Episode 60

The Wrath of the One Who Received the Blessing of the Sea Dragon (Self-Proclaimed) and the ‘Soul Brother’



“Act quickly. The winds of fortune will only inflate your sails once.”

It’s a proverb used in the port town of Irgafa.

Neuel Hoffimier had been taught that over and over again by his father.

So he decided to follow the proverb and do it promptly.

The regular soldiers who had fortified the entrance to the dungeon were defeated by the Order of Divine.

Perhaps because they had been ordered by Iris not to let anyone into the dungeon until they returned, the regular soldiers tried desperately to stop Neuel’s companions.

As expected of the regular soldiers of the Irgafa Lord’s, they are faithful to their orders.

It wasn’t as good as it could have been, but I can appreciate it.

Especially the captain, Darus, who resisted until the end, was admirable.

“When I rehire a regular soldier under the new system, I’ll register him as a B rank.”

Neuel Hoffimier murmured as he walked through the dungeon.

“Lord Neuel. We’re almost to the second underground level.”

A masked girl walking next to me said.

“I know. How did the Golem react?”

In response to Neuel’s question, she – the EX rank “Blast 1” of the “Order of Divine” – shook her head.

“No, sir. It’s been defeated.”

I knew it.

How dare you? I can’t believe I’m letting my beloved princess’s wish go unfulfilled.

“Can we revise the plan?”

“We have to pretend that Iris’s friends failed to defeat the Golem. They lied about defeating it and brought Iris into harm’s way. And we covered for them.”

“I think it would be best to take Iris to Eterina. The rest is up to you, Neuel.”

There was nothing wrong with the original plan itself.

The miscalculation was that Iris returned from her grave visit earlier than expected.

And the adventurer she had hired was more skilled than we had imagined.

Another reason was that the instructions from the Marquis Eterina Hasburg to the Order of Divine were later than planned. Because of this, they were allowed to enter the dungeon first.

Originally, Neuel and the Order of Divine Command would have been all that was needed.

“Keep the wounds on Iris to those that can be healed with magic. As for the others, that goes without saying.”

Neuel Hoffimier shrugged.

“We’ll pretend they were killed by the Golem.”

“Are you sure?”

“We can’t let the plan that our dear Eterina has created go to waste, can we?”

“As you wish, Master Neuel and Lady Eterina.”

“They are strong enough to defeat a golem. Can you defeat them with the mainstay tactics of the Order of Divine?”

“Yes, sir. All of us here are higher-level wind magic users.”

“Cutting through and crushing enemies in tight spaces was your realm, wasn’t it?”

“It is the strength of the Order of Divine that we are able to assemble people according to the wishes of our employers. And all of us have passed through the ranks of C and B to become A-ranked. Let me prove my ability. Neuel.”

The Order of Divine Command is a thoroughly meritocratic organization.

Otherwise, there’s no way to silence the Adventurer’s Guild.

Those that join start out with a C rank. After signing a contract, you can put on a mask and become a member of the Order of Divine in both name and reality.

Now all you have to do is complete quests and raise your rank.

If you move up to a higher rank, you will be paid 100 percent of the reward, and you will also receive skill crystals from those of lower ranks. You will also be able to force the lower ranks to obey your orders.

There are many ways to raise your class. You can pay an up-front fee, or you can recruit people of C rank to raise your class. Once you have recruited a few people into the Order of Divine, you will automatically move up to B class. The recruiting process can be a bit aggressive, but that didn’t matter to Neuel.

Those of Rank C is less rewarded, as they are in a position to be protected from Rank A in quests.

As a result, it will lead to a reduction in order costs.

Of course, there are advantages. By having a rank A person protect them, a rank C person can take on more advanced quests. They gain experience and their levels rise quickly. Those who can’t keep up will literally disappear, but that’s just the way it is. That’s the way the system works.

Neuel Hoffimier remembers. The words of his beloved Eterina Hasburg.

“I would like you to adopt the system of the Order of Divine for the regular soldiers of Irgafa. Of course, I know that the Order of Divine is shunned by the Adventurer’s Guild.”

