Quit Entourage

Chapter 89 – Second Arc: Eight Chapter


Yesterday’s meeting was only wrapped up late at night, so I ended up sleeping late.

And now I’m late to school! I had to hurry to the carriage and ask the driver to move quickly.

I did barely arrive in time though, so once I was dropped off at the outer gate, I started quickly walking down the school’s corridors.

And then, after a small while walking, I saw his highness’ back and… He was carrying a lot of luggage.

That must be tough to carry, so let’s go help him.

Or well, I was about to open mouth to offer my help, but then I noticed something.

“Thank you, your highness.” Miss Priscilla giggled a bit as she said that.

“Oh, I don’t mind it. I know you’re a bit frail, Priscilla, so if you are in need in the future, please don’t be afraid of asking for help again.” His highness replied.

Miss Priscilla was right next to his highness, and he was carrying all her luggage, apparently.

Does she need all that for class? It must be filled with lots of maps, scrolls, books and other similar things then.

Though no matter how strong his highness is, I can’t think it is okay to ask the country’s crown prince to carry your luggage…

And well… Right now he looked like an ant carrying a whole pear. This is way too much.

Also, even if we are at school, there are some people here that still care quite a bit about status, so some people might end up getting angry at miss Priscilla if things keep going like this.

I’d feel sorry if I did nothing while knowing that, so let’s help his highness carry the luggage.

“Good morning, your highness, miss Priscilla.

“It must be hard to carry this much luggage, so please let me help.” I quickly approached them and said those words while already touching the luggage.

“Good morning, Cosette. This is heavy though, so let me carry it.” His highness replied.

His smile was hyper refreshing today. I could even see sparkles appearing all around his face.

I blinked a few times.

Yeah, that was just an optical illusion. Just like how it happened in that one time when I saw dust come out of someone’s head.

I’m not giving up that easily though, “I’ve been doing plenty of training, so I’ll be okay.

“I’m confident in my arm’s strength due to the dumbbell exercises I’ve done.” I then started pulling the luggage with more strength.

However, his highness strengthened his hold on the luggage too, “No, it’s okay because I’m already holding it. To do this kind of thing is the path of a real man.” His highness replied.

“Please stop! Don’t fight!

“I’m so weak that I can’t even carry my own luggage. I’m so sorry… Uuuuh…” Suddenly, miss Priscilla started crying out loud.

That surprised me, so I turned around to look at her and momentaneously forgot about the luggage.

When that happened, due to his highness still putting plenty of strength in pulling the luggage, it ended up flying away and falling all over the hallway.

“Ah, sorry…” I muttered.

“Aah! I’m sorry, lady Cosette! I’m so sorry!

“Please control your anger!” Miss Priscilla exclaimed.

This time she crouched down and the tears started flowing even faster than before.

I can’t quite keep up with those extremely volatile emotions… Is this happening because her hormones are too unbalanced as she is still an adolescent?

I wasn’t angry at all though, so I put my hand on the shoulder of the crying miss Priscilla to help her calm down.

“Miss Priscilla, I am-” I started saying.

“Kyaaaa!” However, as soon as my hand touched her shoulder, Miss Priscilla exclaimed that and slammed her back against the wall.

That’s dangerous! What if she hits her head on the wall!?

At that moment…

An object flew from somewhere and strongly hit a part of the wall that was right next to miss Priscilla. The impact startled us all, and it made her move miss Priscilla straighten her entire body, which made her avoid the collision between her head and the wall.

“… Eh?” Me, his highness and miss Priscilla said together.

A single hula hoop rolled down on the spot.

And from the direction that the hula hoop was thrown, stood George, who was making a uselessly cool pose while standing on his knee.

“This is a dangerous place to get careless at, miss Priscilla. You never know when someone might be doing waist exercises nearby.” George then changed poses by using his hand to flick his bangs.

“George… When did you get this kind of skill!?” His highness exclaimed.

“That’s truly divine work. As expected of George.” I commented.

“I am very grateful for your comments. I’ll keep on devoting myself to the utmost in order to meet your expectations.” George replied.

To think there was this kind of use to the hula hoop…

Well, no, this is probably something that only George can do.

He is our top advertiser when making street performances, so it’s only a matter of time before he comes a master of the hula hoop too.

Ah! Is miss Priscilla okay? My thoughts were completely taken over by George’s divine skills, so I forgot about her for a bit.

“Lady Priscilla, are you okay? Do you have any injuries?” I asked her.

She still seemed to be a bit stunned, but my words brought her back to focus, so she hurriedly fixed her sitting down posture and looked at her surroundings.

Seems like she is trying to understand what just happened?

Then… She clicked her tongue?

“Lady Priscilla…?” I said again.

How could such a cute lady do this kind of thing?

“… I’m alright. Thank you very much, lord George.” Miss Priscilla said with a smile.

She then quickly got up and started walking towards the classroom.

“That was…” His highness muttered.

“Is everything alright?” George, who moved next to me before I even realized it, asked.

I shook my head in response.

“What’s the problem then?” George asked me.

“Class is about to start.” I replied.

“Ahh!” George exclaimed.

So, the three of us hurriedly picked up the scattered luggage, then moved to the classroom together.

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