Quit Entourage

Chapter 90 – Second Arc: Ninth Chapter


After class, we all headed to the small hall to practice dancing.

I had already reserved it in advance, so we could use it to our heart’s content today.

That said, the small hall was actually quite large. There was much more than enough space for us all to dance together.

“Let’s start with the basic waltz. I’ll go play the piano for you.” Lady Emilia said.

She is a master at the piano, so even a simple waltz ends up sounding very gentle and mellow.

“Your piano is truly beautiful, lady Emilia. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to dance properly because I might focus too much on its sound.” I commented.

She happily giggled after hearing that.

I’m actually able to play this same song since I’m also learning the piano, but it sounds completely different when I play it. Lady Emilia is just on a whole another level.

“Who will you dance with first?” Both his highness and George asked me.

“I’ll just watch for the first dance.” Lady Julia said that, then moved to the corner of the dance hall.

I suppose she is going to be watching to give pointers to us? Lady Julia is already good at dancing, after all.

So now we have two men and three women left… Who should I dance with first?

When I was about to open my mouth to say something, his highness moved closer and extended his hand towards me.

“Then, I guess-” I started saying.

“Your highness, please.” At this moment, miss Priscilla stepped in-between me and his highness and took his hand.

“Ah…” I muttered.

My hand, which was about to take his highness’ hand, was left alone.

His highness glanced towards me for a moment, but then he turned his eyes towards miss Priscilla and started dancing with her.

I just grabbed my own lonely hand while I watched.

“Dance with lord George, lady Cosette.” Lady Marietta told me.

“No, let me watch it for the first song. Please dance first.” I told her with a smile.

She hesitated a bit, but then she nodded and started dancing.

Two couples were twirling around the hall.

Lady Marietta moved a bit awkwardly at first, but perhaps because George is good at leading, her nervousness slowly started fading, so she started dancing calmly and gracefully after a small while.

I paid close attention to their steps, so as to make sure I do it right when it’s my turn.

As for his highness and miss Priscilla…

“Kya! I’m sorry…” Miss Priscilla exclaimed.

She seems to be pretty bad at dancing… Right now she stepped so horribly wrongly that she almost fell, so his highness had to hug her to stop her from falling.

His highness is really good at dancing, so he can hold her like that without any danger of them both falling together, but still… She seems like she needs a lot of practice.

“Ah! Thank you very much.” Miss Priscilla said as she messed up again.

… Isn’t she way too bad?

And when I saw her cling to his highness again, I felt a bit of a strange feeling in my chest…

… She really doesn’t need to cling this much to him.

For some reason I just didn’t feel like watching it anymore, so I turned my gaze to the side.

And at that moment, I saw that lady Julia was really close to me.

That surprised me!

“That’s intentional.” Lady Julia muttered.

She was staring at miss Priscilla and his highness as she said that.

“Eh?” I replied.

“She was at least a bit better than this at class. Right now she doesn’t have even a shred of elegance.” Lady Julia told me.

So that’s how it is… I did think that this excessive hugging could be deliberate…

If even I noticed it, then not only lady Julia, but his highness too should be aware of it.

“Lady Priscilla, why don’t you go home for today? You seem to be too distracted right now.” Lady Julia suddenly raised her voice.

Everyone, including lady Emilia, stopped moving at those words. The hall had fallen completely silent.

“I-I… I don’t want to…” Miss Priscilla, with tears on her eyes, shook her head while saying that.

“Then could you be sick? You’re usually better than this.” Lady Julia stated.

At those harsh words, miss Priscilla shivered, “So cruel… Just because I can’t dance well…

“Hey, lady Cosette…”

Miss Priscilla was now looking at me with tears on her eyes. She seemed to be begging for my help.

I felt a bit troubled at that, but I still gave a proper reply, “Well, I also think you aren’t showing your full charm… Maybe lady Julia went a bit too far though.”

“Oh? Pray forgive me.” Lady Julia averted her eyes as she gave this reply.

“You too, lady Cosette… Too cruel!” Miss Priscilla glanced at me for a second, then grabbed her luggage and rushed out of the hall.

“Ah…” I muttered.

Should I chase after her? But with the blood rushing to her head like that, I doubt anything I say will be useful right now…

“It’s fine to leave her alone.

“I was glancing at her dance from the side, and I can say that it was absolutely terrible.

“Right, your highness?” George stated.

“Yeah… It would honestly be a serious problem if this was her actual skill when dancing properly.” His highness replied.

Both his highness and George nodded to each other’s statement.

“Well, let’s get back on track and resume our practice.” Lady Emilia clapped her hands and raised her voice.

This was enough for us to get our minds back on the practice and resume dancing.

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