Eterina Hasburg said, shaking her beautiful black hair.

“It’s hard to accept something new. That’s why you, Neuel, the vessel of a Hero, should use the Order of Divine to accompany you on your adventures. If they can establish a track record as a hero’s companion, people will be convinced. My dear.”

That’s very reasonable.

It’s not just about the system. It’s also about the strategy she proposed.

Now she and I will be united.

All it takes is a little something to make it happen. All I need to do is add some flowers to the Festival of the Sea Dragon.

The connection between Eterina and me should also benefit the port city of Irgafa.

The wedding of a central noble family, the Marquise, and the Lord of Irgafa.

Cost reduction by adopting the Order of Divine system.

And then – to pull down Iris, who acts superior to me, as a decoration for the festival.

I will be able to make a name for myself as the one who renewed the port city of Irgafa.

Even if they don’t understand it now. Someday.

“Then let’s go, ‘Blast q.’

Neuel Hoffimier clutched the hilt of the rapier at his waist.

“For a man, it is his desire to make the world his enemy for the love of a girl!”

「「「「「 Heh. I see… 」」」」」

I heard voices.

The second basement level. From the passage just before the hall, where the door to the center is.

Six in number.

At the front is a girl with green hair – Neuel’s sister, Iris Hoffimier.

And behind them, five faceless adventurers.

They were wearing ‘Sea Dragon Masks’ that are sold at a food stall.

A few minutes before that.

After receiving Rafilia’s report, Nagi and the others were having a short strategy meeting in the main hall.

“A man with gray hair and blue eyes. Probably my brother.”

After hearing the story, Iris let out a very long sigh.

“And the Order of Divine Command.”

Before entering the dungeon, Iris gave strict orders to the regular soldiers, “No one is to enter the dungeon until I return. Especially my brother.” Shee gave them strict orders.

I don’t know what they’re up to.

The fact that they’re here means that they have broken through the regular soldiers.

“Iris, let me get this straight. If your brother is the mastermind behind this, and he attacks us, do you mind if we knock him out?”

“It’s I who want to be knocked out.”

“The quickest way to defeat them is to lure them all in here, then open the door and intimidate them with central pressure.”

“That would be our last resort. If they attack the door or the center, the ritual itself will collapse.”

So that means we have to intercept them before they get here.

According to the story, Iris’s brother is so skilled that he can use [Sword Fighting LV3].

The strength of the Order of Divine is unknown.

However, there is no doubt that there is a high-ranked adventurer present.

When they attack, the best way to defeat them is to make it as easy as possible.

“Iris. Does your brother know about the sea dragon’s pressure?”

“Yes. All the people of the Irgafa Lordship are baptized at least once.”

“Kerukatoru is feared as a guardian god. There’s no doubt about that, right?”


“All right. Then everyone put on your sea dragon masks!”


At my command, Cecil, Rita, Aine, and Rafilia put on the masks of the sea dragons.

I’ve been preparing myself for when I might meet the Order of Divine.

“Souma. What do you intend to do?”

“I don’t know about this world, but back in my world, if you messed up where the gods were, you got punished.”

But then again, this is a different world where there are monsters, demon kings, and a dragon that is the guardian god of the port town.

If the Shrine Maiden is present, the dragon shouldn’t be offended if I use his name a little.

“In the name of the Sea Dragon Shrine Maiden, let’s give them a little beating.”

And now. Near the second basement level of the dungeon.

“I’m going to ask you straight to the point. It was you who planted the Golem in this dungeon, weren’t you?”

Iris stood in the middle of the aisle, staring at her brother who was a dozen meters away.

The gray-haired man – Neuel Hoffimier – flinched under the gaze of his sister and the sea dragon mask party.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Iri…”

“I found a piece of the Golem in the hall. There was a magic crystal in it. There was a ring there that was meant for the Marquis Eterina Hasburg! And the people who control the keys to the dungeon are the Irgafa Lord.”

We know that someone has taken the key and entered the dungeon while Iris was away. The sea dragon is also angry. I’m also very pissed!

“It’s not too late. I don’t know why you did it! Confess every single word and apologize to the sea dragon Kerukatoru!”

