Chapter 87


“This is Rosehip tea with some dry fruits added into it, Lady Julia. This time, it’s an apple.” I placed the cup of tea for Lady Julia.

“Oh, my! What a lovely scent.” Lady Julia exclaimed.

While enjoying some tea in Signora drawing room, the consultation of this and that begun.

“We can now enjoy various kinds of flavor by using seasonal fruits.” I said in satisfaction.

“If we blend the tea more over here, wouldn’t it make it easier to drink…?” Lady Julia thought out loud.

Rosehip tea as a tea with dry fruits added is decided to be sold as a new product. Not only filled with lots of vitamin good for beauty, it’s also very tasty.

“Oh right, let’s send this new tea to Lady Remy! I’m sure he will be happy to know that it’s something Julia thought of!” I said to Lady Julia.

As I clapped my hand softly, Lady Julia showed a little troubled face.

“What’s the matter?” I asked

Lady Julia turned her sad eyes away. “I’m…. father prohibited me from interacting with Lady Remy…”

It’s not like I didn’t understand her father’s feeling. Even if Remy wasn’t guilty, the Duke of Doranju’s house had been crushed.

In order to prevent it from reaching their own home, cutting off all interaction is of course the natural judgement made by the head of a noble family. Rather, even though I’m a victim, my father who didn’t give me any order is more special.

But… That is a little bit lonely. I wonder if Lady Julia herself also felt so. She is, even in the traffic light team, is the closest with Lady Remy….

Then, I came up with an idea. “Lady Julia… If you would, could you add a word to explain the tea in a mail I’m writing? There are some parts that I don’t understand.”

Upon hearing my words, Lady Julia immediately raised her face.

“O… Of course! I’m very good with explanatory text!” She exclaimed with a little moisty eyes and shyly laughed.


As Lady Julia also decided to think of some explanatory text to be placed in the shop. While waiting for that, the tea had gone cold and as it was about to be re-brew, the sound of knocking echoed.

“Please excuse me, my Lady.” Sisie peeked her head in a little. As a maid it is a rude gesture, but I’m sure it’s because the store is very busy at the moment, so she couldn’t help it. “Lord Remias is here. Should I let him in?”

“I don’t mind.” I answered. “Lady Julia, is it all… Eh?”

As I turned to Lady Julia, she frozen up while holding a teacup.

“Lady Julia? He—y, Lady Julia—“ I called out. Even as I wave my hands in front of her face, poked her cheek several times, she still didn’t move.

“Hi, Cosette. It’s been awhile. Miss Julia too, how are you?”

With a gentle smile, Remias came in. The last time I saw him had been when His Majesty the King giving out judgement, maybe around 3 months.

At that time, he looked kind of sick, but now just by looking at him, it seemed that he had returned to a healthy appearance. It’s a relief to see his cheek had returned to its original rose color.

“Remias! I’m glad that look good! You seemed busy so I was quite worry.” I greeted him happily, while also expressing my worries for him.

“The management of the given territory for the time being has concluded, so I have some time now. But it’s still quite difficult to return to academy.” Remias explained.

I heard that the Viscount territory that was given to Remias, was a part of Duke Doranju territory that was given another form. Even though it is lesser than a Duchy, it is pretty spacious for a Viscount territory. The excessive treatment for a new Viscount appeared to be His Majesty the King’s way of showing his expectation for Remias.

“Oh, right! Just now Lady Julia had planned a new blend of tea!” I said. “Please give it a try, Remias. Right, Lady Julia…”

There was no reply. She was like a statue.

Feeling worried from seeing Lady Julia frozen up like that, Remias took a peek at her face.

“Miss Julia…? Are you all right?” He asked.

“… Rerererererere”

Oh no, Lady Julia is broken.

“Rerererererereremias, my Lord!  I, I am fine, of course! O, O—hohoho.” Lady Julia laughed loudly, but there was no sharpness like usual. Her face had also turned red.

“Miss Julia? Your face is very red. Please drink some tea and calm down.” Remias softly made Lady Julia held a teacup. Lady Julia whose face became redder, gulped down the whole tea in her hand in one go.

I panicked from seeing that. “It, it’s still very hot! Lady Julia!”

“Huwa! … I, I’m fine!” Lady Julia tried to assure me. “Lady Cosette, I’ll give you the explanatory text tomorrow, okay! I’ll take my leave today!”

With a red face, eyes teary from drinking the whole tea, Lady Julia left as if running away.

She was so fast, that there wasn’t even any chance to stop her, so we just watched over her dumbfounded with mouths open.

Remias, looking slightly lonely, softly let out. “Am I hated by Miss Julia… Every time she sees my face, she always runs away.”

“No, that’s just… I don’t think so.” I answered.

This kind of thing is not for me to say. In my past life, I’ve been told severely by my daughter that I had no delicacy at all, that I even studied for it.

“For now… Let’s have some tea, shall we?” I regained my composure and began to recommend some tea for Remias.






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