Episode 61

The Girl’s Song That Grabs People and Won’t Let Go



Rita kicked away the Order of Divine member who flew towards me like a cannonball.

To be precise, she kicked him and deflected his trajectory.

The warrior of the Order of Divine, while still holding his sword, was rolling around on the ground, his arms and legs were twisted in strange directions, but he was still crawling towards us. He had an arrow stuck in his leg. He was one of the guys who was hit by Rafilia and couldn’t stand up.

“No, that’s not a move! It’s just a flashbang!”

I was surprised.

He was able to close the gap at once. The warrior was still trying to fight, spitting blood from his mouth. What the hell is this strategy?

“…Well… Cecil! I need information about that magic!”


[Windblowing Fist]

Wind-based LV2 magic.

It shoots out compressed air and prioritizes the elimination of obstacles over killing the enemy.

If you increase the power by chanting simultaneously, you can even blow up rocks.

I’ve never heard of shooting someone though. Even if I could, I wouldn’t normally do it!”


I remember hearing that the corpses of the members of the Order of Divine were left behind.

Is that because of this fighting style?

They blast their immobilized subordinates toward the enemy with powerful wind magic.

If they are able to land a hit, then it will be a critical hit. It is very powerful. An instant rush move. However, if it was countered the flying one would receive heavy damage.

On top of that, the warrior in front of me was still trying to fight while being torn to shreds.

It’s a good strategy, but there’s no one who would follow it willingly.

“Are you coercing them with your mind manipulation skills? Or do you have a [Contract]?

I don’t care either way.

“Aine! Wipe out his memory and put him to sleep! Rafilia stays put. Cecil will guard Rafilia while using magic to control her. Rita… come here.”

“Whoa, whoa.”

I pulled Rita’s arm and sneaked into a hollow hole in the wall.

In the meantime, Aine struck the face of a warrior of the Order of Divine with her mop. The warrior collapsed with a thud. But he was still twitching. He looked like a radio-controlled model whose batteries were about to run out.

The rest of the Order of Divine was, ugh…, getting ready to fly.

Neuel Hoffimier was ranting about something. Did he intend to use the Order of Divine to run away.?

If I let him go, I’ll have a lot of trouble. But if I try to chase them, I’ll be bombarded with warriors and magic as I move through the corridor.

That means.

I’ll just have to make a skill that can stall those guys in this state.

The skills I can use right now are the Giant Spider’s [Nest Building LV2], the Large Serpent’s [Coiled LV3], and the last of the housekeeping skills I got from Iris.

If I combine those with Rita’s skills, I think I can manage it somehow.

“Rita. May I…”

“Yes, master. You may…”

Rita took off her ‘sea dragon mask’.

Her cherry-red eyes, slightly puffy, were looking right at me.

“I haven’t even said anything yet.”

“I know what Nagi wants.”

Rita’s cheeks were on fire. Her long eyelashes swayed and her golden fluffy ears were trembling faintly.

“You want to use [Quick Structure] here, don’t you?”

“I’m sorry for putting all this pressure on you, Rita.”

It’s going to be a pain in the ass if Neuel Hoffimier escapes now.

It’d be better to catch him here and make him spill the beans about the Marquis and the Order of Divine.

He’s also a member of the Irgafa family, so there’s no telling what he’ll do if we let him loose.

“So I need to use Rita’s skills to catch those guys.”

“I don’t need an explanation.”

Rita grabbed my hand and placed it on her chest.

The soft, warm place firmly caught my hand.

“All Nagi has to do is tell me, ‘I want Rita to do something. Because I’m yours, aren’t I?”

“I’m sorry. This is the second time I will be using [Quick Structure] on you.”

“It’s okay. It means that I am useful to Nagi. That’s why it’s okay.”

Rita nodded loudly as if to tell herself.

Her heart was beating insanely fast, her face was bright red, and sometimes her eyes were swimming.

But she was still holding my hand and pressing it firmly against her chest.

Rita was ready.

If that’s the case, there’s no time to lose.

“Okay. I want to use [Quick Structure] with Rita. Let me use Rita’s [Singing LV4].”

“Yes, master!”

With a thump, Rita’s heart skipped a beat.

Rita’s breasts were surprisingly hot. Every time I flicked my fingers over them, she would squirm. I felt uncomfortable, so I shifted my hand a little, up and down – stopping when Rita exhaled, “…Huh.”