“No, I can’t understand if you talk that fast!”

“The fact that the ring was there means that it was abandoned! Doesn’t that mean that she doesn’t care about you, brother?”

“No! It was thrown away because the ring was cheap!”

“I knew the ring was related to you.”

Iris glared at Neuel Hoffimier.

I glazed my eyes over him.

It’s was a bluff that Iris and I came up with, but I can’t believe he fell for it.

Is it okay, Lord of Irgafa?

“You brought the Marquis here, didn’t you? You planted the Golem’s source.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“What the hell are you up to?”

Iris raised her voice.

But Neuel Hoffimier just looked away and didn’t answer.

“I ask this as one who has received the blessing of the Sea Dragon Kerukatoru.”

I said.

I stand beside Iris and look at Neuel Hoffimier at the end of the passage.

His shoulders shook with a jolt.

Yeah. It seems that this mask has some intimidating effects.

“Who the hell are you?”

“I… I am the one who has a close relationship with the Sea Dragon Shrine Maiden.”

“Yes. This person is…”

I told her to keep the words “Sea Dragon Hero” out of it because it would complicate things.

Only on this occasion, I need a title to make Neuel Hoffimier and the others flinch.

If Iris’s brother was the most shocked one, even better.

That is…

“This person was given to me by the Sea Dragon in place of the sinner Neuel Hoffimier, and is the most important ‘Soul Brother’ in the world to me!”

“What? What?”

Neuel Hoffimier exclaimed.

That’s right. His own sister introduced a stranger to him as her brother.

But couldn’t you come up with a better? Iris.

“The Sea Dragon sees everything.”

Oh, well. Let’s keep talking.

I don’t care about Neuel Hoffimier.

What we need is information on the Marquis Eterina Hasburg, who is behind him.

“And we also know who Eterina Hasburg is. The sea dragon has already seen through everything.”

I said it for the time being.

“What the fuck?”

“The sea dragon can speak through me He said that she is a person with ‘otherworldly skills’ beyond rare skills.”

Neuel Hoffimier and the Order of Divine behind him reacted.

They looked at each other in surprise.

It’s just a guess. The Golem was made with a ‘cheat skill’. So, it should be true.

But judging by the reaction, I hit the nail on the head.

“What are you planning to do by setting up an evil golem here, the site of the Sea Dragon’s Festival, to provoke his wrath?”

“Answer me, Neuel Hoffimier!”  At the word of your soul brother!

Neuel Hoffimier and the Order of Divine didn’t attack us.

But I’m prepared to take Iris to the side of the dungeon for shelter.

“For the love of…”

After a long silence, Neuel Hoffimier said.


Iris shook her head as if she didn’t understand the meaning of her brother’s words.

Yeah. I agree with you. I don’t get it at all.

“You know that the Eternia’s Hasburg family is a military family, right? The Marquis has served His Majesty the King for generations, and has made many accomplishments such as slaying demons and defeating the demon race.”

“What about it?”

“I love Eterina. I love Eterina, and Eterina loves me. But the Irgafa house is nothing more than a bunch of shipping merchants. The Marquis of Hasburg don’t approve of me because I have no combat experience.”

“Did the Marquis say so?”

“It was Eterina who said that. She is not the biological child of the Marquis. She is the child of an acquaintance of the King, and because of her excellence, she was taken in by the Marquis’ family. So no matter how much she loves me, she can’t be selfish.”

Eterina Hasburg is not a real child of the Marquise family.

The King introduced her to the Marquis, and she was taken in by the Marquis family?

…I see.

“The only way she and I can get together is if we have a track record that will go down in history as something that even the Marquis would have to agree to. So we’re going to make it.”

Neuel Hoffimier narrowed his blue eyes and looked at Iris.

He was afraid to look at me.

“The first thing I need to do is to kill the mysterious Golem that’s ravaging the dungeons of my hometown, Irgafa. Then, I’ll take the Order of Divine on a series of adventures. Furthermore, I’ll use the system of the Order of Divine to reform the employment of the regular soldiers and the town. With a track record like that, even the Marquis will have no choice but to accept me, right?”

