193 Part 1

193: Lady White Pig, Delivering a Palm Strike


Since then, we started to take action in retrieving the opium Veeca had distributed, tracking down her collaborators, and searching for Angela.

The Kuroko maid, who allegedly had served a poisoned dish to the King, was secretly apprehended.

He was suffering from withdrawal symptoms and being tended by other maids.

Details of the case were still kept secret from everyone, except those involved.




A result turned up a few days later.

I caught a suspicious man who was spreading rumors around in the castle.

He was caught circulating, “Her Highness Angela was responsible for His Majesty’s ailment!” This seemed to be the origin of the rumors.

After receiving the “Lucas-style Terror Interrogation”, he coughed up Angela’s whereabouts.

The Northern Kingdom, scary … Lucas, scary ….

While trembling, the suspicious man sneered at us as his last resort of resistance.


“The princess will never return. You’re too late … the ship will sail soon.”


“That’s right. It’s disguised as a freighter … that ship is heading to the Northern Kingdom.”


According to the man, the ship from the Northern Kingdom disguising as an ordinary freighter had smuggled opium into the center of the royal capital time and again.

That ship was then anchored at the port to the west of the royal capital.

The destination was made to appear as the southern part of this kingdom, while its true destination was the Northern Kingdom.


(So … Princess Angela is held captive on that ship. She was kidnapped after all.)


She was the first and most important princess of this Central Kingdom. The Northern Kingdom must not get their hands on her.


(I have to save Princess Angela!)


Together with the soldiers, Ricardo, Emilya, and I rushed toward the west port on our horses.

There was quite a significant distance, but I could give my all my in riding since my skill had improved!


Marlow and Meryl were meaning to join us as well, but the situation wouldn’t allow it.

They were taking action in retrieving the opium that had been distributed all over the royal capital and investigating the Kuroko maid’s accomplices.

Marlow reluctantly went back to his responsibilities after giving me a bag of sweets.

Lucas remained in the castle, assisting them.


Ruze had been contacted regarding the opium that was distributed around the northern part of this kingdom.

A transmission had been made to nobles with territories in the northern part of this kingdom, informing them to conduct investigations in each of their territories.

However, just like in the royal capital, it seemed to have claimed no victims yet.


Marlow was informing the nobles in the southern part of this kingdom.

Apart from him, I sent a letter to Nora, who had returned to her in-laws family in the southern territory.

Something was bothering me.


(Anyway, focus now on Princess Angela’s rescue!)


We managed to reach the harbor before the ship left port.


In the vast harbor, many ships were docking as well. However, we could spot the relevant ship after we scanned through them individually.

At first glance, the ship in disguise looked just like an ordinary freighter. There was a subtle difference in construction compared to other freighters, which radiated a strangely fabricated atmosphere.


(The crew was overly armed.)


It seemed difficult to get aboard the ship. Barging in as a crowd would alert them, but letting them leave port would be troublesome as well.


“I think it would be better for us to split into two groups or more.”


Emilya and I nodded to Ricardo’s suggestion.

We decided that I would be closing in from the bow, while Emilya would infiltrate from the stern on a small boat to get closer.

Dressed as an ordinary civilian, I approached the freighter while rummaging the confectionery bag.

There was a watchman standing guard at the entrance to the ship.


“Excuse me —, may I ask you a question —?”


I called out to him in my ordinary civilian get-up.

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