Entourage Chapter 86


“What are you sighing about?”


George asked as he came in, yawning.


George looked very relaxed.


It was not the usual brainy …… no-nonsense type attitude.


Well, George is athletic by nature and a pretty good dancer too.


“Oh George. I’m worried about my …… dance exam.” Lady Marietta said.


“Me too. No matter how much I have practiced, I can never get rid of the feeling that I’m not good at it. And also it’s so nerve-wracking to dance in front of the teacher.” I said.


We sighed again.


“Well, then, shall I teach you dancing?”


From behind George, His Royal Highness came and stepped forward.


“Are you sure, Your Highness?” I asked.


“Yes, of course.”

We immediately decided to start practicing dance tomorrow.


In the end, in addition to His Highness and George, Lady Julia and Lady Emilia also decided to join us.


Since Angie and Remy left the school, I have been getting together with these members more often.


[I regret my mediocre brown hair, and I wish I had green and pink…


When I think about it, I wonder if green and pink hair were miraculous…I have lost my precious hair


White can be used instead of pink, but white hair is not very good for me, knowing from the previous life.


It’s really ridiculous that if you pull out one, three more will grow.]


“What are you guys talking about?” Lady Priscilla asked.


While we were making plans for tomorrow, Lady Priscilla arrived.


She looked cute, peeking out from the side of tall George.


“We were thinking of practicing dance tomorrow,” I replied.


“Would you like to join us, Lady Priscilla?” Lady Marietta asked.


“Well, dancing! There is an exam coming up, isn’t there? Please let me join you!” Lady Priscilla said.


Lady Priscilla was incredibly cute, looking like a squirrel as she tilted her head back with her palms together in front of her face.


I couldn’t help but nudge her head.


After that, I left the academy and headed for Signora.


Today, Lady Julia was my companion back home.


I recently found out that Lady Julia is quite knowledgeable and passionate about tea. So, I promised her that I would let her taste the new Signora herbal tea which will be on the sale soon.


“Thank you for coming today, Lady Julia.”


“Oh, I don’t mind. I love Signora’s herbal tea. I should be the one to thank you!” Lady Julia said.


“Is that so? I am honored to hear that”


Lady Julia knows every kind of tea in this world and could also be described as a tea fanatic.


She has visited Signora many times on her own, and after meeting her when she happened to visit Signora’s café space, she has been giving me some advice on tea.


Thanks to her, the quality of my herbal tea has improved significantly.


I would like her to come to Signora officially as an advisor.


“That being said……, you might want to be careful with Lady Priscilla.”




I was taken aback by Lady Julia’s sudden surprising words.


She continued with a serious expression on her face.


“I don’t know if you know this because you, Cosette, don’t attend tea parties very much, but …… I haven’t heard many good things about her.”


“Rumors ……?”


“I haven’t heard details, but there are several young ladies who have had their lovers taken by her. Well, there also maybe things that the other men were unfaithful to the ladies.” Lady Julia continued.




Lady Priscilla is a lovely young lady, as cute as a small animal.


Even if she has no bad intentions, men may become infatuated with her. She is gorgeous and charming.


“I understand. Thank you. Well, I don’t have a lover. ……” I replied.


At my words, Lady Julia’s eyes widened.


“Is that so? I thought you were in love with His Highness. ……”


“Ha-ha-ha. Oh, no, I’m afraid not.” I replied.


I consider His Highness an important friend, but a lover is out of the question.


First of all, I can’t even imagine a future as queen.


As I laughed bitterly, Lady Julia giggled.


“That’s right. ……, but don’t be too careless, or you’ll be taken.” Lady Julia advised me.


After I replied to Lady Julia, I pretended not to look at her, even though I felt somewhat hazy.






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