“Is that why you planted the golem in this dungeon? Even destroying the wards?”

“We were going to take care of the golem anyway. No problem, right?”

“What if we do that and the Sea Dragon Kerukatoru doesn’t come back?”

“Why don’t we take a break from the festival for a year or so? During that time, the Order of Divine will guard the port. Eterina said that would be a good achievement for me.”

This guy is insane. He’s talking like he knows what he’s doing.

Maybe you don’t understand the significance of what you’ve done?

“The ships of the port city of Irgafa are protected by the Sea Dragon Kerukatoru. That’s why everyone brings their belongings here with peace of mind. Even if it’s only for a year, once that blessing is gone, Irgafa will fade away in no time! Neuel Hoffimier! You don’t know what you’re doing!”

“How dare you, child! You think you’re the only one who’s special, don’t you? I’m not keeping you out here to protect you. The Lord knows that the scaled monster is the true identity of the Shrine Maiden. If others find out won’t the dignity of the Lord’s family will be questioned.”

“You say that? That’s how you talk about sea dragon blood.”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thinking about Iris, too.”

Neuel Hoffimier continued talking proudly.

Iris is already halfway to covering her ears.

“You wanted to quit being a Shrine Maiden, right? That’s why my girlfriend, yes, the Marquis, found Iris so many suitable mates! A nobleman from the Royal Court.

He’s the one who lets his mistress have children, so we’ve already confirmed that he’s capable of producing children. He’s a picky guy, so he has no problem with scales on Iris.

It has been confirmed that he has the ability to have children because his mistress has given birth. . He’s not a picky guy, so he has no problem with scales on Iris.

If Iris can quickly have a child, her troubles will be solved. The political marriage will also raise my status. The Irgafa family will be safe.”

Yeah. I wanted to cover my ears, too.

Iris is shivering next to me.

In a faint voice, she murmured, “For… what reason do you think… I had been… holding back?”

Iris’s brother did something he shouldn’t have done.

To be honest, I don’t care about the blessings of the sea dragon or being the “Sea Dragon Hero”.

But Iris is one of the few “friends” in this world that I can trust.

Her life was threatened because she was a Shrine Maiden, and she couldn’t go out freely, but she still did her job. She was just doing her job, and her brother was trying to ruin it.

He says he’s thinking about Iris, but what he’s trying to do is build a track record so he can marry the Marquis.

So he’s trying to use his family, cutting them off for his own reasons.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

“Originally, we were going to wait until the Golem was a little more rampant before going out to defeat it. For the sake of the achievement, the enemy has to be well known, right? It’s wrong that Iris did something unnecessary. You should have just kept your mouth shut and let the Order of Divine handle it.”

Neuel Hoffimier was smiling.

“Come on, Iris, come here. You’ll forget all about them when you get to the new world. I’m going to get rid of all the memories you don’t want. I won’t leave any evidence.”

“Enough! Shut up.”

I said.

Iris was tearing up and grabbing the hem of her dress.

I will not allow her to be harmed any further.

“…Soul brother?”

Iris looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

That’s enough. All right, all right.

It can’t be helped. There’s no one else who’s decent.

It’s a great service for a limited time and for a limited area.

Here, in this place, without anyone knowing, just between me and Iris…

I’ll play the role of a local character called the “Hero of the Sea Dragon.”

That’s about as good as it gets.

It’s not like we’re fighting a demon king, and no one knows the secret except for Iris and the rest of the party.

It’s just a little help for the Shrine Maiden who has been forced to work in the black.

“Open your mouth no more, Neuel Hoffimier. Your words mean nothing to me.”

“The wrath of the ‘Soul brother’ is the wrath of the Sea Dragon. And the wrath of Iris!”

Wiping away her tears, Iris looked up.

“Iris felt the wrath of the sea dragon Kerukatoru when she rewrote the barriers. Can’t you see that it gave these adventurers power!  Neuel Hoffimier!”

At the same time,I who was wearing the mask of the Sea Dragon stepped forward.

That’s enough. I’ve got the information. Let’s get to work.

I raised my hand.

