56 Part 1

Episode 56

“This is What Happens When a Cheat Character Goes All Out on an Escort Mission”



The next day, we were at the “Holy Land of the Sea Dragon.”

The members are me, Cecil, Rita, Aine, and Rafilia.

From the House of the Lords of Irgafa were Iris and twenty soldiers from her escort. The soldiers all wore blue plate mail and were armed with spears and bows. Only the soldier standing next to Iris had horns on his helmet. He’s the leader of the soldiers, Iris tells me. That’s easy to understand.

The Sea Dragon Sanctuary is a rocky area that juts out from the tip of the peninsula and is surrounded by many pillars.

The entrance to the dungeon is in the center of a row of columns.

There’s a steel door at the entrance, but we’re talking about a natural cave inside.

According to Iris’s map, the depth is about the second basement of a normal dungeon. If you include the central area, which can only be entered by a select few, it’s about three floors underground.

Our goal is to get rid of or exterminate all the monsters in this dungeon.

And in the meantime, protect Iris on the ground.

It seems that the wards that Iris puts up again at every festival are in a slightly weakened state.

That’s why there are monsters in the dungeon, and even if you’re on the ground, you could be attacked by monsters.

So, the dungeon diving group must quickly get rid of the monsters, and after returning to the surface, return to the basement with the full team with Iris to have the wards reestablished.

“Aine, Rafilia, take care of Iris’ escort.”

“I got it.”

“Yes, Master.”

Aine and Rafilia bowed to me, Aine with her newly purchased ‘Mop of Steel’ and Rafilia with her bow in hand, respectively.

Joining me in the dungeon are Cecil and Rita.

Then there’s Reggie, the magic sword. And I’ll be taking ‘options’.

“Despite appearances, Aine and Rafilia are both pretty cheat characters, so I don’t think I’ll mind leaving them to you.”

I said to Iris.

She was sitting on a small chair, looking a little uneasy.

“…What is ‘Chitt Chara’?”

“At least as strong as Cecil and Rita.”

“…Yes, sir.”

Iris is looking at Aine and Rafilia curiously.

Aine is a normal looking maid, and Rafilia is a scantily clad elf. They definitely don’t look like they’d be strong.

However, if someone really pissed these two off, they might be able to at least annihilate Iris’ guards.

“Okay, Rafilia, give me an option.”

At the entrance to the dungeon, I asked Rafilia to help me.

“Yes, Master.”

Rafilia took out a small piece of cloth from a gap in her leather armor. It was the one she had been using as a handkerchief earlier. She held it close to her head. On her head, there was a blue hair clip. It shivered, stretched, and swallowed the handkerchief with a snap.

“Erda, please divide for the sake of the Master.”

Furu Furu, Piku Piku, Poron.

A palm-sized piece popped out from Rafilia’s hair clip.

It grows as it swallows the handkerchief and turns into the size of a seat cushion.

Blue body. Jelly-like surface.

It was a slime, no matter how you looked at it.

“You’re a good girl, Erda.”

Rafilia nudged it, and the hair clip quivered happily.

The hair clip was a piece of Elder Slime that had been left behind.

It usually mimics a hair clip, but if you give it something soaked in Rafilia’s sweat or body fluids, it will split and spit out options. The options have a lifespan of about two hours, but during that time, they can be used as magic.

“Reggie, take control of the Elderslime.”

“Yes, my Lord. Activate [Slime Bringer LV1]”

On my back, the cursed sword Reggie activates a cheat skill. It begins to manipulate the Elder Slime (child), who has no will.

Nodding, nodding.

The blue slime stood ahead of us, moving toward the entrance of the dungeon.

His senses are in sync with Reggie’s. If something happens, he’ll sense it.

Now we’re all set.

“At the head of the line is Slime (Reggie), then Rita. Cecil and I will go last. All right?”

“Yes, Nagi. I won’t let anything get close to the two of you!”

“Let’s get this over with. I don’t want the clothes Nagi bought us to get soggy in the sea breeze.”

Cecil and Rita, wearing their new equipment, nodded at the same time.

Cecil’s “Apprentice Wizard’s Garment” is a short dress. At a glance, she looks like a little magical girl.

Rita’s “Sacred Fighter’s Suit” is a fighting suit with a large slit at the waist. In Rita’s opinion, it’s easy to move around in, it’s very protective, and she likes the way it emphasizes her breasts and makes her waist look slimmer.

“Then, Souma, I will open the dungeon.”

Iris took out the key she carried around her neck.

The entrance to the dungeon is sealed with an iron door.

The only entrances are here and the opening on the ocean side where the sea dragons come in.

That’s why Iris and the others speculated that the monsters came from the sea side.

“Everyone, please do not overdo it …”

The iron door opened with a squeal.

I check my gear. Map of Iris, good. Monster data in my head. Aine’s lunchbox, good. I gave Cecil and Rita the list of monster countermeasures, so they’re good. My emergency trump card is also good.

“We are off then.”

And so we began to conquer the dungeon.

And after Nagi and the others went into the dungeon…

“Oh, the inside of the dungeon is glowing.”

“After all, the first move is ‘light’.”

Heartwarming and sincere.

Iris, Aine, and Rafilia are behind the pillars of the temple ruins.

Iris placed a chair as far away from the sea breeze as possible, and sat there.

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