58 Part 1

Episode 58

Cheat Waifus vs. Cheat Golem  


There was a boss in the dungeon hall.

A giant made of ice, he is about 5 meters tall.

It has a body like a pillar of a temple, and hands and legs like a big tree. The dungeon has been shaking since a while ago because it’s trying to pry open the door leading to the center.

The information from Iris didn’t mention such a guy.

Besides, it doesn’t “protect” the dungeon. On the contrary, it is destroying it.

“Cecile, do you know what this is?”

Behind the aisle in front of the hall, I asked Cecil.


“Ice Golem

A golem made of ice.

The body is made by freezing the surrounding water with magical power.

However, this Ice Golem is a little special.

There is a crystal of magical power in the center of the body, and it absorbs magical power from the surroundings.

That is why the barriers of this sanctuary are weakening.


“However, Golems don’t emerge naturally or come from somewhere else.”

“That’s right.”

If someting like this were to walk around, it would be impossible to not start a rumor.

The result is “The Really Scary Story of Irgafa”.

“That means someone left it here.”

“To be precise, the ‘magical crystal’ that is the source of the Golem. It absorbed the magical power of the surroundings and created that kind of thing.”

“… Did the person planned to commit a crime?”

Rita murmured next to me.

She has a really disgusting face. Maybe I have the same face too.

In other words, the weakening of the barrier is not a natural phenomenon but a planned one.

To put it simply, someone is trying to destroy the “Festival of the Sea Dragon”, or the entire dungeon itself.

Don, dodon

The Golem keeps hitting the doors and walls leading to the center.

I don’t know how long it’s been doing that, but at this rate the dungeon will sooner or later break.

── Even if that is not the case, the guardian deity of Irgafa will not come back in such a state.

Gigi, Gigi

I heard a cry.

I looked closely and saw a Large Serpent in the corner of the hall.

A large snake with a total length of several meters slowly approaches from behind the Golem. Well, even a monster wouldn’t settle down if something was rampaging at such a loud volume. Did the serpent think the Golem was invading it’s territory?


Oh, it noticed.

The ice Golem looked back.

A magical crystal in the shape of a doll is moving.

Is this guy talking and conscious?

[I am a test body made as a countermeasure against the Demon King. Not allowed to touch!]

The Golem’s hand grabbed the Serpent’s torso.

The Serpent’s tail hit the Golem’s arm. But the Golem didn’t falter.

Instead, the Serpent’s body freezed.

In addition, a large sword made of ice formed around it. It easily pierced the Serpent’s body. The Serpent was shattered.

Yup. strong.

Is it a Golem that has an ego and uses special skills?

It’s annoying.

“What are we going to do, Nagi?”

“We’ll beat it. If we can’t beat it now, we will come back later and try again.”

“OK. So, what’s the strategy?”

Rita, Cecil and I.

The three of us put our foreheads together and talked secretly.

The Golem is about 5 meters tall. It has limbs like a big tree. It’s head is buried in the torso. The body is made of ice, and a red doll is buried in the chest. That is the magical crystal. It is also a magical item that powers the Golem. So if we break that, we win.

The entrance to the center is a large hall that looks like a gymnasium. Enough space to fight.

“Can’t we just use the ancient language magic [Fireball] to blow it up?”

“That’s a last resort. If we damage the dungeon, we won’t get any reward.”


“Rita, you hide. If we should get stuck, rescue us.”

“… Is that okay?”

“We can’t afford to get wiped out. Rita and the slime are our trump cards.”


The slime possessed by Reggie trembled at it’s feet.

“The purpose is to destroy the magical crystal. If that is difficult, we run away. Understood?”

Cecil and Rita nod to my suggestion.

“Well then… let’s begin.”


When I entered the hall, I saw the doll embedded in the Golem’s chest.

[I am a test body made as a countermeasure against the Demon King. Not allowed to touch!]

“I’m here on the behalf of the shrine maiden of the Sea Dragon.”

I speak to the glowing red doll.

“I haven’t heard of you from Iris Hoffimier. If you’re a shrine maiden, let us through. If we reach the center safely, we will go home silently.”


It’s not that it doesn’t understand.

The humanoid crystal is facing me. I’m aware of it.

[I have no recognition of anything that doesn’t relate with my mission.]

“Well, I don’t recognize the existence of anything that interferes with my work.”

[Stranger, I don’t know your work. I am a test body for countermeasures against the Demon King. It’s a demon king. Devil. All sacrifices are justified for that.]

“Do you think that anything is allowed when it comes to measures against the Demon King?”

This guy has a personality.

Or rather, it feels like a copy of someone’s personality. What he says is so vague that it’s annoying to hear. This guy is like an employee talking to a part-time job as if he is the boss.

Well no. Let’s get information first.

Who made it and what is its purpose?

If I give this information to Iris, I may be able to charge extra.

“… You said you are a countermeasure against the Demon King, right?”

[Correct. I was made by a noble.]

“Noble? Noble or King?”

[While you are doing this, the number of victims of the Demon King is increasing. Can you take the responsibility? Interfering with me is equivalent to helping the Demon King. In exchange, I, who is fulfilling my mission in the interior of this dungeon, is wonderful. Especially the noble one who gave me the mission.]

“So are there others like you? Maybe an elf who is taking measures against the Demon King.”

[If you don’t understand the mission of my master, you should die. Isn’t the festival just a personal convenience? That would interfere with the ultimate mission of combating the Demon King. As one of the working people, can’t you put up with that much?]

[My master never said a word like that of selfishness. I’m working to fulfill the quota to fight against the Demon King!]

Not good.

I’ve talked with a lot of people with different personalities, but someone like him is the hardest one to talk to.

Also, what is the quota for measures against the Demon King?

“Do you think that someone who is taking measures against the Demon King will not bother others?”

[In order for my Master to achieve results, personal inconvenience is negligible.]

“Ah, yes, I thought you would say that!”

It’s okay. I’ll beat you anyway.

Let’s gain some more information.

“I’ll ask you one last thing.

Is your Lord a “visitor” from another world?”

[Secret information]

The Golem cut off my words.

[A person who violated the 7th item of Secret information has been found. Kill him.]

It seems to be the correct answer.

“It’s a product of cheat skills! Come on, Cecil!”

“Yes, Nagi”

Cecil, hidden behind the aisle, pops out.

” ‘I will eat your strange flow’── I will go! [ Momentum Arrow]”

A black arrow pops out from Cecil’s fingertips. It is a magical arrow that robs the magical power of the person it touches.

Gargoyles were defeated with this. Does it work on Golems?

[Kill those who stand in our mission]

The [Momentum Arrow] hits the Golem’s chest, which is swinging it’s arms around.

However, the movement of the Golem does not stop. It comes straight towards me.

“I’m sorry Nagi!”

“Is it’s magical capacity too large?”

“Yes. Maybe it’s because it’s sucking up the magical power of the dungeon barrier. To defeat it, we will have to hit dozens of [Momentum Arrow] at once …”

Is it the difference between the Golem and the Gargoyle in terms of magical power in the body?

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