That was the signal for Rita, Aine, and Rafilia to start shouting.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

“Fear! Fear the wrath of the sea dragon.”

“I’m scared. God is scary!”

“…To awaken the roots of this world…”

“Whoa! Fear! Praise!”

“…” Praise be to God, all life…”

“What nonsense! They’re just a bunch of people wearing masks and making noise!”

Neuel-Hoffimier pulled out his rapier.

He pointed it towards us. The Order of Divine in the back started to move.

“A few injuries are inevitable. Capture Iris! Kill the rest of them!”

“Oh, fearless one!

You will be punished!

The light of anger shall envelop this dungeon.”

“Lights, lights, lights…”

Then, Cecil who had been chanting ancient language [Light] along with everyone’s shout activated the spell.

In the next moment, the dungeon of the sea dragon was filled with light.

I shielded Iris behind me. Except for Cecil, everyone else pulled their masks down a bit to cover their eyes.

The sea dragon masks are also meant to avoid lights.

The strategy is to neutralize the enemy without wrecking the dungeon as much as possible, so it would be easier if we could just get this over with…


A scream echoed in the sphere of light. But not yet.

The masked humans are moving. Cecil pulled my sleeve. She was chanting.

“Everybody! Take cover in the side hole!”

In response to my voice, everyone jumped into the hollow next to the aisle.

It’s a side hole where the monsters were hiding. It can hold about six people if packed tightly.


A moment later, a blade of air gouged through the wall of the passage.

Wind magic.

“It’s wind magic, [Vacuum Blade]. Nagi.”

Cecil told me.

“Vacuum Blade.

This is LV3 magic of the wind magic. It launches a vacuum blade towards the enemy.

It is as sharp as a longsword. It can cut through leather armor.

Low magic consumption. The advantage is that it can be fired continuously.

“It’s also very powerful. I can hear the chanting overlapping. It’s…”

“It’s [Simultaneous Chanting].”

Rafilia and Cecil. They both can hear it clearly.

“[Simultaneous Chanting] is a technique in which multiple people chant a spell at the same time, which greatly increases the power of the magic. But it’s also a very difficult technique that can fail if the chanting is just slightly off.”

“I’ve never heard such beautiful [Simultaneous Chanting] before. It’s as if only one person is chanting.”

On top of that, the blades keep flying at me.

The vacuum blade shattered walls, split the ground, and splattered rocks and water.

The sound of footsteps slowly approaching could be heard. Are they trying to stop our movement with attack magic and close the distance? The other side has a lot of manpower, so they might be thinking that if they were to come at us with all their might, we wouldn’t be able to keep up. I’m the only one with a sword, you know.

It’s a pain in the ass.

I heard that destroying the dungeon would stop the Sea Dragon from coming, so I refrained from using attack magic.

But if we shoot each other with the [Flame Arrow] and [Vacuum Blade], we’ll just end up prolonging the fight without any result.

Let’s figure out a way to win as easily as possible with as few injuries as possible.

The vacuum blade scrapes the wall of the dungeon again. Fragments of stone scatter. It’s so annoying. It’s too much.

“Is Iris okay?”

“Yes, yes. The beastman, Rita, is covering for me.”

“Of course! It’s my duty to protect the little one.”

Rita was happily hugging Iris. We’re at work. Don’t get carried away with your hobbies.

The enemy was flying magic all over the place. They can’t get too close to us, though, since they are practically blind. I’ll use my flying tools to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

“So, Rafilia!”


Rafilia, who had been called, raised her sea dragon mask to her forehead.

Her blue eyes sparkled as she looked at me.

“I’ll tell you when. Aim for the break in the chanting, and use your skill to control it.”

“But, but. In this state, we have to be very lucky to win.”

“Yeah. Well, let’s try our luck then.”

. . . .


Rafilia clapped her hands.

“Oh! I can use that,right Master?”

“Yeah. I’ll take care of the rest. Let’s do this, Rafilia!”


A narrow side hole. The six of us were almost in close contact.

In the middle of it all, Rafilia held up a pure white palm and placed it on her lower abdomen.

