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今シーズン最初のお茶会は、王太子殿下主催なだけありそれはそれは華やかなものだった。The first tea party of this season, hosted by his highness the crown prince was simply very very gorgeous.


普通、お茶会では夜会とは違い、弦楽器の四重奏などの演奏がなされるが、今回はなんとオーケストラ。Usually, at the tea party unlike the evening party, a musical performance by a string instrument quartet is done, this time however is an orchestra.

豪華にもほどがある。It is splendid as well .

お茶会というよりは、ガーデンパーティーに近いかもしれない。Rather than tea party, it might be closer to a garden party.


会場であるガーデンテラスは中と外を区切るガラス扉が解放され、自由に行き来ができるようになっていた。At the venue the garden terrace had its glass doors separating inside and the exterior was left unlocked, it is possible to freely come and go.


テラスの奥、周りよりも一段高くなっているステージから王太子殿下の声が響く。At the back of the terrace, the voice of his highness the crown prince resonates from the stage which is a level higher than the surroundings.

私も皆さまと同じように王太子殿下のほうに目をやった。I too like everyone else looked in the direction towards his highness the crown prince.

殿下が会場をぐるりと見回す。His highness looks around the venue.

なんだろう……なんだか目が合った? What I wonder…… somehow our eyes met?

ほんのしばらく見つめ合った気がしたが、王太子殿下の視線はすぐに外れていった。Just for a moment it felt like our eyes were locked, his highness the crown prince’s gaze quickly disconnected.


「今日はよく集まってくれた。このように爽やかな晴天に恵まれ、私も嬉しく思う。咲き誇る花々も暖かい春の訪れを喜んでいることだろう。皆も楽しんでくれたまえ」 “Today we have gathered. Blessed with refreshing clear skies like this, I am glad. Flowers are in full bloom with the arrival of mild spring, it will be pleasant. Everyone as well please enjoy.”


その言葉を合図に給仕がそれぞれのティーカップに紅茶を注ぎはじめた。With the phrase as a signal the servers began to pour tea into each teacup.



私たちは庭園に据えられたテーブルに腰掛け、ファッションの話に花を咲かせていた。We were seated at a table set in the garden, engaging in lively conversations of fashion.


「それにしても、シグノーラがエーデルワイス伯爵家のブランドだったなんて。通りでエーデルワイス伯爵夫人の靴がいつもステキだったはずだわ!さすがはエーデルワイス夫人!」 “Even so, Signora was the brand of the Edelweiss Earl house. Reputation of the Edelweiss Countess’ shoes have always been superb! As expected of Madame Edelweiss”


「うふふ、ありがとうございます。母も喜びますわ」 “Ufufu,Thank you very much. Mother as well shall be delighted.”


私が発案やデザインをしているとバレると色々面倒くさそうなので、シグノーラのデザインはお母様がしている、ということになっている。これはお母様も了承済みだ。My ideas and design as long as it is exposed, because of various trouble, the design of Signora are Okaa-sama’s doings. Okaa-sama has also agreed to this.

それに、私がデザインしているというより、評判がいいと思う。信用性が違うというか。カリスマ性みたいな。 In addition, Rather than being designed by me, I believe that the reputation is good. The credibility, should I say is different. Sort of charismatic.

モデル件広告塔としてもバツグンだしね!The model in question is excellent as an advertising sign!


「あと、ずいぶん痩せましたわよね。ダイエットをしていた、とおっしゃっていましたが、どんなことをされましたの?」 “Also, surprisingly you’ve lost weight. You’ve said you were on a diet, what kind of things did you do?”


信号機令嬢のなかでも少しぽっちゃり気味の子爵令嬢、ひとよんで黄のマリエッタ様がずずい、と身を乗り出してくる。Among the traffic signal ladies a slightly chubby looking viscount daughter, known as Marietta-sama of yellow azalea(?/without hesitation), came leaning forward (in curiosity/excitement). (TLN:ひとよんで黄のマリエッタ様がずずい google says ずずい=Azalea while ずい=readily/without hesitation… since I don’t really understand japanese sentence structure, they both seem to fit fairly well in this context.)

