侍従に案内されたのは、ガーデンテラスから少し離れた部屋だった。With the chamberlain who was guiding, to a room a little bit away from the garden terrace.

お茶会の招待客の声もここまでは届いてこない。The voices of the tea party invited guests do not reach this far.


侍従が美しい装飾の施された扉をノックした。The chamberlain performed a knock on a lovely ornamental door.


「王太子殿下、コゼット嬢をおつれいたしました」 “Your highness crown prince, I’ve brought Cosette-jou”


「はいれ」 “Enter”


室内には2人掛けのソファが2つ、向かい合うように据えられており、間にはテーブルがあった。In the room there were two two-person sofas, they are placed opposite to face each other, with a table placed between them.

王太子殿下は私が入ってきた扉より奥側のソファに座っておいでだった。His highness the crown prince sat down at the sofa behind the door where I had entered inside.


私は緊張にガッチガチになりながら、出来るかぎり優雅にみえるように歩き、殿下へと淑女の礼をした。While becoming nervous from the tension, I was able to walk to appear as elegant as I could, to his highness did a lady’s bow.

お母様の仕草を参考にしたつもりだが、上手く出来ているだろうか。Although using Okaa-sama’s behaviour as a reference, was it skillfully done I wonder.


「失礼いたします、王太子殿下。エーデルワイス伯爵が娘、コゼットにございます。殿下におかれましては、ご機嫌麗しゅう……」 “Excuse me, your highness crown prince. It is the daughter of the Edelweiss Earl, Cosette. In respect to your highness, you are resplendent as always……” (TLN: I’m having trouble understanding what ご機嫌麗しゅう is but I believe this is close to what it means, it is some sort of archaic polite speech to say beautiful? Which I’m not quite sure about.)


「よい、呼び出したのはこちらなのだ。楽にしてくれ」 “Good, you were summoned here. Be at ease.”


「……ありがとうございます。失礼いたしますわ」 “Thank you very much. Please excuse me.”


殿下に促され、向かいのソファに腰掛けた。 Prompted by his highness, I sat down on the opposite sofa.


良かったー普段言い慣れてないから舌噛むかと思った。It was goodー because I was not accustomed to saying it normally I thought I’d bite my tongue.

というか、「ご機嫌麗しゅう」のあとってなんて言ったらいいんだっけ。みんな大体ここで遮られるから覚えられないんだよね。Or more precisely, after “You are resplendent as always” what should I say. Roughly everyone was obstructed here so I can not remember.



殿下の向かいでお言葉をジッと待つが、殿下は微妙に斜め下らへんを見ていてなかなか話し出さない。Patiently waiting for his highness to speak from opposite him, his highness  was subtly looking diagonally downwards making it fairly hard to converse.


何見てるのかな。……膝……?床……? What are you looking at I wonder…… knee……? Floor……?

なんとなく私も同じところを見つめてみるが、特になにもない。Vaguely I will also look in the same spot, there is nothing in particular.


「あの、殿下……それで、お話というのは……」 “Errr(Ano), you highness…… so, the story so to say……”


痺れを切らして声をかけると、殿下は思い切ったような表情で私をみつめた。When I was tired of waiting and spoke out, his highness looked at me with a determined look.


怒ってる?!私、なんかした?!Is angry? ! I, did something? !

怖くてドキドキしてしまう。I’m scared then my heart pounds(dokidoki).


「その……すまなかったな、以前の茶会の時……」 “That…… Sorry, for the time of the tea party before.”


「へ」 “Heh”


ヤバい変な声でた。Crap(Terrible), it was a strange voice.


「後になって冷静に考えてみたら、お前たちがアンジェ嬢を叱責したことは、当然であると思ったのだ。彼女は招待客ではなかったようだし、丹精した花を無断で摘まれては、怒るのも無理はない」 “Later after thinking calmly, when you all reprimanded Angie-jou, I think it was justified. It seems she was not an invited guest, having plucked the flowers without permission, it is understandable to be angry.”


殿下の怖い表情は、緊張の表れだったようだ。心なしか頬も紅いし、照れているのかな?His highness’ scary expression, seems to be a manifestation of  tension(nervousness). Somehow his cheeks are also red, is he feeling embarrassed?

これがツンデレというやつだろうか。I wonder if this is called a tsundere.

うん、美形だと絵になるな。可愛いな。 Un, a beauty if not picturesque. Cute huh.

でも王太子殿下が臣下に謝っちゃダメだよね。But your highness crown prince, it is not good if you are going to apologize to your retainer.



「そんな、いいのです。私は気にしておりませんから、謝らないで下さいまし。王太子殿下ともあろうお方が、私などに謝ってはいけませんわ」 “Like that, it is fine. Since I do not mind, please do not apologize. Your highness crown prince is one who will be king, do not apologize to the likes of me.”


これは紛れもない本心だ。本当に全く気にしていない。This is certainly my true feelings. Really I completely do not mind.

というか忘れていたくらいだ。 More precisely I had almost forgotten.


「そ、そうか……ありがとう」 “Is, is that so…… Thank you. ”


殿下はホッとしたのか、俯きがちだった顔を上げて、くしゃりと微笑んだ。His highness was feeling relieved, he lifted his face that was looking down, and freely smiled. (TLN: What does くしゃりと in くしゃりと微笑んだ mean? I know the latter part means to smile but I guess randomly for the former part.)








え、なに、この笑顔。ヤバい、ヤバい…… Eh, what, this smile. Dangerous, dangerous(yabai)……

顔な熱が集まってくるのを感じる。いま私の顔は、おそらく真っ赤っかだろう…… I sense the heat collect on my face. My face now, is probably flushed……

恥ずかしすぎて、殿下から目を無理やり引き剥がすと、俯きながら少々強引に話をかえた。Too embarrassing, forcibly tearing my eyes off from high highness, while facing down I discussed a bit more coercively.


「そ、そういえば、アンジェ嬢はあの後どうなったのですか?殿下がお連れになったと聞いたのですが……それにしてもあんなに見事なピンクの髪は珍しいですわよね!あのような色は、絵画でしか見たことがございませんわ。そう、あの絵は確か、先代の……」 “Co, come to think of it, what happened to Angie-jou afterwards? I heard your highness took her with you…… At any rate such stunning pink hair is unusual(rare)! Such colours, I have only seen in paintings. Really, that painting was certainly, of the previous generation…… ”


……That(Are)?……Really, such stunning pink hair is, the previous generation……


「国王陛下の、ご側室、の……」 “His majesty the king’s, the concubine’s, …… “


私は気付いてしまった事実に、顔が強張るのを感じながら俯けていた顔を上げ、殿下をみつめた。I became aware of the fact, feeling my expression stiffen I raised my face that was facing down, and looked at his highness.



恐らく、この勘は当たっているという確信が、ある。Perhaps, there is, confidence that this intuition is correct.

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