52 Part 1

Episode 52

 Extra Part 3

 Rita’s Wish and the Summoning Slave (Part 2)



“Listen, Cecil and Rafilia, listen.”

I took a deep breath again and again.

I’m so embarrassed, my heart is going to stop.

Still in the calmest voice possible, I tell Cecil and Rafilia.

“There’s no way Nagi would go to the trouble of using [Slave Summoning] when we’re in the same house.”

“That’s not necessarily true, Rita.”

But Cecil is not convinced.

She shook her shoulders, stomped her feet, and looked like she was about to run to Nagi. If Nagi had called me…I’m sure I would do the same.

I know exactly what you mean. Because I’m same as you.

“There’s always the possibility that it’s an urgent matter, or perhaps an experiment in skill.”

“If it was urgent, he would call us out. If it was a skill experiment, he’d tell us ahead of time because it’s Nagi.”

“But if that’s the case, then why do I think about Nagiso much?”

Cecil tilted her head curiously. An innocent face.

“When I see any clothes, I wonder if Nagi will say they look good on me. When I look at a ring, I hope that it matches the ring of Nagi. If I look at the leftover ham from breakfast, I know that Nagi likes Dengaradon wild boar meat…”


My face turned bright red. That was the same line that was going around in my head just now? I’m so embarrassed. I’ve been thinking about such… embarrassing things!

I want to roll around with my head in my hands right now.

I know the cause of Cecil’s symptoms. I understand it very well. But I am too embarrassed to say it out loud.

Rafilia was watching the exchange between me and Cecil with her elf ears twitching. I want to be a little cool in front of Rafilia, my slave junior. And it’s hard for the two of them to keep worrying about the [Slave Summoning] forever.

“Cecil-chan and Rafilia didn’t listen to what Nagi said? I’m sure he has already told us the effects of [Summoning Slave LV1].”

[Summoning Slave LV1]

Any one slave of your choice may be summoned to the Master.

The summoned slave knows the exact coordinates of the Master and will come to the Master “no matter what the situation”. Therefore, be careful how you use them.

In addition, the summoned slave cannot leave the Master’s side for a while.

Use: Once a day.

“Ahem!…  Only one slave can be summoned at once. It’s impossible for Cecil and Rafilia to react at the same time!Do you both understand now?”

“Huh!” “Yes, yes!”

Cecil and Rafilia’s eyes widened at my words.

Thank God,… I think I managed to fake it.

“Cecil and Rafilia are getting ahead of themselves.”

I sighed as I heaved my big heart out.

“I’m sorry.” “I’m sorry.”

I don’t know, maybe if a slave was outside the house, he might use it that way. Nagi doesn’t call people in the same house with your skills. If the slave is outside the house, they might think that. You can’t blame them for making such a mistake if they are outside the house. You can’t blame them.”

“Why do you keep repeating that?”

“Uh, well, you know… Yes! What do you think, Aine? Hey, Aine!”

Aine went to prepare the laundry earlier, remember?

“It’s awful, Aine!”

Come to think of it, before I knew it, my back was getting lighter.

I began to sweat as my two fellow slaves looked at my curiously.

“But, that’s Rita. She understands Nagi very well.”

“Well, yeah.”

“I’m so embarrassed. I was so embarrassed. I was about to rush into Nagi’s arms. If it hadn’t been for Rita, I would have been in big trouble.”

“It’s nothing to worry about.”

“I love that kindness in you, Rita.”

I’m sorry…

I almost fell to my knees when Cecil looked at me too straight.

I don’t know why I was so vain. We should have rushed into Nagi’s room together.

With my golden tail hanging down, I look upstairs.

Rafilia also remained in her sitting pose at the bottom of the stairs from earlier.

Cecil looked at the two of us and compared us.

“Well then, Rita-san. Could you please ask Nagito use [Slave Summoning LV1]?”

Cecil bowed her head to me.

“If we don’t do anything, everyone will get restless. I think it would be better for us to understand what summoning is all about. That way, we’ll know if we’re really being summoned or if we’re just curious because we like Nagi.”

I see.

I nodded. That’s Cecil-chan. Nagi’s ‘Soul Covenant’.

That’s for sure. If this continues, I will be restless, wondering if I have been called.

(Rita’s been wagging her tail unconsciously since a while ago.)

I don’t feel comfortable moping around like this.

Maybe it would be better to have Nagi use [Slave Summoning] once to clear things up.

“But why me?”

“That’s because Rita is the most helpful to Nagi!”

Cecil’s pretty hand pointed to I’s chest.

Behind her, Rafilia is nodding her head in a doggie pose.

“Rita is the strongest in close combat. She is always by Nagi’s side, protecting him. Because of her fighting ability, even Nagi can work with peace of mind!”

“You saved me too! I can still remember the bravery with which you kicked the Black Living Armor!”

“That’s not all! You even beat up a Fake Demonkin with black wings in no time at all!”

“It’s amazing! The golden beast splits the darkness, and her fist avenges evil. Her eyes blaze with a righteous will, and her figure is the crystallization of beauty. With her white porcelain arms, like a goddess, she holds her soul, love and loyalty to her Master. Oh, beautiful beast Rita-Melpheus. I congratulate you on your good fortune in winning my heart.”

“All right, I’m going to Nagi’s room.”

I cowered, covering my whole face.

It was a psychic attack.

It was critical.

It hurt to see Cecil applauding and Rafilia with her big chest out. Because they were both completely serious in their praise.

“Ahhhh! I’m going! You two wait here.”

“Yes, we understand.”

Come to think of it, Nagi is going to visit Iris Hoffimier now, so he should be getting ready now. It’s hard to believe that Nagi would forget about it, but it’s possible that he’s tired and sleeping. If that’s the case, it’s best for I, who has the [Presence Sense]skill, to go check on him. I can at least check through the door to see if Nagi is awake.

I walked up the stairs, muffling the sound of my footsteps with the supple movements characteristic of a beastman.

Nagi’s room was at the far end of the second floor, the room with the most sunlight.

I proceeded to listen. I didn’t hear Nagi’s voice or any noise.

Every time I take a step forward, I feel more and more uneasy. I wondered if Nagi was sick. I wondered if he was sick from the long trip.

My’s Master is a hard worker. Even yesterday, he was busy fighting Elder Slime during the day, and at night, he stayed up late to save Rafilia, ‘Reconstruction’…. I wonder if there is a side effect for that kind of thing for Nagi. I’ve only just had mine done, so I guess it’s a long way off. I’m not sure… if I can engage in [Engagement] with Nagi until then.

With this in mind, I stopped in front of the farthest room.

There’s no noise. I wonder what he’s doing. I wonder if he’s sleeping.

I’m sorry Master, but we’re all worried about you. With that excuse, I activate my [Presence Sense] skill.


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