マリエッタ様は気にしてらっしゃるけど、おばちゃん目線で言わせてもらえば、これくらいふくよかな方が女の子らしくて可愛いんだけどな。Marietta-sama is concerned but, if you let me say in my Oba-chan point of view, about this much plumpness however is charming typical of a girl.

まぁ、若い女の子にとってダイエットは永遠の命題だしね。 Well, diet is an eternal problem for young women.

しかし、これはチャンス。However this is a chance.


「ええ、よくぞ聞いてくれました!見てくださいませ!“Yes, you’ve heard well! Please look this way(TLN: said extra polite I think)!

ここに取り出しましたるは、ハイヒールと並ぶシグノーラ自慢の新作商品でございます。I took it out here, it is Signora’s prided new product merchandise to match high heels.

こちらのソールをご覧ください、ここにボールがついておりますでしょう?何を隠そう、このボールがダイエットのキモなのでございます。このシューズの特徴は……」 Please look at the sole here, here you have a ball right? To tell you the truth, this ball is the essensial point of the diet. The feature of this shoe……”







「コゼット嬢!コゼット嬢!」 “Cosette-jou! Cosette-jou!” (TLN: Jou=Miss so it’s Miss Cosette?)


「いいえ、お高くなんてございませんわ!見てください、このお値段!今回は特別にこのお値段でご用意させて頂きました。いまだけ!ここにいらっしゃる皆様だけのお値段です。このお値段でのご奉仕は本日の御注文に限らせて頂きます!さぁ……」 “No, it is not expensive! Please look, this price! This time the price was specially allowed to be arranged. This time only! The price only for everyone here. The special service at this price will be limited to today’s orders! Saa(Now/Come)……”


“Coーseーーーーtte Joーーーーーーーーu!!!” (TLN: Huh….. I just realized here that I’ve never noted that Cosette’s name is read Cozetto? I’ve been reading it correctly in my head but when I spell it….. But, Cosette seems more cute, also google spells it as Cosette so I’ve left it as is. =/ *cough cough I dislike Zs* )


耳元で叫ばれ、肩を掴んでガサガサ振られた。Screaming close to my ears, my shoulders were grasped and was shaken.

「はっ!!私は今なにを……?」 “Ha! ! With me, what is it now ……?”

気付けばテーブルの周囲に人だかりが出来ていた。If you’ve noticed it a crowd had formed around the table.

レミーエ様たちと話し出してからの記憶が曖昧だ。なにかに意識を乗っ取られていたみたい。The memory of speaking with Remie-sama and friends is fuzzy. It seems like consciousness was being hijacked.

怖いわ……これもゲームの影響なのかしら。 I’m scared…… Here too I wonder if this is an influence of the game.

なんだかレミーエ様たち、特にマリエッタ様の私を見つめる目が怖いし。まるで教祖をみる信者のよう。 Somehow Remie-sama, and especially Marietta-sama I am afraid of the looking eyes. Entirely like a believer who sees a guru(founder of the religious sect).

それに周りの方達がなんだか太いわ。少し暑いわね…… In addition the people around me were somewhat fat. It feels a bit hot……


「コゼット嬢、気づかれましたか。王太子殿下がお呼びです。お越しいただいてよろしいでしょうか」 “Cosette-jou, did you notice? His highness the crown prince is calling. May you accept and go over I wonder.”


「王太子殿下が……?なにかしら。すぐに伺いますわ。」 “His highness the crown prince……? What for I wonder. I will right away.”


私はすぐに席を立つと、レミーエ様たちにご挨拶して侍従のあとを着いていった。When I left my seat, greeting Remie-sama I followed the chamberlain.

– – – – – – – – –

感想をありがとうございます!返信が遅いですが、全てありがたく読ませていだだいております。更新に力をいれているため遅くなりますが必ず返信いたします。AN: Thank you for your feedback! Sorry for the slow reply, but I am gratefully reading them all. Because I am keeping my efforts to update, it will be late but I will definately reply.

これからも頑張りますので宜しくお願いいたします!I will continue to do my best, please treat me favourably, and thank you very much.


TL: Although this has nothing to do with the story (and probably a very old author note), I felt we should all still acknowledge the author’s feelings, so I’ve translated their note as well though I suppose most of us(myself included) can’t give them comments in their native language. So this is the best I could do to show my appreciation. =/




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