57 Part 1

Episode 57

Since The Truth Of The Legend Has Been Revealed, I Decided To Do My Best




“Lady Iris, shouldn’t we head out to explore the dungeon as well?”

The captain said to Iris, who shivered at the news of her brother’s visit.

“We’d better have some results by the time Mr. Neuel arrives.”

“You don’t trust the adventurers I have chosen?”

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! No, of course not!”

The captain shook his head in a panic.

I’m just trying to help. But if we have trouble conquering the dungeon, Young Master Neuel will be nagging us about many things.”

“There is a mixture of aquatic and terrestrial monsters in this area, isn’t there?”

“Yes. In addition to Aqualizards, Giant Alligators, Large Serpents, Giant Spiders, Slimes, and even ghosts and skeletons of those who died in the sea may also be roaming around. It’s quite possible that adventurers will have a hard time finding them.”

“I agree.”

Iris looked at the maid and elf next to her.

They both stared at the entrance to the dungeon as they sipped their tea.

Their expression was calm, and they didn’t seem worried.

I wonder where that trust comes from.

“One hour. No, let’s wait half an hour. After that, we’ll head for support if we need it, okay?”

“That is wise, Lady Iris. You have made a wise decision.”

The captain of the regular soldiers coughed and turned to the maids and elves.

“Your Master may be very skilled, but there are many different kinds of monsters that live around here. You may not be able to handle them all. We can’t let Neuel see you in such a situation. We will spare no effort to assist you. Be grateful.”

“Thank you.” “Thank you very much.”

The maid and the elf bowed their heads.

But then they quickly shook their heads.

“But I don’t think he will need any help.”

“That’s right.”

The maid and the elf spoke up.

“Because I heard that Na-kun once built a dungeon.”

“Cecil and Rita are ‘Chitt Chara’ (Cheat Character), you know.”

Then they began to sip their tea in silence.

──Rewinding time by about an hour and a half when Nagi and the others had only just entered the dungeon…

We went ahead with Cecil’s regular version of [Light].

The surrounding area was damp and rocky, and the sound of flowing water could be heard constantly.

Puddles of water under my feet were slippery and difficult to walk on.

The waves were high, and there was a faint feeling of shaking.

Using Cecil’s [Magic Detection] and Rita’s [Presence Detection] as radar, we proceeded onward…

“Nagi, it’s a monster!”

A giant alligator just showed up!

Giant Alligator

A giant crocodile over five meters long.

Sometimes they eat harpies that come to drink water.

The scales are hard, making it difficult for swords and arrows to pass through.

“It is moving slow because it was blinded by the ancient language [Light] as soon as it entered the dungeon.”

Then Rita got closer with a feint.

“Okay. Now that it has opened it’s mouth, Cecil, hit it with the regular version of [Fireball].”


The fireball exploded inside the giant alligator.

” The End!”

A giant alligator was killed just lke that.

A swarm of blue slime appeared.

Blue Slime.

A slime whose body emits a weak acid.

They live on rocky shores by the sea and melt and eat their prey as they approach.”

“Reggie, try to negotiate.

“I will give you one dried meat per slime, and you will leave this dungeon! Or I, with my enchanted beastman fists, will wipe you from the face of the earth right here and now!”

“…Oh, I know what you’re talking about. Master, they have a story to tell. They say that there’s a giant spider nest up ahead. What? An additional reward? Master is kind.”

“Remember, slimes, you owe my Master a debt of gratitude! What’s your reply? What?”

Wiggle, waggle, waggle.

The blue slime swarm escaped.

A giant spider appeared.

Giant Spider

A large spider, several meters in length.

It produces threads from its body to build a nest.

Its nest is so powerful that it can be called a ward, and even a medium-sized carnivore cannot escape once it is caught.

It’s a carnivore, with strong jaws that can chew through a child’s bones.

“‘Nest building’ is a space domination type of capture skill, right? Okay, Rita.”

“Understood. Activate [Area Breaker]!”

Rita’s fist blew away the spider’s web.


