54 Part 2

The bottom half of her body is covered with a steel protector around her bikini swimsuit area in my world. It’s like she is wearing armor on her bare skin, and it’s quite erotic. It’s also cute.

“You see, this quest is going to be a seaside battle, right? I thought it would be okay if it got wet so that I could move around easily in the water.”

Rita said, and stretched her chest, wrapped in a black protector.

“It’s the best outfit I’ve ever worn when it comes to mobility and reaction time. With this, I can kill enemies with my super reaction the moment I find them, right? That way, I won’t have to use up Cecil’s magic power, and Nagi won’t be injured.”

Of course, it’s embarrassing, so I’m going to limit it to uninhabited dungeons like this one, but …what… do you think?

Rita murmurs in a whisper, looking to the side.

Her tail was twitching behind her black bikini.

Rita looked at me shyly, but then, as if she had taken the plunge, she spun around in front of me. Her back was well guarded around her shoulder blades, and there was a hole for the tail. It looks like it was made for a beast.

It looks really good on her.

I didn’t think a black bikini would look so perfect against Rita’s pure white skin. Cute.

Yeah. I think it’s good. I think it’s good, but…

“It’s pretty expensive, isn’t it?”

“What? Why?”

“Because it’s magic armor, right?”

In games and such, bikini armor is supposed to “convert charm into defense”. Of course, there’s no point in having armor that only covers your chest and waist. So, by implication, the entire body is covered with a magical field. This is the so-called magical armor setting.

That’s why the bikini armor in this world should also be magical armor.

“Magic armor are quite expensive. It’s a little over our budget.”

“Oh, I heard that kind of magic protection will be implemented in the next version.”


“So this is just a paper armor with high exposeure?”

“I’m fine! I have [Divine Power Grasp]. If I concentrate my divine power on the part of the body that will be attacked, there will be no problem. Right now, I should focus on ease of movement and attack power, right? That way, I can protect Nagi, right? That’s why I think this armor is the most appropriate for this quest.”

Rita’s body shuddered.


I pick my quill from the desk.

“What are you doing, Nagi?”

“I will see if it really is defensible”.

“It’s not fair to catch me by surprise! I did’t think Master was going to tickle me with a quill!”

“Yeah, I’m sorry. I did it out of reflex, too.”

Rita turned bright red and was shaking. Her golden tail was swollen and her ears were perked up. She wass holding herself in her white arms, still and alert.

“You know, Rita. I know you can defend yourself with the [Divine Power Grasp], but you have to be tense all the time. You’ll get tired faster, and you’ll lose energy. As your Master, I can’t allow you to fight that way.”

“But the easier it is to move, the higher my reaction speed and attack power will be. I want to be useful to Nagi!”

“No, because I wi;ll be worried.”


“You may know that you can protectruoy self, but that doesn’t make me feel safe. I have to worry about when you are going to get hurt, or when you are going to miss the timing of the [Divine Power Grasp]. My mind can’t handle the worry. No, you can’t. That armor is rejected.”


“You need to find a balance between offensive and defensive capabilities. As a master, I can’t allow you to fight in that outfit. That’s all.”

Armor that can only protect the chest and waist area is useless. It’s just like some part-time workers who were forced to work in factories without helmets and safety shoes.

We’re going to a dungeon, so Rita needs to have adequate protection.

“……All right, master. I’ll use normal equipment.”

Rita looked at me with tears in her eyes for a while, but then her shoulders slumped.

“If it really was a magical armor that converted Rita’s charm and cuteness into defensive power, there would be no problem.”

I said.

“Then I won’t have to worry about it at all. I’m sure you would be absolutely invincible then.”

But there was no way I could afford such magical armor.

But I’d like…… it if it were real. No, no. I don’t want Rita to go out dressed like that. She’s cute, though. The combination of Rita and a black bikini makes me wonder if God is in charge.

I hope it’s for home use. For home use.

“Nah, Nagi, gosh darn it, …”

The next thing I knew, Rita was turning so red that she looked like she was about to burst into steam.

“Can you say that again?”

“One more time?”

“What you just said. If this was some kind of magical armor that turns my charms into defenses?”

“It would have been the strongest defensive armor that no demon could harm, so you would have been safe, but now that it’s not the case, it’s unusable. It means that you have to use a different equipment.”


Rita flinched back, as if she had been punched in the jaw.

Then she nodded, holding her chest with a bright red face.

“…Yes. Master. Rita Melpheus will do as you say.”

“I’m sorry if I sound like I’m denying everything, and you went through a lot of trouble to make your choice.”

“That’s not the case.”

Rita looked kind of pouty and shook her head.

“It’s more of a full affirmation. Yeah, I get it. I know what Nagi finds attractive. Yes, Nagi is good at this kind of thing. He’s absolutely invincible because his charm is his defense.”

As she said this, Rita slowly backed away.

I mean, this is for home. No, no. I’ll have Aine make me a dress in the same shape, and when I see a chance, I’ll invite Cecil to join us too.

Smoothly, as if she had eyes in the back of her head, Rita backed away and walked out of the room.

Blonde hair. White skin. Beast ears and a tail. And a black bikini.

It was the strongest combination.

If the armor really converted “charm” into defense, she would have been invincible.

I can’t let her use the current version, can I? I can’t let them fight with that thing.

But for home use?

I’m not sure.

I’ll ask Letica the price later.

Then, a little while later.

“Na-kun, can I talk to you for a second?”

I heard a knock on the door and Aine’s voice.

“Yeah, the door is already open, so you can come in as usual, Aine.”

“Sorry to bother …you.”

When Aine came into the room, she was wearing her usual maid’s uniform.

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