55 Part 2

“Damn it! Nagi! For me, it’s more important to improve the efficiency of my magic power and be useful to you, Nagi! Besides, I have at least some common sense. The only people who will see me in this quest are monsters and fish! I’ll be back.”

“Not even a monster.”

“It’s a monster! It’s a monster!”

“Not even fish!”

“Fish as food, Fish.!

“I’ll say it again. The only people who can see Cecil like this are me and my party mates. No one else, not even monsters can see it. It’s absolutely not okay for humans or demihumans to see you.”

I repeat. In as serious a tone as possible.

Half the time, it’s just an excuse to stop Cecil.

“You know, Cecil. Our goal is to ‘live a peace and normal life’, right?”

“Yes, I do. So I think this outfit is very natural.”

“But it stands out, doesn’t it? Cecil’s figure.”

“…What so?”

“I mean, I think I will ne the one who’s going to get all the attention.”

I continued as if I were telling Cecil something.

“In the first place, just carrying around four beautiful girls as slaves might be conspicuous, but if Cecil walks around with me like this, looking so cute and erotic that you can’t help but look at her, with her beautiful brown skin dyed red, like a cute puppy that you can’t help but want to pet, someone might think of taking Cecil away somehow, right? Who knows?”

“───── !? Na, Nagi !?”

“So that outfit is doubly dangerous. Both in terms of defensiveness and in terms of attracting attention.”

This is not limited to Cecil. It’s the same for Rita, Aine, and Rafilia. Rita’s bikini armor still stands out, and Rafilia’s chuunibyou armor might be just …barely OK.

Even cheat characters can’t be too careful.

It’s best to look and feel like a “normal adventurer” as much as possible.

Of course, if anyone tries to kill me and take Cecil and the others, I’m going to annihilate them with a full burst of my cheat skills, but that’s about it.

“Of course, I don’t want to lock Cecil and the others up or hide them from others. I just want to keep a low profile. As a beginner in another world, I want to play it as safe as possible. Cecil will understand, won’t she?”

With a pop, I put my hand on Cecil’s head.

It’s kind of hot. Very hot.

Cecil looks all red-faced and dazed. I wonder if she understands me. I wonder if she’s listening to me properly.

In addition, I’ll give you a little more of a push.

“I tell you this as your Master. I will not allow Cecil to disregard my will and abandon me.”


Cecil’s eyes widened as if she was startled.

“This is the same for Rita, Aine and Raphilia. It’s out of the question to go on a quest with such paper armor to improve the efficiency of magic. That’s not good. The reason is “cherish your life”. If you don’t, I’ll do something.”

“Are you punishing me?”

“Oh, I’ll do what Cecil hates most.”

“Something I don’t like?”

“Yes. For example…, what’s the thing Cecil hastes most ?

“It means I won’t be able to see you, Nagi.”

“If you break my orders, I will create and install a skill that will make me invisible and unable to talk to you. …I’m not going to do that! I’ll do something else! I’ll do something else!”

Cecil’s small body crumpled, the light went out of her eyes, and tears started to flow, so I hurriedly rephrased.

“Yeah, I guess so. I think I’ll do something embarrassing for Cecil as a spanking. I’ll do something very embarrassing. So, please obey my order, or rather, my request. Promise Your Master! Good.

“…Yes, yes. Yes, Nagi.”

Cecil was crying like a little child.

She finally nodded, though with tears streaming down her face.

“I understand. I belong to Nagi, so I must cherish my life. I will not abandon myself without your forgiveness.”


Gosh, it’s good that they’re so loyal, but both Cecil and Rita are too unstoppable.

I don’t want you to die.

I don’t want to be left behind, even in this world.

“Cecil looks cute in that outfit, though. Yeah. Cute.”


Cecil looked at me, looked at herself – and fumbled around, picking up her long coat and hugging it.

She felt embarrassed when she cooled off.

I kindly stroked Cecil’s silvery hair.

“Cecil closed her eyes tantalizingly, her face bright red.”


“Yes, yes, yes, Nagi.”

“How much does that ‘Little Witch’s Garment’ cost?

“This is Arsha 40.”

“Surprisingly cheap.”

“Yes, it’s surprisingly cheap”

Cecil and I nodded to each other, nodding our heads.

But it’s not suitable for combat.

“You’re right, Nagi. If I were to use it, it would be for …sleepwear.”



Then Cecil and I clapped our hands at the same time.

So, with the exception of Aine, everyone’s choice of equipment was rejected.

“Okay. Then Cecil, get dressed, and we’ll all go shopping for equipment now.”

Let’s make a quick decision on the Master’s authority here.

Otherwise, the store would be closed.

So I went into town and bought the equipment.


‘Apprentice Wizard’s Garment’

Clothes made of fabrics that can easily incorporate magic power there.

Slightly stronger protection than ordinary clothing. Light and easy to move.


‘Sacred Fighter’s Suit’

A fighting suit with no sleeves and a slit at the waist for easy movement.

It has more protection than leather armor because it has iron threads sewn into its surface like a mesh.


‘Mop of Steel’

This mop is made for skilled maids and has a handle made of iron.

Requires the [Stick] skill to use.


‘General Adventurer’s Bow’

A very common bow. Durable.

If you buy a set of arrows, you get a discount of one per arrow.

Buy 10 bottles at the same time and get 3 more bottles. Special price avaiviable only now.

Leather armor of the highest quality

Slightly more expensive leather armor.

Easy to move and durable. Long-lasting.

I also bought a copy of [Archery LV1] (which was actually the most expensive) for my reconstruction, some medicinal herbs, antipoison grass, and a few other bits and pieces, and that was it.

I’ve got most of the things that I need. I’ll also buy some fruits for Leticia, who’s staying with us.

Come to think of it, when we were going out, Leticia had a really nice smile on her face.

…I mean, she looked like a successful con artist, didn’t he?

After the shopping was done, I went back home and prepared for tomorrow’s quest.

I bought [Archery LV1] and [Watering LV1] to ‘reconstruct’ them to generate rare skills.

I gave both of them to Rafilia, along with the supplies.

Afterwards, we had a farewell party for Leticia.

She will stay at the merchant’s place tomorrow and leave Irgafa the day after tomorrow.

Honestly, I feel like Leticia has been a great help to me.

But Letica…

“Don’t worry about it. If Nagi eventually creates a skill that allows you to live without working, I’ll feel free to roll in.”

Leticia smiled as she added, “As a guest, not a slave, of course.”

I prepared a bath for her, who wanted to clean her body before the trip, and while I was at it, Aine, Cecil, Rita, and even Rafilia, who was a bonus, washed their bodies together in the bathroom – apparently.

Leticia said, “You can join us if you want.”

I rejected her kind offer.

I mean, our bathroom is big, but it can’t hold six people.

That’s why I didn’t ask what kind of girl talk was going on in the bathroom.

Slaves and friends alike have their privacy, you know.

Then, I said goodbye to Letica.

“I’m glad I met you, my dear friend.”

“Thanks. Me, too.”

So from now on, what I need to think about is a strategy for attacking the dungeon and countermeasures against the Order of Divine.

Let’s get our heads out of the clouds.

I have to figure out how to live here in Irgafa from now on.

So, while everyone was taking a bath, I was looking at the map and “Rough Goods List” that Iris had given me.

I made a fool of myself to Iris, but I know exactly what this “Rough Goods List” means.

It’s not …easy to sign something like that.

It seems that there still are some secrets about Iris and the Sea Dragon Dungeon.

The problem of the Shrine Maiden and the problem of the Order of Divine.

There were a lot of problems, both for me and for my client, Iris.

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