“You! Do you not know what I am saying? Quickly depart from here at once!”



A tall girl with brilliant Blond hair wound in stunning vertical rolls stands gallantly posed with a hand on her waist.


Pointing her finger while raising her voice towards girl whom was sitting on the ground. She was a pretty girl with fluffy pink hair.



Based on the blond hair and vertical roll, the reason why I can see this is because I am standing behind Remy the daughter of the duke.


As for me, i am Cosette, daughter of the earl, an underling among Remy-sama’s entourage. In my fixed position at the back behind the three entourage daughters.



These three were daughter of the Marquis Julia-sama, Daughter of the Earl Emilia-sama, and daughter of the Viscount Marietta-sama. the one leading the crowd at the front Remy-sama is the leader of this group of villainess daughters.



Each of their hair colour is red, blue, and yellow easy to remember. Its the colour of traffic signals. After you add in green and pink the squadron is complete.



Ha! Some time ago succumbing to fear, the pretty girl was trembling like a small animal in the presence of Remy-sama

While I was absorbed in thought shifting a little behind the entourage three, my arm was suddenly caught.



“Wait a moment! Cosette, you say something about this too! This is your flower garden is it not?”



“Ha, a, ha……”



Suddenly pushed forward towards Remy-sama, I confronted the pink girl while my eyes darted about. (TLN: It said white and black eyes, which confused me for a bit but apparently it seems to mean confused,surprised, or bewildered eyes + the darting eyes which I thought fitted best)



Yes, this here is my flower garden.


Despite being the daughter of an Earl, I was gardening as a hobby. I had asked my father who was the Earl to make the flower garden for me.


The flower garden which I had brought up diligently since i was 5 years old with the great help of the gardener bob-jiisan. Now that I am 10 years old it can be said that my garden had become a pretty good garden.



Today, we had a tea party to unveil my prided garden.


My Earl’s daughter tea party, to the crown prince who is the same age as me.


I put great effort to compose the written invitation … … and once again while I was immersed in my own world, Remy-sama’s irritated voice exploded.


“Hey! Cosette! Pay attention! Do not go into your own world!”



Ha! Dangerous dangerous!


If i have been lost in thought any further, there is a habit of blankly shutting down. Regrettable regrettable.



I once again stare intentedly at the girl in front of me a second time.



As I thought the face covered in fluffy pink hair was pretty, but the sky blue eyes staring back were shining with a surprising challenging glare.


There were a lot of white flowers scattered at her feet, which further complemented her pretty appearance.


I thought she was trembling because of Remy-sama, but apparently she had more courage than I thought.



“Cosette? Fuu-n, you, I mean, Cosette. Because it didn’t come out in the game, I didn’t know.” (TLN: she says anta as in you. Which I believe is informal and slightly rude when said unless I understood it wrong.)


My eyes were startled wide open when I caught the words that silently slipped out from her mouth.


“Who are you… …?”


The only words I was finally able to mouth were such words.

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