“I’ll spin the Wheel of Fortune, activate [Bad Luck Annihilation LV1]!”

Rafilia’s palm glowed pale white.

The light lit up her lower abdomen.

Rafilia then touched the center of her chest.

Finally, on the top of her head. All of them lit up.

[Bad Luck Annihilation LV1] (Locked Skill: Unremovable, UR Ultra Rare)

Touching yourself or others with your hands washes away misfortune (invites good luck).

The activation time is a few minutes. During this time, the parameters of luck will increase rapidly.

As a risk, your attack, defense, and magic resistance will be reduced to zero for ten minutes after the effect of the skill ends.

It has limited number of uses. It takes a few days to recharge after use.

It is a skill that washes away misfortune and brings in good luck by illuminating the central axis of the body with a mysterious light.

Only Rafilia and I can see the light, but while it’s glowing, the Luck parameter skyrockets.

” Rafilia. The next [Vacuum Blade] is coming! It’s in 12 seconds. There should be a thirty-second pause after that!”

“They’re getting closer, four rows of three. There’s only one person who’s not in formation. It’s Iris’s brother. He’s at the very back!”

Cecil’s [Magic Detection] and Rita’s [Presence Sense] will tell us the location of the enemy.

I also activated [Quick Analysis]. I guessed the location of the enemy from the position of the window. And I tell Rafilia.

The rest is up to Rafilia’s skill and luck.


The wind magic passed by the side hole where we were hiding in.

Immediately after that, Rafilia, with her bow ready, jumped out of the hole!

“Activate [Burst Archery LV 1]

Bing, bing, bing.

The bowstring sounded three times. Fifteen arrows released. Inventory cleared.

I quickly grabbed Rafilia’s arm and pulled her into the side hole.

” Openfire! [Vacuum Blade] [Vacuum Blade]”

The Order of Divine reacted to the sound of the arrow feathers released by Rafilia.


The dispersed chanting of the [Vacuum Blade] made the air shake.

The arrow that was flying in the lead was torn apart by one of the [Vaccum Blade] and shattered.

It became countless pieces, flying through the air and hit arrows flying around them…

The arrow’s path changed.

Rafilia’s arrows were flying towards the Order of Divine in a strange trajectory!


But then, as if it were a matter of course, they stabbed the enemies through a crack in their armor.

On their knees, shoulders, elbows, and armpits.

It’s a critical hit with all remaining rounds in an unnaturally delicate position.

“Rafilia, you’re lucky.”

“I’ve never had anyone say that to me before in my life!”

The top of Rafilia’s head, chest, and stomach still glowed.

‘Super Rafilia Time’ is still going on?

But the arrows are gone. What a waste. What else can she fire?

“…Rafilia, can slime still be split?”

“Oh, yes. But two more are the limit, right?”

“That’s it. Hurry up. Hurry, while there’s still time for Super Rafilia.”

“…Yes, yes. Master.”

Rafilia’s face turns into a pouting mess.

What? Why?

“Master is a terrible person. Everyone is watching and you still order me to do this.”

With a shuffle, Rafilia reached for her skirt.

She lifted it slightly, put her hand on the edge of the underwear underneath it, and slowly lowered it…

“Ha, ha. But, but, Master I am very happy. I like that about you, Master. Master, I love you. Love, love, love, love.”

Rafilia let out a hot breath and pulled down her underwear.

I was taken aback – but I tried to look away. I tried to turn around, but everyone was kind of close together, so I couldn’t move my body. Cecil, Rita, Aine, and even Iris were making strange noises.

We just need Rafilia’s sweat or something to split the slime.

I mean, I didn’t ask her to use her underwear.

All she had to do was wipe the sweat off with a handkerchief!

“A reward from the Master. No, an order. Please split up, Erda-chan!”

Rafilia held up her undressed underwear to the blue accessory that tied her hair.

Fluffy, pointy!

The Elder Slime, having swallowed Rafilia’s underwear, split into two.

The enemy’s chanting was still going on.

Once again, I asked Cecil and Rita to measure the timing…

“Aine, Rafilia. Now!”

“Yes!”  “Yes, Master!”

