Chapter 85


 The baked potatoes could not be distributed after all.


 There were too many who wanted it, but I couldn’t afford to have all of them pledge their allegiance to me.


 We had no choice but to let Lady Priscilla, George, his royal highness, and the traffic light ladies have it, and take the rest of it home.

 Soon it was time for classes to begin, and the ladies around me returned to their seats.


 Today was a lesson in the history of the country.


 I was flipping through my textbook as I listened to the teacher.


  I had been studying with a private tutor since I was a child, so there was nothing new to learn in class.


 Not only me, but most of the senior nobles are the same way.


For the nobles, student life at this school is more about networking than studying.


 For this reason, classes for the nobles are few, and most of them end in the morning.


 Students who wanted to, could take classes in the afternoons, but I often went to Signora at that time.


 As I flipped through my textbook, I found a page about Lumerica, where Lady Remy studied abroad.


 The textbook said, “The Kingdom of Lumérica is a rich producer of natural resources and has a thriving trade with neighboring countries, including our own Altria. It is also known as the land of merchants, with its many trading houses. The streets are lined with stores, and it is said that there is nothing that cannot be found in Lingosta, the capital of Lumerica.”


 Lumerica was an interesting country just from the textbook description alone.


 It takes about a month to get to Lumerica by horse-drawn carriage, so it is not an easy place to visit, but I would love to go there someday.


 However, I wonder if Lumerica, the country of merchants, is like Osaka in Japan?


 …… No, I would like to imagine a European style country here.


 This is because I cannot imagine Lady Remy settling in Osaka. In fact, I hope she doesn’t.



“That concludes today’s class. Next month, we will have the final exam for the first semester, so please review your work. After the final exam, there will be a party for the foundation festival, so please look forward to it.”


The teacher concluded with a smile.


If it’s the end-of-semester exam, it’s ……!


 Damn! I completely forgot, I am not going to let that upset me.


 I have studied as a young lady and I have no blind spot!


 I puffed my chest.




“This class is a noble class, so I don’t think there will be any problems, but …… this class also has a dance exam.”




 The students buzzed.


 And so it should be. Usually dance is not part of the final exam.


 I have to train for this one…… I can handle it there because I do a lot of exercise with my diet, but I have always been a bit of a dong dong, and I’m not very good at dancing.


 I can dance the basic steps of a waltz reasonably well, but since I have never been to an evening party or anything like that, I am not even sure how well I can dance.


 I became anxious about the exam instantly.


 Then I heard a sigh from the seat behind me.


 I turned around and saw Lady Marietta looking as miserable as I was.




“A dance exam is the worst kind of exam. ……”



“Really ……” Lady Marietta replied.




 We looked at each other and sighed again.

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