“This time, we’ll recalibrate after we’re done.”

“Yes. I’ll try not to mess up this time.”


You’re not gonna fail this time?

Oh, I get it. [Soul Engagement].

After the last [Quick Structure], I thought we would succeed [Soul Engagement] but we didn’t.

“All right. We’ll do it when we get back, so be prepared.”

When I said that, Rita’s face turned bright red.

“Please, master.”

She tucked in her animal ears and mumbled to herself.

I installed [Coiled LV3] dropped by the Large Serpent on myself.

The words [This skill is unusable] immediately appeared in my mind. That’s right. The human body is not designed to use such a skill.

But the [Skill Structure] window shows the skill without any problems.

[Coiled LV3]

The skill of using the “body” to “bind” the “enemy” (do not use the limbs)

I think I can rebuild it.

Now I just need to tie the ‘Magic Thread’ to Rita’s skill.

[Singing LV4]

Skill to “move” people’s “hearts” with a “song”

Right next to me, Rita was holding my hand.

She entwined her thin, white fingers with mine and closed her eyes as if she’s ready.

I put my hand on Rita’s chest and declared.

“Activate! [Quick Structure]”


Rita gave a sad sigh.

Then I open my eyes cautiously and reach for the magical thread that connects me and Rita.

“…Me and Nagi, are we connected?”


“Once we’ve defeated the enemy, will you recondition me properly?”

“Of course. This time I’ll make sure Rita doesn’t get lonely on her own.”

“…I’m happy, but I’m embarrassed…, and I’m nervous…”

Rita stroked her fingers over the collar that covered her pure white throat.

“I’m excited, so I’ll put my feelings into a song. I want to be able to do it with Nagi properly later.”

With that, Rita turned towards the corridor.

Before I knew it, the second warrior of the Order of Divine was flying in. Aine stopped by using the puddle of water present and her skill [Sewage Increase], but Aine was also breathing hard. She must have used too many skills to defend us.

Let’s get this over with.

But I’ll have to ask her for an additional reward later.

“Well, let’s get rid of them and go home. Let’s do it, Rita!”

“Yes. Please listen to me,… Master.”

Rita took a deep breath and activated her skill.

Then Rita’s beautiful voice filled the corridor.

This time, the skill created by the [Quick Structure] was

[Binding Song LV1] (UR Ultra Rare)

The skill of “binding” the “enemy” with “song”.

It’s a ranged ‘cheat skill’ that restricts the movement of enemies who hear Rita’s song.

(TL Note; {…} means the song that Rita is singing. So, it doesn’t make any rhymes in English.)

{How do I tell someone I’m having trouble being honest with him?

It’s overflowing.

It’s so painful.

This feeling that’s about to burst.}

The air shuddered.

A high-pitched vibration began to envelop the passage.

{Connecting to me, a beastman

I don’t need a chain.

All you have to do is call my name.

His voice alone is enough to make my heart

I’m always connected to that man.}

{So, God, give me a sign.

That says I’m his.

A mark for the world to see.

Every time I touch it, I can feel that person.

Mark me, mark me…}

Rita kept singing.

It sounded like sugar cubes with honey.

Coated in chocolate.

It was so sweet that I felt I was drowning in sweetness…

But her voice was as clear as the morning air when she woke up early.

Should I stroke Rita’s head later?

I was so embarrassed that I didn’t know whether I should roll over or not – but I didn’t.

The ‘cheat skill’ [Binding Song LV1] was showing its effects without question.

“What the hell? What the hell is this?”

A scream echoed from across the corridor.

The Order of Divine and Neuel Hoffimier were about to fly their next subordinate.

There was something like a golden chain wrapped around their body.

When I looked closer, I saw that it wasn’t iron that made the chain, but a string of golden letters.

It vibrated in small increments in time with Rita’s voice.

Slowly, it tightened up their bodies.

“What the hell? What is this embarrassing song? What is it?”

Neuel Hoffimier was shouting.


“What are you talking about? It’s a great song.”

Cecil was listening intently with her eyes closed.

“I want it to be the theme song for the party.”

Aine was nodding with her arms folded.

“That’s a good idea. I’ll record it when I get home.”

Rafilia clapped her hands and said

“I don’t know why, but I like this too. My body is getting hotter.”

Iris was holding her small breasts.

In the meantime, Rita continued to sing.

