55 Part 1

Episode 55

Before the Quest, I Picked Out New Equipment for My Friends (Part 2)



“Sorry to bother …you.”

After knocking, Aine came into the room, dressed in a maid’s uniform.

It’s the usual …

No, is the skirt a little shorter? But the maid outfit itself hasn’t changed.

“Didn’t Aine come to show me her equipment too?”

“Aine is the same as always. I just changed her underwear.”

Apparently, among the equipment, there was a special undergarment that increased defense.

It was made of fine metal threads woven into the fibers, and it would increase her protection without hindering her movements. It was the perfect armor for Aine.


Some of the mysterious armor was decent.

“And there’s one more thing I want Naa-kun to check.”

“Yes. Okay, but what?”

“This is it.”

With that, Aine held out a small box.

There was only one piece of paper inside.

“Lucky” Underwear

Magically enchanted underwear for experimentation.

The box appears to contain only an instruction manual, but the underwear is probably there.

Using the magic of the “Master-Slave Contract,” the Master can check under the skirt to determine if the underwear exists or not. The probability is yet to be determined.

…What is this?

“It’s a strange underwear. I was wondering if you could see it.”

Inside the box, there was nothing but paper. There was no sound when I shook it. There is nothing to touch.

This is…

“I think it’s a joke from the armor shop. Aine.”

“Yeah, I knew it. It’s a shame.”

Aine then bowed and walked out of the room.


“Nagi, may I?

“Okay, Cecil.”

Cecil was the last one to enter the room, and she was wearing a black long coat.

“Yeah. It’s fine.”

It’s the most sane thing I’ve ever seen.

The long black robe covers Cecil’s ankles. It seems to be thick enough. And it looks good on her. She looks cute, like a school girl who forced herself to wear an adult coat.

“I think this will give you some protection, and I think it’s perfect for Cecil.

“No, no, no. It’s not this one.”


“My armor is underneath it.”

Then Cecil dropped her coat on the floor with a snap.

Underneath, Cecil was wearing a white dress.

It was like a bulky T-shirt.

Her shoulders were bare up to her collarbone, it’s length was short, and half of her thighs were exposed.

“It’s called a little witch’s robe. I’d like to try it out for this quest.”

The Little Witch’s Garment

Clothes for wizards only.

It makes it easier to capture the magic in the air.

“Makes it easier to capture the magic?”

“Yes. Nagi, would you mind closing the curtains in your room for a moment?”

The curtains?

I did as I was told and closed the curtain.

The room is dimly lit. The only light is the sunlight coming in through the corridor window. Cecil becomes the one carrying the light on her back.

In the backlighting – the little witch’s robe was visible through the light.

I could clearly see the shape of Cecil’s body.

A little roundness around her breasts. Her waist is so thin that I’m afraid it will break if I touch it. The shape of the base of her legs. And the thin thighs stretching out from there. I could see that she was wearing underwear, but it was too thin to be of much use. Even though she was wearing clothes, I could see every detail of her body lines.

I feel like I’m looking at something I shouldn’t.

“This is, uh…”

Cecil started to explain while stumbling, as if she was upset.

“It is said that the clothes are made to allow magic to pass through easily by making the fabric full of gaps. As you know, Nagi, my weakness is my lack of magic power. But with this dress, I can easily take in the magic power in the air, so it should be a little easier to use my magic power. I think I will be much more useful to you than it has been up until now, …what do you think?”

Cecil approaches me with dyed cheeks.

I reached out and touched her, and she said, “Huh.”

It’s too thin. The fabric of the clothes are tooo thin.

It’s almost as if she’s touching my skin directly.

I mean, I can directly feel Cecil’s body heat.

She’s hot, she’s throbbing, and she’s breathing hard.

……Yeah, this is it.


“……Why is that, Nagi?”

“You’re too defenseless.”

“I’m the rear guard of the party. Rita and Nagi will take out the enemies that come close to me, and I can also use the Flame Wall. I rarely get into close combat with enemies. If that’s the case, I think I should focus on the efficiency of my magic power rather than my defense.”

“What if Rita and I get passed over?”

“I can’t use any weapon or shield, so it’s the same. A little defense won’t help if I get slashed by a sword.”

“Still no. You’re in danger of instant death.”

“I belong to you, Nagi.”

Muu, said Cecil, puffing out her cheeks.

“It’s only natural that I should use everything I have to serve you, Nagi! And all I have is magic and magical power. So it’s only natural that I should be equipped so that I can use it to the fullest!”

Cecil is looking up at me, looking like she’s about to cry.

Through the gap in the Little Witch’s robe, I can see a lot of things below the collarbone. I can smell Cecil’s sweat, probably because she’s excited.

Cecil is probably serious. Like Rita, she never thought about protecting herself from the start. Her parameters are distributed without question, with 100 attack and 0 defense. I guess that’s fine in a game, but the world we live in is a merciless reality, and anything can happen.

I’m sure Cecil knows that, but she’s putting too much priority on being useful to me.

I appreciate herr loyalty, but I don’t want Cecil and the others to disappear.

But Cecil’s face was serious.

I don’t think she’s going to listen to me even when I tell her it’s dangerous.


“I don’t want the others to see Cecil like that.”


Cecil tilted her head, puzzled.

Then she opened her bright red eyes.

She held her mouth, as if looking at something unbelievable.

He was right beside me, looking up at my face, her silver hair swinging in the air.

“What, what, what, what, what?  Nagi! What the hell was that? What?”

“The robe is too thin. If you let the sun shine through it, I can see through all of Cecil. I can see her full breasts, her soft stomach, and her worryingly thin legs. I can even clearly see the shape of the base of her legs. To be honest, it’s not much different from wearing underwear. That’s why I won’t allow you to go out in public looking like that.”

“I will wear a coat when I’m outside! The only time I dress like this is during unoccupied quests!”

“Still rejected.”

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