Chapter 88


“I would like to have this strategy meeting for the promotion of Signora’s fall/winter products. First, we will start with the new products in our footwear department.” I announced it to Ed and Sisie.


Signora will start selling new fall/winter products from next month.


I will not be able to come to the store much, as it is right around the time of the first semester’s final exams. Therefore, I will leave the store’s management to Sisie and Ed.


The two of them will keep in frequent contact with me even when I am away, and I can rest assured that they will do a great job running the Signora Company.


Ed’s specialty, the footwear department, will offer boots for fall/winter.

The ladies of this world don’t ride horses very often, but we intend to launch riding boots as well.


By daring to use elaborate embroidery and designs, we hope to increase the number of women riding horses to wear the boots.


Riding horses and getting out more actively could help women’s social advancement in this world.


For this reason, we have focused on beautiful designs that women would want to have.


“These riding boots will be the centerpiece of this year’s collection. They are designed with an emphasis on design for women.” Ed said.


Ed took out a pair of boots.


“Ed, they are fantastic! I can’t imagine how you make such beautiful riding boots!” I was amazed by Ed’s design.


The prototype boots that Ed brought me today are made of reddish-brown leather and have a rather feminine design with a ribbon lacing up the back.

The leather, tanned until shiny, is fastened with screws with small jewels, and the toe and heel are also patterned with jewels.

We tried to keep the price a bit low because of the use of low-quality jewels, but it is likely to be a very expensive product for other reasons.


The calf portion of the boots has holes drilled in it to ensure ventilation, and the holes were made to form a flower pattern. From underneath the holes, a pink lace peeked out.


I sighed in admiration at how prettier it turned out than I had imagined it to be.


Ed also looked pleased with his work.



“Thank you.” Ed said.


“But as expected, the cost is high. …… The leathers are of quite high quality, so it would be difficult to sell them for the general public.” Ed continued.


“I agree. This is just a sample, and the rest will be made to custom order for the ladies of the noble families.” Sisie said.


In addition to riding boots, the company is also preparing new products of winter-friendly materials, such as velvet high-heels with fur and high heels in a tweed style.



We designed a series of exercise products in the diet category that could be used indoors.


“Fufufu……… I’d like to show a new product we’ve developed this time.”


“Woah, woah, woah, woah.”


Sisie gave me a ludicrous round of applause.


“This time the product is Hu-la-ho-op …… !”


“Hoola huuup??”


“No, Hula Hoop.”.


The centerpiece of the diet section is the Hula Hoop. It is made of bamboo, which we have plenty of in our house.

Light and strong! Bamboo was the perfect material.


“……It looks like it’s just a circle,” Sisie said.


Sisie’s cold gaze pierced through the Hula Hoop as I proudly held it up.


“No, no, no, no, no, no! Come here! Here I bring you the magic hoop! At first glance, it looks just like a circle, but when you put it through your waist and move it like this, like this ……” I said.


“Bump, bump, bump!”

” clang”


“Bump, bump, bump!

” clang”




Hula Hoop is surprisingly difficult.

I was freezing under Sisie’s gaze.

But I have a secret plan!


“….. C’mon, George!” I called out to George.


“Okay, Here we go!” George said.


George, who I had hidden in the closet for just such an occasion, popped out in all his glory.


“The key to this is to turn your hips in a quick motion like this!” George said.


”hum hum hum”

”hum hum hum”


George’s brilliant motion of his hips made the Hula Hoop spin at blinding speed.

I don’t know when he practiced, but he spun the Hula Hoop around using his arms, ankles, and, eventually, his neck.


“Aaah! George! Look out! Look out!”



Sisie and Ed hurriedly evacuated the table and ran towards the corner of the room to hide.


But it was already too late.



The hoop flew off George in a heap and struck Ed in the head.



“… Well, it’s a tool used like this …” Cosette said.



“We must not use or sell such dangerous tools.” Sisie said.


I went pale when I saw Sisie admonishingly gazing at me.


‘Ed, don’t go to sleep! If you fall asleep, you’ll die!’ [TL note: Ed is dizzy because he got hit in the head by Hula Hoop]


But being forced to remain upright with George, I protested.


“Sisie, you’re wrong! It’s not dangerous ……, it’s a safe diet product if you follow the instructions and use it correctly!”


“Lady, your words are messed up. Well, even if it’s okay … you need to explain how to use it. Although, it’s dangerous to use it indoors,” Sisie said.


George and I objected at Sisie’s words.


“We developed it for indoor use… It’s very cold outside.”


“Okay …… so what effect does this product have?” Sisie asked.


“This is a magic product that allows you to say goodbye to the flab around your waist by using your hips to rotate this Hoop in a fun way!…Of course! But that’s not all! It is also effective for lower back pain. ……”


With my best explanation, Sisie gave me her permission to sell Hula Hoop.


It was a close call. I was almost forced not to sell it.


Sisie is very tough these days.  


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