193 Part 2

Ricardo and the soldiers were hiding behind the baggage piled up along the coast.

Incidentally, the platoon under Marlow’s direct command was also there.


“What is it? I’m busy.”

“I’m looking for something. Based on the information I received from Miss Veeca and her associates.”



The change in his expression clearly confirmed that he was someone related to the Northern Kingdom.


“May I look around the ship for a bit —?”

“Obviously not! I mean, who the hell are you?!”

“I’m Miss Veeca’s acquaintance. She’s under my protection.”

“What are you saying? Her highness Veeca is in hiding, even we don’t know her exact whereabouts ….”


Could this watchman be a lowly underling? His emotions were so easily read from his expressions. He even coughed up information so readily. I was thankful.


“Hee hee hee, hee hee hee. I’m telling you she’s in my hands now. Do you understand what that means? If you don’t want anything to happen to Miss Veeca, you should listen every word I say.”


I embellished my line with an insinuative sneer.

Somehow I looked like a villain. Moreover, I strangely looked the part, since the leader of the platoon hiding in the shadows of the pile of baggage gave me his thumbs up. Ricardo gave a complicated expression towards my charade.


“What kind of joke are you making? You should leave, brat! Or you’ll get hurt.”


The man treated me as a nuisance and drove me away.

His reaction was too sloppy in front of someone who possessed information about Veeca.


(I’m certain my cover was blown, and he realized that I’m no ordinary civilian. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.)


When I persisted, the man started to respond in a low voice.


“Looks like you want to get hurt, huh?”


Unfortunately, the path to a peaceful solution had just been closed.

Just when the crew violently raised his arm, I took out my secret weapon from the confectionery bag.


“Pepper spray!”


I made this self-defense item, perfect for delicate ladies, with my best effort.

Contained inside a mist-type spray canister, I aimed at his eys and sprayed the liquid.

The atrocious liquid splendidly got into his eyes.


“Argh?! My eyes, my eyes —!”


The confectionery bag I received was unexpectedly large, so I stored some convenient goods I brought with me from the mansion. By the way, the sweets that were originally stored in the bag … I didn’t know when they disappeared.

I could have eaten them all unconsciously. Um, scary.


The watchman who was standing by the ship’s entrance plunged overboard once he received my glorious palm strike. Spontaneously, the platoon that was lurking in the shadows sprung out and jumped onto the deck one after another.

The other crew members hadn’t realized the situation.

An ordinary female civilian was asking their crewmate something … they were only aware of that much. They hurriedly returned into the ship and disappeared. They didn’t stand guard at all.

On a side note, I shared my pepper spray with all the platoon members.


(It’s not that they weren’t already strong in general even without the self-defense item.)


The other soldiers also came aboard following the platoon. The deck became a state of confusion.

In cooperation with the rest of the soldiers, Ricardo and I captured the crew members who escaped from the ship.

Ricardo gave general instructions to the soldiers.

To put it bluntly, my duty would come after Angela’s rescue.

After all, it would be better for her to be rescued by a fellow lady; she would be more comfortable getting help in changing her clothes and receiving emotional support from her best lady friend.


(I think Princess Angela would be stubborn if she were to deal with his highness Emilya.)


I stood by Ricardo side, rustling though the confectionery bag, and watched over the soldiers on deck.


“Hey, Ricardo. I tried creating a Molotov cocktail in the research lab as well.”

“… You’re creating something dangerous again.”


Ricardo gave a bitter smile in response to my statement.


“It’s better to be prepared just in case push comes to shove.”

“I guess so. If the ship is packed with opium, the smoke would billow up.”

“Uh-huh, I want to confirm the cargo as well. But I think it would be better to leave the ship intact.”


I gazed over the sea surface.

I was wondering if Emilya and the soldiers made it on board from the stern, but couldn’t confirm it from the shore.

The battle continued aboard the deck. I prayed for the safety of Emilya, Angela, and the soldiers.


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