place was a fish shop. One of the things I learned as I walked around was that fishermen know a lot about gossip.

Aine starts shopping at a stall that looks good, using my sense of smell to determine if the fish is fresh or not.

After bargaining moderately, she casually moves on to gather information.

“Oh, so the rituals of the Sea Dragon Festival are held at the end of the peninsula?”

“Oh, I heard there’s a dungeon there. It’s also a great way to get to know the people in this area.”

“Locals are worried about a lot of things, aren’t they?”

“That’s right. My fellow fishermen said that they saw a demon around the peninsula. I heard that the regular soldiers of the lord’s family were gathered nearby, so they must be right. But it’s hard for a lot of people to move around there.”

“Don’t worry. I’m sure the ‘Shrine Maiden’ will take care of it.”

“Well, I guess so. Let’s have fun together on the day of the festival, ladies. I heard that even slaves get the day off for festivals.”

“Yes. But I’m happier when I’m with my Master.”

After a quick blush, Aine put the fish she had bought in her basket and left the stall.

I checked the freshness of the fishes with my beastly sense of smell.

Yeah. It’s okay. It’s probably just been caught. I’m sure Nagi will enjoy eating them.

“…So Aine, what did you think of what he just said?

“If a demon appears at the site of a festival ritual, it might have something to do with, Iris.

“It’s hard on Iris, isn’t it? She’s just a little girl.”

“I don’t think the  Irgafa lords have a shortage of men.”

“But he said that it was a difficult place to deploy regular soldiers.”

“The Adventurers’ Guild may have a request about it.”

“But Nagi hasn’t signed up for the guild yet, has he?”

“It’s difficult when the Order of Divine is blocking the way.”

“We were given this information by the fishermen.”

“We have no choice but to put this fish to good use then.”

“I think Nagi likes fish. I met him in a village where fish dishes were a specialty.”

“He told me he lived on an island with a lot of fish.”

“Nagi’s hometown. I’d like to see it at least once. I want to breathe the same air as Nagi.”

“That’s what Aine thinks, too. It seems that Na-kun doesn’t like his hometown, but Aine wants to thank the place that created him.”

“That’s right. It’s where Nagi was raised.”

“And Aine and her friends are going to make a new home, okay?”

“Yeah. You’re right. We have to make Nagi happy.”



We faced each other and clasped our hands.

“I’ll do my best.”

“I’ll do my best.”

“For my (Aine’s) Master!





“Why do we talk about Nagi again before we know it?

Aine held her head.

Something’s wrong. Something is wrong.

We’re just talking normally, but before we know it, we start talking about Nagi.

I wasn’t conscious of it. I was unconscious.

My face involuntarily turned red. Why?

“…Why do I always have to think about Nagi?…”

At the clothing stall, I think, “What kind of clothes would look good on Nagi?”.When I look at the ornaments stall, “I wonder how it’d feel if we wore matching rings.” When I look at the meat stall,” I wonder if Nagi likes Dengaradon wild boar meat.” When I look at the skill stall, I wonder if I could install a new skill and get close to Nagi under the pretext of “reconstruction”…

My Master is too amazing. He doesn’t even use the compulsion of the ring to bind his slave completely. It’s not fair. But I don’t mind it. It’s even more unfair because I don’t mind it.

“Could it be… that Nagi has some hidden skills?”

“That’s it!”

Aine suddenly clapped her hands next to me.

“Na-kun told me this morning that he got a new skill,[Slave Summoning LV 1].”

“…That’s it!”

Nagi had told us all about it at breakfast.

“When Rafilia, my new friend (slave), and I used the [Skill Reconstruction], the skill that was created was “Slave Summoning LV1″. It’s a skill that summons slaves under a ‘Master-Slave Contract’ without question.When I uses this skill, the slave will know where I am. The slave will then have to rush to my place at once.But don’t worry, I won’t use it unless it’s an emergency. I promise,” he said.

“The reason we think about Nagi so much…”

“It must be because he is using [Slave Summoning LV 1] to call us.”



We can’t stay like this.

I took the shopping basket from Aine and put it in my mouth. I then carried Aine on my back. It was heavier than Cecil’s, but not so heavy as to interfere with my movements. Nagi is calling me. That must be it. Because both Aine and I can’t help but be curious about Nagi.

What is he doing now, what kind of food does he want to eat today, and how does he feel about the two of us?

In other words, Nagi must be using his [Slave Summoning LV1] skill.

“Come on, Aine. Hold on tight!”

“Don’t be shy. Go, Rita!”

With Aine on my back, I started running at full speed.

Weaving through the crowds, through the main streets…


Pushing open the door of the house, I braked at the front door. The momentum was too much that I had to spin three times.

Holding Aine, who was about to be blown away, I looked around.

Just inside the front door, at the bottom of the stairs Cecil and Rafilia were sitting there.

“Oh, welcome back, Rita, Aine-san.”

“Welcome back.”

They were both looking up at the second floor and turned around at the same time.

Cecil clung to the railing of the stairs, while Rafilia rested her cheek on the step.

“…What are you two doing?”

Handing the shopping basket to Aine, I couldn’t help but ask.

They both stare at the second floor where Nagi is, as if they were puppies waiting for their Master to return.

“Listen to me, Rita.”

Cecil, with a curiously serious look on his face said.

“I was cleaning up with Rafilia until a while ago.”

“But we can’t concentrate, you know?”

Cecil and Rafilia looked at each other, and then, as if in unison, gasped.

“I just can’t stop thinking about Nagi (Master) upstairs!”

She declared such a thing to Rita.


A cold sweat trickled down Rita’s forehead.

I wonder what it is. It seems like the same thing happened somewhere else.

“No, no, Rita-san! We’re serious!”

Cecil swelled her cheeks and approached me.

“I wonder if he is tired because he worked late at night yesterday. I want to brew tea, but I wonder if it will bother he. Is there anything I can do?”


“Nagi always makes me happy, but I can only do a little bit. I’m always looking for something I can do, but I don’t know. It’s strange. Just living in the same house makes me so worried about Nagi. ”

Cecil pressed her chest painfully.

I was at a loss for words.

I know the feeling. I understand it very well. I understand, but wait a minute, Cecile!

But Cecil, as if she had made up her mind, grabbed Rafilia’s hand next to her…

“And that’s what I was discussing with Rafilia.”

“We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because of the Master’s skills.”

Cecil and Rafilia raise their joined hands, “Mmm.

“That’s right! I think the reason why we think so much about Nagi is because Nagi is calling us with [Slave Summoning LV 1], what do you think, Rita?”

“I also want to hear the opinions of the senior Rita!”

At the overly serious reactions of Cecil and Rafilia, two fellow slaves, I was at a los of words.


I wiped the sweat from my forehead and took a deep breath.

“Well… Let’s see.”

Calm down. I looked back at myself until a while ago and it started turning bright red.

“… I think it would be better for all of us to calm down a bit.”

Holding her wagging tail with her back hand, Rita answered.

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