Her face was bright red, and she seemed to be squeezing her voice out of her thin body.

Sweat was trickling down her forehead. Her voice is getting quieter and quieter.

As powerful as [Binding Singing LV1] is, it also drains a lot of energy.

{I’ll give you my thoughts.

Until the next world, no, forever.

I pray to God that we’ll be together.

I hope you feel the same way.}


I held Rita’s collapsing body in my arms.


“Good work. Rita.”

“Nagi, hehehe. Being held by you is my reward.”

I stroked Rita’s hair and took her temperature – okay, it was normal.

But we’re all getting tired by now, so let’s just get this quest over with!

“In the name of the sea dragon Kerukatoru, detain those who defile the dungeon!”

I shouted.

I decided to go with “He Who Received the Blessing of the Sea Dragon” until the end.

“Aine, use [Memory Cleanup] to stun the enemy. Cecil, use the [Momentum Arrow] to take away the enemy’s magic power. Iris and Rafilia, I’m sorry but please support Rita and follow me.”

Cecil and Aine started running.

I left Rita’s body in the hands of Rafilia and Iris, and I too went towards the enemy.

“…What the hell is this…?

The binding power of Rita’s [Binding Song] was still going on.

Neuel Hoffimier and the others were lying on the ground, twitching. They looked like fish on land.

“The wrath of the Sea Dragon.”

“Nonsense. Eterina said that Sea Dragons are nothing more than demons from another world…”

“We’ll talk about that later. We’ll also talk about the true identity of the Marquis later.”

But it’ll be the regular soldiers doing the interrogation.

I’m sure they are very angry.

Their master had attacked them out of the blue, tried to kidnap the Shrine Maiden, and was the source of the destruction of the Sea Dragon Dungeon.

“And who is the leader of the Order of Divine?”

“Huh, huh. Who are you that I need to speak to!”

Neuel Hoffimier looked away.

To the masked girl lying right next to him.

So, it’s her.

“As guards of the Sea Dragon Shrine Maiden, I would like to hear your purpose.”

I said, looking down at the masked girl. But…

“The Order of Divine is looking for new members.”


I believe she was called Blast 1before by her subordinates. She suddenly began to talk in a high-pitched voice.

It was as if an automated voice from a machine.

Her restrained limbs were trembling and shaking. The silver mask was also shaking.

Cecil tugged on my arm. In a small voice, she told me, “That mask is not good. It seems that bright red magic power is flowing out of the mask to its owner.”

“If you reach the rank B in the Divine Order, you can collect 5% of the rewards from the rank C for every quest you complete, and 20% if you reach rank A. The rank C is a little tough at first, but if you work hard, you can quickly move up to a higher rank.”

The voice that came out sounded like a recorded sales talk. It was a common one in my previous world.

“The procedure is simple, just put on a mask and make a ‘Contract’. You too can join the Order of Divine and become a ‘Hero’. We’re currently running a campaign to expand our membership! All you have to do is pay an entrance fee of 1,000 arsha and you can start at rank B!”


The mask came off.

“Rank EX mask removed due to inability to fight. Let’s start from rank C again.”

With a bang, the girl’s body flinched and stopped moving.

“Cecil, please use [Appraisal] on this mask?


Cecil has the [Appraisal] skill.

I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on any treasures, so we haven’t used it until now.

“Activate [Appraisal LV2]”

Cecil held her hand to the mask lying on the ground.

“I understand. This mask has some type of ‘Mind Control’ magic on it. It seems that the mask absorbs the magic power of the user and uses it as fuel to create the effect of ‘Mental Domination’.”

“Before the downgrade, the magic sword Reggie… like the one Regina Brass used?”

“Not even close! My Lord.”

The magic sword, Reggie, suddenly trembled.

“I just love to see pretty girls go wild in a sexy way! I just love the way these normally pretty girls get flustered by their own physical reactions!”

“But in this masked domination, there is no love! No lust! Not even a hint of grace! It is an abominable tool that binds people into groups with invisible chains! Don’t lump me with them. I’ll cry, my Lord!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, don’t fuss. Reggie.”

I patted Reggie to calm her down.

It’s true that the magic sword Regina Brass was trying to serve me.

This mask is the opposite. It’s like the mask has control of the wearer.

“You’re right, Reggie. I think the reason these people were able to use the [Simultaneous Chanting] was that they were forcibly connected mentally. This mask is a magical item that turns people into tools.”

