What I Found Out, What I Understood




I mainly write this when I want to write a story without a plot, so there may be contradictions.


I would be very happy if you could point them out if you find any.



After the Evil Dragon had left, we were finally able to move, and the four others immediately looked at one another.


“What…was that?”


“I don’t know. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”


“Even Jake doesn’t know what it was…”


“I get the creeps just thinking about it…

What in the world…”


“Hey, Al. What do you think?




I saw it.


The hopeless discrepancy in stats.


My physical defense was around 70,000 and my magic defense was around 80,000.


However, the Evil Dragon’s attack was 230,000 and its magic was 280,000.


There was no way I could stand against it.

All it would take was a single hit and I would be dead.


That being said, it showed no signs of aggression towards us, so it was unlikely that we would have to fight it.


I can only pray for that to be the case.


But, if it did attack us, then–


“–Hey, Al? Are you listening?”




“What’s the matter? Alucchi, did you know that you’ve been thinking about something with a dark expression for a while now?”


“Are you sick?”


“No. Sorry about that. I’m fine.

Don’t worry about me. Anyway, what were you talking about?”


“About that dragon. What do you–”


Even as I was listening, I began to think again.


–if that dragon did attack me…


As someone who relied so much on his status, I would not be able to do anything.












After that, we returned to the royal capital and were planning to go to the adventurer’s guild together, but the other four said they needed to drop off the monster parts that they hunted. And so I ended up going on ahead.


I entered the building and saw that Helen was talking with some old woman I’ve never seen before. Then she noticed me.


“Ah! Just in time! Al!

Over here!”


She said as she waved me over. And so I went over to where she was.


“Are you the one? Did you accept my quest?”


“Quest… Oh, do you mean the melk weeds?”


“Yes. This is Wong. She is the one whose request you accepted.”


“But why are you here?”


“Ahh, I was just about to make a new request for something else.

And you just happened to be here as well.

So, did you get me my melk weed?”


“Ahh, yes…”


I handed her the bag of melk weed.


“Oh my! This is quite a lot!

Thank you so much! I will give you an extra large bonus for this!”


“Thank you.”


After seeing me thank her, Wong’s face suddenly changed from her warm expression to a more serious one.


“…Why are you making that irritating face?”




Was I making such a face?


“I don’t know what happened to you, but a young person with a bright future should not be making such faces. Here, I will give you this. You can use it.”


She said as she handed me a bottle of some kind of liquid.


“…What is this?”


“It’s a liquid herb made of extract from melk weed.

Dab at it with a cloth and sniff it. It should help you calm down a little. I will give it to you for free as part of the extra bonus. So please use it.”




“Now, now! No need to thank me. Just hurry up and take your reward and go home for the day!

You’re tired, aren’t you?”


I obeyed her advice by accepting the reward and quickly leaving the guild house.









Helen was looking at Al as he left the building.


“Al…  Do you think he will be fine?”


“Helen, are you really so worried about him?”


“Yes. It’s like I’m worried about leaving him alone…”


It was the kind of thing that could be misinterpreted. But Helen’s face was not that of a girl who was in love, but the face of a parent who worries for their child.


“…Don’t tell me, does he look similar?”



Appearance, air, the way he talks, everything.”


“…I see.

But, I don’t have a good feeling about it.

I hope that nothing happens…”


It would not be long before she knew whether or not her fears had any ground.

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