56 Part 3

Increase rate is Lvl x 10% + 10%. Current increase rate is 20%.

The number of times it can be used is once per hour. The upper limit is the capacity of the watering jar.

── Some time after the appearance of the Harpy.

“Captain! A large bat has appeared on the sea!”

“Mmm. All of you, take up your bows again! Protect Iris…”


 Tosuto tosuto

 Pop  Pop

The big bats were also shot by arrows and fell into the sea.

A big bat swarm was killed just like that.

“Wow, that’s amazing. That’s a regular soldier of the Ilgafa family.”

“…Oh, oh.”

Iris did not miss the cold sweat on the forehead of the captain who had an arrow in his bow.”

Even Iris has been surprised since a while ago.

It wasn’t just the elf girl’s skill with the bow that was amazing.

The same goes for her combination with the maid.

The moment the elf girl’s bowstring yuzu rings, the maid skillfully distracts everyone. She makes tea, distributes sweets, and serves as a shield to protect Iris from the sea breeze. Each time she does this, the monsters approaching from above are shot through unnoticed and fall into the sea. After the harpies, big bats, and blue albatrosses crash, the monsters of the sky did not appear again.

Yeah. Even monsters don’t like to be dropped in such an incomprehensible way.

The next thing Iris knows, the elf girl’s bow is snapping and a few of the monsters were crashing down together.

“Even monsters have the ability to learn.”

Iris regained her composure and looked at the entrance to the dungeon.

It had been about an hour and a half since Souma and the others had entered.

“I hope you’re okay. You’re Iris’s friend, you’ll be fine.”

There are also monsters in the dungeon.

And it’s not only the monsters in the sky that appear on the seashore. It’s the land creatures that are more troublesome.

“There it is, Captain! It’s the Aqualizard!”

“All hands to the wall! Protect Lady Iris!”

All at once, the soldiers formed a line in front of Iris.

What came up from the rocks was a large lizard with its body soaked in seawater. Its body was larger than a human adult. Its surface was covered with hard scales, making it impervious to blades. It is said to be difficult even for high level adventurers to take on multiple lizards at the same time.

“No, no, no. We can’t retreat here, even though we’re in trouble! All of you, ready your spears!Anyone with torches, light them and throw them! This guy is weak to dryness!”

Dry. Here?

Even though this was the case, Iris couldn’t help but shrug her shoulders.

How do you keep your enemies dry on the beach?

There was even huge amount of water around her .

Should I have hired a wizard after all?

If only the Adventurer’s Guild had been functioning normally, we could have done that.

A soldier holds a spear and charges. His target was the aqualizard’s open mouth. A spear thrown by a soldier luckily hit the lizard and the large lizard’s bodily fluids began to spray out. The soldiers around him took advantage of the opportunity. One of them was struck by the tail and fell.

However, the regular soldiers did not retreat. They surrounded the aqualizard and thrust their spears from all directions.

Eventually, multiple spears pierced the aqualizard’s abdomen. The lizard, spewing pale bodily fluids, stops moving.

The soldiers won.

“Thank you very much. Captain.”

“Ha-ha-ha. No need to thank me, Iris. It’s my duty.”

The captain puffed out his chest and put back the corner of his helmet that had been bent when he fell.

“What do you think, adventurers? This is what the regular soldiers of the Irgafa family are capable of. Even if you can use a few minor tricks, in a head-on fight, you will never be able to match our skill and strength!”

“Yes. You’re absolutely right.”

“It’s amazing. That’s the people of the Irgafa Lords.”

The maid and the elf girl applauded.

There were three dead bodies of aqualizards lying behind the girls.


The wooden cup fell from Iris’s hand.

All the big lizards were dead, with their bellies up.

The skin dried up and the scales peeled off, as if all the moisture in the body had been taken away at once.

But that’s not possible. Because the aqualizards are dead on top of a big puddle. How did they dry on top of a puddle? And that puddle. Was it really that big?

It seems that the amount of water is much larger than when I looked at it earlier?

“Oh, that maid. No, Miss Aine Kurnet. What’s this?”



“It looks like they were all sick aqualizards.”

The maid told Iris, holding the “Mop of Steel” in her hand.

“It tried to attack Ms. Iris before the last flames of it’s life burned out. But it couldn’t do it.”

“I saw it too. It came staggering up from the beach and fell.”

How is that possible?

Iris struggled to hold back the urge to get up from her chair and shout.

Souma has asked me to hide the abilities of his party. I can’t break that promise.

But I’m restless.

I wanted to jump out and question him, but I held my knees and held back.


Whenever I am with Souma and the others, I almost forget that I am a priestess and the daughter of the Lord of Irgafa. I become a normal girl in her early teens. What is this unsettling feeling?

“It’s okay. Master will be back soon…”

“Please calm down. There’s nothing to worry about.”

It’s your fault that I’m restless!

You’re slaves of Souma, aren’t you? You’re wearing collars, aren’t you!

So why do you look so satisfied?

Are you enjoying your work?

…What do I look like?

I am the daughter of the Lord of Irgafa, but aren’t I boring?

“Message! Message!”

Suddenly, a soldier on a horse came running from the town.

The regular soldiers surrounding Iris were buzzing.

The messenger soldier dismounted, kneeled down in front of Iris, and told her.

“A message for you, Iris, from your brother, Noel Hoffimier!”

Oh, wow. That’s the worst.

Iris winced and slumped back in her chair.

‘I’m worried about my dear sister, so I’m going to check what’s going on. Be ready to meet me.’


Skills used in this chapter.

[Burst Archery LV1]

A skill that allows user to fire multiple arrows simultaneously.

The ability to target many opponents at once makes it very useful in group battles.

There is a rumor that when this skill is activated, a target scope appears in your brain and locks on to the enemy with a “pikin” sound, but only the owner of the skill knows for sure.

Of course, the more arrows you shoot, the more it consumes (stamina), so if you get carried away and shoot too many arrows, you’ll find yourself in trouble before you know it. You will also become poor.

[Water Supplier LV1]

A skill that allows you to increase the amount of water in a watering can.

The number of times it can be activated is about once an hour.

It is the same as [Sewage Increase] in that it absorbs water from the surrounding area, but this skill is difficult to use for attacks because the maximum amount of water is equal to the capacity of the watering can.

However, since it produces perfectly distilled water, the owner of this skill rarely suffers from water shortage. The weaknesses are that it is bulky because you have to carry the watering can with you at all times, and it takes time to increase the amount of water if you drink too much (because you can only increase the amount of water in the watering can by 20%).


Elder Slime (child).

A blue hair clip worn by Rafilia. Also known as ‘Erda’.

Its true identity is a piece of fragment left behind by the Elder Slime.

It has no ego or consciousness, but is a parasite on Rafilia’s hair.

It splits by ingesting her sweat and bodily fluids. The splintered ones can be manipulated with the [Slime Bringer] in ‘Cursed Sword Reggie’. It’s a useful option, but the splitted ones will only last for one to two hours. After that, they disappear.

It’s useful in so many ways that Reggie, the cursed sword, has been begging to use it for personal use, but Nagi has forbidden it for now.

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