58 Part 2

“It’s annoying, but let’s defeat it normally.”

“I understand Nagi. [Fireball] [Fireball]”


Cecil’s fireball, which was ‘double chanted’, lands on the Golem’s waist.

The Golem’s body leans loosely. Cecil’s magic scooped out the Golem’s right crotch. The ice breaks, and the melted ice turns into water vapor and flies in the air.

It freezes again around the Golem and the Golem’s body regenerates.

[Serious attack confirmed. The target is a human and a demihuman. Recognized as interfering with my misson. Kill and destroy evidence.]

Ice swords formed around the Golem. There are four of them.

It’s targeting me.

“Activate! [Fluent Fencing]”

I parry it with the magic sword Reggie. In the meantime, mix the missed swings. 2 times, 4 times,  8 times.

“[Delayed Arts LV 1] ”

In return.

The black blade of the giant magic sword Reggie digs into the Golem’s chest. Cut off.

Will it reach the red doll in it’s body ─the magical crystal?


The red doll moved. It moved it’s limbs normally.

It quickly moved from the Golem’s chest to it’s neck, as if it had sensed the danger.

“It’s too advanced! Magical crystals with personality and automatic evacuation.”

“This is not possible in this world. In Nagi’s world…?”

“It’s not a game. If you have a broken character, you’ll get complaints.”

“It’s the same in this world. If there is …’Chito sukiru’ ?” (Cheat Skill)

Well, I’ll analyze that later.

I’ve roughly understood the Golem’s abilities.

Self-regeneration. Ice swords. And it’s weaknesses.

“Cecile. Plan change.”

I whispered to Cecil’s ear.

“Two [Fireball] in a row. Can you do it?”

“I can. Where do I aim?”

“One on the torso, one on the head, with a time lag.”


Cecil’s chanting begins.

I turn to the aisle and give the signal.

Long-term battles are disadvantageous. If this doesn’t work, let’s go home.

[I will kill you!]

The Golem shouted. And above us, over 15 ice swords formed.

A humanoid magic crystal is shining around it’s neck.

It’s going to kill us all by ignoring the amount of magical power consumed.

“Now! Rita!”


Rita, who was waiting in the aisle, kicked the ground.

She flipped her golden hair and jumped up near the ceiling of the hall.

“Rita! Strategy change! Put the trump card in the torso!”

“Okay, Nagi!”

And the fist strengthened by Rita’s “Sacred Power Grasp” smashes every single Golem’s “Ice Sword”.

The Golem raised it’s face. In that gap ─

“Don’t disturb Nagi’s mission! [Fireball] [Fireball]”

Cecil’s [Fireball] (first shot) landed on the golem’s chest.

The Golem screamed.

The second shot goes to the head.

The humanoid magic crystal that sensed it moved to the torso and began to regenerate.

“I won’t let you!”


Rita sank her hand into the Golem’s torso before the [Fireball] landed.

The place is just above the large hole opened by Cecil’s [Fireball].

Rita immediately pulls out her hand, kicks the Golem’s torso and leaves.

She leaves the Golem and land right next to me.

Immediately after, the second [Fireball] blows off the Golem’s head.

The humanoid magic crystal has moved to the body that has already been regenerated.

The speed was as expected. After all it was been made with cheat skills.

It was an incredible evasion speed.

However, the weak point was that the movement speed was too fast. The magic crystal does not stop suddenly.

The crystal that is the core of the golem is


It was absorbed by the slime embedded in it’s body.

[What is this?]

“It’s a piece of elder slime”

The magic sword Reggie trembled in my hands.

The humanoid crystal of magical power is entangled in the slime inside the body and cannot move.

It was thanks to Elder Slime (child) that Rita had just thrust into it’s body.

Rita grabbed the slime when she hit it’s torso and embedded it in the Golem’s body to catch the humanoid crystal that escapes from the [Fireball].

Originally, the strategy was to stick slime on his joints and slow it down.

But this one is faster.

“Reggie, what is the state of Elder Slime?”

“It’s half frozen, but I’m firmly grasping the humanoid crystal. I won’t let it escape. ”

“Yeah. Then I will blow it away using [Delayed Arts]. ”

“You don’t have to bother Nagi. I can beat it with the ancient language [Flame Arrow].”