“[Flame Arrow] [Flame Arrow] [Flame Arrow] [Flame Arrow] [Flame Arrow]”

The giant spider was burned out.

The giant spider dropped a skill crystal.

[Nest Building LV2]

Skill to “catch” “enemy” with “thread”.

I can’t use it because there is no thread (but I still recovered it).

A pirate skeleton appeared.

Pirate Skeleton

The corpse of a pirate who died at sea and was given a new life.

His weapon is a half-moon scimitar. Sometimes it drops treasures.



“Activate! [Fluent Fencing] ”

The magic sword Reggie caught the pirate skeleton’s half-moon sword.

“Come on, [Divine Power Grasp]”

Rita’s kick exploded in the pirate skeleton’s stomach.


The pirate skeleton was shattered.

A Large Serpent appeared.

Large Serpent.

A giant amphibious and venomous snake.

They are so large that they can block the passageways of a dungeon.

The serpant wraps it’s long body around it’s enemy and then crushes the enemy’s bones and swallows it.

“I wouldn’t miss it since it’s so big. [Delay Arts](20 thrusts)

The blade of the gigantic cursed sword, Reggie, cut the Large Serpent in half.

The Large Serpent was defeated.

The Large Serpent dropped a skill crystal.

[Coiled LV3]

Skill to “choke” “enemy” with “torso” (do not use limbs)

The attributes didn’t match (but I still collected them).

So far, so good.

We descended to the second level of the dungeon.

The information from Iris was very helpful.

The map will tell you where to intercept the enemy, and there is a list of likely enemies.

It’s not that hard to figure out what to do.

When I was making games in the original world, I used to place monsters in dungeons by myself. I can almost imagine how to fight the monsters by the sea.

The walls of the Sea Dragon Dungeon are craggy and rocky, and the ground is covered with water everywhere.

There are lamps on the walls that are lit by magic.

It’s probably what Iris uses for her rituals, but it’s broken by the monster attack.

Once the wards are reattached, we’ll have to repair this as well. No wonder Iris is in such a hurry.

The rest of the locations are the corridors of the second underground level and the hall that leads to the heart of the dungeon.

In the dungeon, there are several small side holes that monsters enter through. We’ve been checking them out as we go.

So far, no abnormalities.

If we continue on to the main hall as it is, our work is done.

“Cecil, Rita, did you notice something?”

I asked Cecil and Rita.


At the same time, they both pointed at the wall stained with the blood of the Large Serpent.

“Anything ……else you noticed?”


They pointed again at the wall of the passage.

…This dungeon is a natural cave that has been modified by man.

I mean, for a long time, this place has been used for rituals with the sea dragons.

But there were also murals that had faded over time.(Mural means a painting or other work of art executed directly on a wall.)

And it’s really rare for monsters to nest in this dungeon…

There are times when a mural that was about to disappear comes back to life because of the blood that has been spilled.

We took a break in the middle of the dungeon.

I lined up and stared at the wall.

What we have here looks like an old mural.


They had carved the wall and painted it with paint, but after a long time, the paint was peeling off.

It’s covered in Serpent’s blood, and it just looks like ink poured over it.

Depicted in it is ‘The Legend of the Sea Dragon’.

A mural of a brave man with a sword, the sea dragon Kerukotoru, and the sea dragon’s natural enemy continues to the end of the passage.

“So this is the sea dragon, this is the hero, and this is the sea dragon’s daughter.”

“The one the hero is fighting is the natural enemy of the sea dragon.”

On my right side, Cecil said in an indifferent voice.

The natural enemies of the sea dragons seem strong.

To my left, Rita said.

“Yeah…it looks like it has a lot of regenerative powers and stuff.

“It has a lot of tentacles on it’s head.”

“But I’m sure Rita will be able to handle it easily.”

I can’t do it by myself, unless Master lets the tentacles’ regenerative abilities run amok. Wouldn’t Cecil be able to strike a blow with the ancient language [Fireball]?

“I’ll need Nagi to buy me some chanting time.”

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