It seems that the girl who was unmasked fell unconscious because of the effects of the ‘Mind Control’ she has been under.

” It’s only natural that her spirit wore out after being under such strong ‘Mental Control’. It’s good that she has been unmasked by being unable to fight, but I think it’ll take a while for her consciousness to return” Cecil said.

“Are items like these masks common in this world?”


Cecil shook his head.

“If there are any, they only come out once every thousand years. It’s not something that can be mass-produced like this. It’s only possible…”

Cheat skills, you mean.

In other words, the Marquis who introduced these guys to Neuel Hoffimier is the key.

I don’t like it. I don’t want to get involved.

“What are you talking about? I will not allow you to touch Eterina! She’s my…”

“Oh, we can talk about you later.”

“Okay, okay. Good night.”

Neuel Hoffimier fainted after being mopped by Aine.

Before I knew it, all of the members of the Order of Divine had stopped moving as well.

It was after the mask of Blast 1 fell off.

Apparently, she was sort of the command center of the whole Order.

“Lady Iris! Are you all right?”

A voice came from the entrance of the dungeon.

It was the captain of the regular soldiers.

I heard that he was beaten up by the Order of Divine, but he managed to come back.

The horn on his helmet, which he was so proud of, seems to have broken off.

“I’m sorry. We had no idea that Young Master Neuel would attack us. …Who are you guys?”

When the captain saw us wearing the masks, he shouted.

“Something strange happened to the Shrine Maiden, so in her hour of need, the Sea Dragon temporarily gave her strange powers!”

“Oh, I see!”

The captain clapped his hands with a plop.

“The maid and the elf girl were strong because of the blessing of the sea dragon. I’m going to make the ‘Sea Dragon Mask’ standard equipment from now on! Thanks for the info!”

The captain was in a good mood.

“My brother and the Order of Divine Command attacked me and tried to stain the dungeon with blood.”

Iris mumbled sadly.

“They are sinners. Let them be bound and locked up in the name of the Shrine Maiden.”

“Yes, Lady Iris.”

The captain nodded.

He raised his hand, and other regular soldiers came from the entrance of the dungeon.

“Let’s leave the rest to these people.”

And then we were on the ground.

“The quest is finally complete now.”

I’m finally done.

I feel like I haven’t worked this hard in a long time.

Perhaps it was the seawater, but my body and clothes were sticky. Cecil, Aine, and Rafilia were all wiping their hair with cloths and wringing out their clothes. Rita can’t stay away from me, so she’s right beside me, patting my clothes.

Business hours were over.  And I was glad that I didn’t have to work overtime.

Let’s get some food somewhere and go home, then take a bath and sleep.

“Thank you very much, Souma.”

Iris came to our side.

She bowed to me and then to everyone else in turn.

“Souma and the others have fulfilled their quest perfectly. Of course, we will also pay you an additional reward to apologize for your fight with my brother.”

“Yeah, thanks, Iris.”

“I understand how you feel about that ‘Soul Brother’, Souma.”

Iris squirmed and looked up at me.

“But if you don’t mind, would you be willing to join us for the ceremony on the day of the festival? I don’t want to force you, but you never know what might happen.”

“You mean to escort you?”

“It’s just that there are still remnants of the Order of Divine, and it is possible that Eterina Hasburg is planning something.”

Iris slumped down and hugged her thin shoulders anxiously.

But she was glancing at me as if trying to see my face.

“The only person who can accompany me to the center is not the Sea Dragon’s Hero. The only one who can accompany me to the center is Souma, my ‘Soul Brother’.”

Iris’s face was red. She was clenching her fists as if she had made up her mind.

It’s almost as if Iris is up to something.

“Let me think.”

“I understand. I will wait for your good reply.’Soul Brother’.”

Iris bowed gracefully and had a very sweet smile on her face.



Skills used in this chapter

[Binding Song LV 1]

This is a restraint cheat skill created by combining the [Singing] and [Coiled] skills.

When Rita’s voice is heard, a chain of magical power wraps the opponent to block their movement.

It’s a powerful skill that affects a wide range of people, but it places a heavy burden on Rita, and she can’t keep singing for long.

Also, since it is only LVL 1, it can be resisted by gutsy or mentally strong opponents.

In addition, since it is a range effect type skill, it can be destroyed by Rita’s own [Area Breaker LV 1].

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