“It pointed it’s sword at Nagi and Cecil, right? I haven’t hit it enough yet.”

“” Then, first come, first served. “”

[Well, wait! What is this? Is it the same otherwordly power as my Master’s !? Well, wait!]

“Then tell me everything about your Master.”

“That’s in Secret Information Section 7-Ah, wait, ah, ah, ah ah !!”

I hit it.

After the golem and the crystal broke, we found two things.

One is some silver-colored debris. It was embedded in crystal. This may be the secret of Golem’s will and skill. Let’s collect it.

The other was a golden ring. The shape is different from that of the slave contract.

It looks very elaborate and expensive.

Letters are engraved on the back. “To the daughter of the Marquis, Eterina Hasburg. With eternal love. ” This fell into the corner of the hall.

It may be a relic of the guy who made this golem. I’ll ask Iris to check it later.

Is the daughter of the Marquis a noble? Or is the person who gave this ring the Mastermind?

I can’t make a judgment for now.

However, if I can’t live calmly without eliminating it, I won’t hesitate to do so.

The door leading to the center was safe.

It was a thick iron door with a picture depicting a Sea Dragon in the center.

There is a handle in the center, with a carving of a Sea Dragon on it.

The door is so big that Iris alone can’t move it. Maybe it’s magical and opens in response to a shrine maiden or a Hero. Even that golem couldn’t break it.

“… Can it only be opened by a shrine maiden or a Hero?”

I approached the door. Grab the handle on the door and lightly apply force.


 Ooooooooooo (cold wind and vibration)


I closed it in a hurry.

“Am I the Hero of the Sea Dragon?”

In the first place, it was Cecil who defeated the big monster Leviathan, not me.

Since I have a Master-Slave contract, will the results of slaves belong to me, the master? Or the party member who gets the scale be recognized as the Hero?

I guess I’ll have to look into the rules around this.

“Cecile. Try opening the door for a moment.”

“… I’m sorry Nagi, I can’t move …”

Looking back, Cecil was holding her body and crouching.


“There’s a lot of pressure coming from the centre. ”

“When I opened the door?”

“Yes, it was like facing something on the level of God.”

Cecil’s skin is covered in goosebumps that are incomparable to what she had earlier.

“But I am fine.”

“That’s because Nagi is the Hero .”

For the time being, I handed one “Leviathan Scale” to Cecil.

No change. There is no change even if all are passed.

By the time I pick up the scales, it seems that I have already been certified as ‘Hero’.

“What about Rita …?”

“… No… I’m scared… I’m scared of God …”

She was shaking her head.

She was on her stomach with her ears and tail flat.

Rita seems to have faced the pressure as well.

“Yes, yes. It’s okay.”

Rita hugs me tightly when I tap her back.

“I’m scared. Something big is coming … Nagi. No. Don’t leave me alone. I’m scared …”

“Don’t worry.I am here. Cecil’s here.”

“Wow … Wow. Uuuuu”

I kept rubbing Rita’s back for a while, and it took about 10 minutes for her to settle down.

However, Rita was too weak to walk, so I had to carry her on my back.

“Are you okay Cecil?”

“I am fine. When I touch Nagi-sama, I mysteriously calm down.”

Cecil supported Rita with one hand and held my sleeve with the other.

I’m certified as a Hero, so I resist the pressure.

Cecil can move. Rita can’t move. What is the difference?

“Master, are you going somewhere. Will you leave me alone?”

“No, I won’t.”

“Why won’t you go anywhere?”

“I don’t do such annoying work.”


Rita pushes her body on me while squeezing my neck.

“It’s okay. I will always be  together with Nagi.”

“Cecil… Master… Ah”

Rita hugged me tightly.

… Is it the center of the Sea Dragon Dungeon?

I don’t think we’ll go in, but … I think we should take measures.

Then we went back the way we came.

Rita returned to her sanity around the first basement floor, but she was still a little staggered, so she stayed on my back.

Cecil looked worried and gripped my sleeve tight.

That’s how we escaped from the Sea Dragon Dungeon.


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