56 Part 2

(Iris’s POV)

In front of me was a bonfire and a kettle suspended above it. A maid offered me some tea as I stared blankly at the fire.

When I took a sip, it tasted like store-bought tea. But the taste was very deep and reassuring.

As a port town, Irgafa brings in many kinds of tea. The maid in front of me seems to have blended it in her own unique way. She mixed several teas and then bring out the flavor of each one.

…As expected of Souma’s maid, she cannot be underestimated.

The elf girl offers something that smells fragrant to Iris, who has calmed down.

It was a pastry made from bread dough.

This was also delicious. Tea leaves were kneaded into the dough.

The elf girl in front of me was shaking her pink hair and smiling, “Is it good? I’m glad,” she smiled. She was holding a bow in one hand, as if she’s wary of monsters.

But in her other hand, there was an iron jug for some reason. It made a popping sound, so it must be filled with water. Why is it a watering can instead of a water bag? Why is she pouring water into the kettle from there?

I mean, I’m on my second cup of water in the kettle, but why does the water in the jug doesn’t seem to be decreasing?

“Ms. Iris. You don’t need to worry about the water. Just drink up. But at regular intervals.”

“At regular intervals?”

“That’s what the [Watering] skill that Ms. Iris gave me became.”

An oversized “?” mark appeared on Iris’ head.

But both the maid and the elf had gentle smiles on their faces, as if they did’t care about Iris.

I was staring at the entrance to the dungeon, touching the collar that is the proof of Souma’s slavery.

I honestly think that they are amazing. The mysterious abilities of the girls, and Souma, who is adored by them. Everything about him, everything.

I wish Souma was Iris’s brother.

“Hmm. For an unknown adventurer, you’re very polite.”

The captain of the regular soldiers said to the maid and the elf.

He is a large man with a helmet and horns. In his hand is a slender sword.

He may look bold, but he’s a sensitive character, and he’s very aware, which is why he’s been entrusted with this mission. The only problem is that he has a habit of looking down on ordinary people because he’s been a regular soldier for the Irgafa Lords for three generations. Yesterday, I even told him to be polite to Souma party.

“However, we are sufficient to protect Iris. Do not think that you are more useful than we are. Keep your wits about you and don’t mess around.”

“I know.”

The maid replies with a completely blank expression.

Maybe he didn’t like that attitude, but the captain tried to say something with his chest out…

“Captain! It’s a bunch of harpies!”

At the sound of the guards’ voices, Iris and he both looked toward the sea at the same time.

I saw a human-looking bird flying over the sea. The upper half of the body was female, and her hands were wings.

The harpies are heading straight for us. I knew it. The wards are getting weaker.

“All hands to bows! On my mark…”


 Pee! Piggy! Peagia !!

 Poton, Poto Poton

The harpies were shot through and their wings fell into the sea.


Stunned, Iris turned around and saw that the elf girl was about to secretly put away her bow.


“Um, Rafilia Grace?”

“Huh? Ah, yes. It’s nothing. It’s nothing.”

The elf girl waved her hand as if in a panic.

It’s strange.

It is possible to hit them at this distance if you have a certain level of archery skill, but I only heard the bowstring clang once. Even though there were five harpies? And that in one hit? Strange. I thought Souma’s party was strange, but this elf girl was also quite strange.

“It’s just like the regular soldiers of the Irgafa family. They shot down all the monsters without us noticing. It’s amazing. Even Master is amazed.”

“Uh, oh…”

“Is it spirit? Well, the regular soldiers of the Irgafa family can shoot down a harpy with just their eyes. It’s amazing.”

“…Nuh-uh. Of course …we can!”

The captain puffed out his chest at the elf girl’s words.

(What, you’re just going to sit there?)

Iris’s true feelings that leaked out unintentionally were not voiced, and the captain struck a determined pose with his bow at the ready.

“I have the best men in the world! Shooting down a harpy is a piece of cake!”

“…I see.”

Iris sighed quietly.

I don’t care about the captain. What I care about is the elf girl.

It’s fuzzy, but unfathomable.

How much power does she have?

I don’t know.

(TL Note: This chapter constantly changes from third person perspective and Iris’s perspective. The narration is Iris’s.)


The skill crystal that she gave to Nagi as a reward before, [Watering LV1], was “reconstructed” with [Archery LV1], creating a new cheat skill.

[Archery LV1.]

A skill to “increase” “damage” dealt by the “bow and arrow” by (10% + LVx10%).

[Watering LV1]

The skill to “sprinkle” “water” with the “watering can”.

The skills that were created by reconstructing these two…

[Burst Archery LV1] (R)

A skill to “sprinkles” “damage” with a “bow and arrow”.

Multiple arrows can be launched with a single shot.

The number of shots that can be fired is the total of the [Archery] level (including Burst Archery) plus one.

The current number of arrows that can be fired simultaneously is five.

[Water Supply LV1] (R)

A skill to “increase” “water” in a “watering can”.

A skill that allows you to increase the amount of water stored in a watering can at regular intervals.

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