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料理長が腕によりをかけた夕飯は美味しかった。The dinner that was cooked with the head chef’s skill was delicious.

それはもう、一口目からおかわりを要求してしまいそうになるほどに…… So much so that, from the very first bite your mouth will already be requesting for seconds.


しかしダイエットを決意している私は、頑張っておかわりを一度にとどめた。However, I had decided to diet, I’ve got to do my best to stop having second helpings all at once.

うぅ……お肉…… Uu…… meat…… (TLN: I’ve no clue if the お in お肉 does anything or if it is just a sound she is making… 肉 means meat but that is all I got out of it. Other mtl also says お肉 together also means meat so I have no clue what the difference is)


脂ののったお肉はそれはもうジューシーで、噛むたびに肉汁がほとばしる。The meat topped with butter is already juicy, with each bite the meaty juices will gush out every time

焼き加減も絶妙で、硬すぎず、柔らかすぎず……The degree of cooking is exquisite, not too hard, not too soft……

ステーキにかけられているソースが後味をさっぱりとさせているのもニクイ。The steak that had been subjected to sauce leaves a refreshing aftertaste which can be considered as amazing.

肉だけに…… Because of meat……

なんつって。What it means.


多分、多分だけど、私が太っているのは料理長の腕が良すぎるのも原因のひとつだと思う。Perhaps, its perhaps, one of the reasons I am fat is because the skill of the head chef is too good.

だってこんなに美味しくなかったらおかわりなんてしないもの。Because if it had not been so delicious I would not have had seconds.

うん。確実に料理長のせいだな。私の肥満は。 Un. Certainly it is because of the head chef. My obesity is.

まったくもう……もぐもぐ。Good grief…… mogumogu.(TLN: chewing/munching sfx)



「いやぁ、倒れたと聞いて肝を冷やしたが、元気そうでなによりだよ。しかし、もうおかわりしなくていいのかい?いつもはあと三皿は食べるのに……食欲がないなんて、もしやまだ具合が悪いのかい?」 “Iyaa, I was scared to death when I heard that you had collapsed, but it seems you are well. But you are not going to ask for seconds? You always have three more helpings…… why it seems you do not have an appetite, perhaps are you still not feeling well?”


お肉の味に浸っていた私は、お父様の声でハッと我に返った。I had been immersed in the flavour of the meat and returned to myself when I heard Otou-sama’s voice.

お父様は慈愛に満ちた眼差しで私を見つめている。 Otou-sama was staring at me with kind eyes full of affection.

思えば、私がご飯を食べている時はお父様はいつもこんな風に私を見つめていた。To think, Otou-sama had always been watching me like this while I was eating meals.

なんだろう、なにか……あの目に見覚えが…… I wonder what, something…… I remember seing those eyes……



…………Mutsugo◯u…………?(TLN: ムツゴ◯ウI have no clue what this is. Is it a reference to something? Or is it just another sfx….)



なんだかイヤな気持ちになったので、その先は考えるのをやめた。Somehow I felt an unpleasant feeling, so I ceased thinking further.




お父様は、金髪碧眼の、まさに童話に出てくるような貴公子である。年齢は三十を越しているのにもかかわらず、まるで二十代前半のような若々しさを保っており、花のような美貌のお母様と並ぶと一幅の絵画のような美しさだ。 Otou-sama has blond hair and blue eyes, a nobleman like one that would come out in fairytales. Despite the fact that his age is over 30, he looked young similar to someone in the first half of their twenties, along with Okaa-sama who is also beautiful like a flower standing beside him, they make one beautifully framed painting.


この両親の血を引いているのだから、私の残念な容姿はどう考えても料理長のせいであるに違いない。Because of the blood of these parents, my disappointing appearance without a doubt is due to the head chef.


「いいえ、お父様。私はダイエットをすることにしたのです。だからおかわりはもうしないのです」 “No, Otou-sama. I have decided to diet. So I will no longer ask for second helpings anymore.”


そう。このお皿で最後。最後…… Really. This plate is the last. Last……

思わずお皿をじとっとした目で見つめてしまった。Unintentionally with calm eyes I stared at the dishes.


お皿から無理やり視線を引き剥がすと、お父様の美しいお顔が驚愕に歪んでいた。When I forcibly managed to peel my line of sight away fron the plate, Otou-sama’s beautiful face was distorted with a look of shock.

ガタン!と椅子を蹴って立ち上がると、大仰な仕草で天を仰ぐお父様。Gatan! Knocking over the chair as he stood up, Otou-sama looked up to towards the heavens in an exaggerated gesture.


「ダイエット……だって?!あの、世にも過酷という噂の?!同じものを食べ続ける拷問をされたり、暑い部屋に閉じこめられたり、なんの味もしない水を大量 に飲まねばならなかったり!そんな恐ろしい拷問に耐えられず挫折を繰り返した結果、精神を病むものもいると聞く。しかも奇跡的に成功したと安心したのもつ かの間、ほぼ全員が例外なくリバウンドという呪いにかけられるという!」 “Diet…… you mean? That thing, that is rumoured by many to be extremely severe?! Similar to torture where one much continually eat the same thing, be trapped in a hot room, and drink massive amounts of water that does not taste like anything! As a result of failing to endure such terrible fustration and torture, I hear some people’s hearts will grow ill from it. Furthermore, even after a miraculous success and you feel relieved, almost everyone without exception is subjected to the curse of a rebound!” (TLN: Otou-sama’s reaction is the best! I imagine a handsome ikemen shouting all this out in one breath while tearing up and crying.)


どこの牢屋の話だそれは。What sort of extreme jailhouse is this.

しかしあながち間違ってもいないところがよくわからない。However, while it wasn’t necessarily a mistake, I do not really understand.


「何故だ……何故、私の可愛いコゼットが、そのような過酷な拷問を受けなければならないのだ……」 “Why to…… why, to my cute Cosette, must she receive such a severe torture……”


ついに顔を覆って泣き出したお父様に、私、コゼットは…… In the end Otou-sama covered his face as he burst into tears, I, Cosette……



はっきりいってドン引いた。To put it frankly I slowly drew back.



なにこのひと。 What is this person.

気持ち悪いものを見る目でお父様を見つめていると、お母様の優しい声が割り込んできた。While i stared at Otou-sama with eyes seeing something unpleasant, Okaa-sama’s gentle soft voice cut in.


「貴方、大丈夫よ。そもそもダイエットは美容のために自分から進んでするものであって、拷問ではないわ。私たちの可愛いコゼットが、さらに可愛くなろうとしているだけなのよ。ここは暖かく見守りましょう」 “Anata(dear), It will be alright. In the first place a diet for the sake of beauty and is done voluntarily by one’s own will, it is not torture. Our lovely Cosette, is just trying to be even more lovely. For now why don’t we warmly watch over her.”


ハッとしたようにお母様に振り返ったお父様は、お母様の足元に膝まづいて祈り始めた。Suddenly realizing, Otou-sama turned to look back at Okaa-sama, then at the knees began to pray near Okaa-sama’s foot.

なにやら、おぉ、神よ……という声まで聞こえてきた。For some reason, oo, oh god…… I heard a voice calling.


うん、なんか面倒くさいから、もうどうでもいいや。 Un, somehow it is tiresome, so it does not matter anymore.

二人の世界にはいっている両親をほっぽって、私は最後のお肉を味わった。With the two people(couple) of this world who are defined as my parents, I savoured the last of the meat.



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