Aine and Rafilia ran out into the passage just as the magic was interrupted.

There are two slimes under their feet.

Aine then sets up her mop and Rafilia laid her hands on it from behind.

“[Bad Luck Annihilation LV 1] plus [Monster Cleanup, LV 1]”

They timed each other and waved the mop.

Splat, splat!

(whirring, whirring)

The two slimes flew through the air.

At the same time, I pull them both back into the side hole. Rafilia’s light started to blink. The effects of [Bad Luck Annihilation] were wearing off. From here on out, we’ll be Rafilia’s shield. The enemy…

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!”

He was kind of surprised.

“What, how do slimes fly?”

Even if you say that.

“Tear it apart!”

“Yes, Lord Neuel! Fill the space! [Vacuum Blade] [Vacuum blade].”

The wind magic shredded the slime into tiny pieces.

And then, as if planned before, a cold wind blew through the dungeon.

The wind pressure caused the slimes to take strange trajectories again, and they scattered like scattered bullets…

As it was, I infiltrated the ranks of the Order of Divine.

The slimes that were dismembered were dying because they are only flesh and blood.

Since they were dying anyway, they entered the nose, mouth, and earholes of the Order of Divine in search of a safe place. I guess it’s like instinct. They’re just so clingy.

The Order of Divine, who was attached to the slime, held their faces and rolled on the ground.

Including the ones who were pierced by Rafilia’s arrow, there were nine people who fell. Only three were still standing.

Their combat power reduced by a factor of four.

Well, I guess it’s time to go.

“Know the wrath of the sea dragon Kerukatoru.”

I shouted as I stepped out of the side hole.

Neuel Hoffimier paled when he saw the sea dragon mask.

“You should be ashamed. You are of the House of Irgafa, and yet you have harmed the Shrine Maiden and defiled the place where the rituals are performed, a crime that would bring the wrath of the sea dragon upon us.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“O foolish one! If you have a brain, think. Did the Marquis really do all this for you?”

“Of course. She loves me. She’s the one who introduced me to the Order of Divine!”

“Then why isn’t the girl here?”

If the purpose of the Marquis was to marry Neuel Hoffimier, it would not be surprising if she were here with us. But she’s not here. She might be among the masked ones, but at least she hasn’t come forward. It’s not like she is waiting outside either.

It’s as if she’s not interested in Neuel Hoffimier anymore.

The Golem said his master is ‘fulfilling his quota in the fight against the Demon King’.

If the Marquis was a ‘visitor’, her job was already done.

Maybe she doesn’t care about Neuel Hoffimier or the Order of Divine.

“Why doesn’t it occur to you that the Marquis might be using you?”

“What kind of man doubts the one he loves? She’s not here because she believes in me. She believes that I will return with results. That must be it!”

That’s what he said.

It would be easier if you surrendered. No?

Iris was so embarrassed that she said, “I’m sorry, ‘Soul Brother. I’m sorry, everyone.” She was covering her face and shaking. I know, right? I don’t want to see my family like that either.

“I didn’t really want close combat”

It will be annoying if I let him escape.

Should we use Cecil’s magic to check this place, then close the gap between us and knock him out at once?

And I’ll make him give up every bit of information about the Marquis.

I gave instructions to Cecil and Rita.

There were still three people left who could move among the Order of Divine. That’s a surprisingly large number.

But with Rita’s acceleration, I can manage…

That was when I was interrupted.

“Use the tactic that Eterina taught us.”

Before we could make a move, Neuel Hoffimier made a declaration.

“……Yes, sir. “Wind Blows”! “Yes, sir.”

The three members of Order of Divine chanted wind magic at the same time.

Next thing I knew…

From the end of the aisle, a person with a sword came flying at me with the force of a cannonball.


Skills used this time

[Bad Luck Annihilation LV1]

A cheat skill that temporarily raises the parameters of good luck by orders of magnitude by activating several points on the body (what are called chakras in the real world).

Lights illuminate the subject’s belly, chest, and head during activation, but this can only be seen by Rafilia and Nagi.

It’s a very powerful skill, so it needs time to charge for a few days after use.

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