“I? I am Angie. The heroine of this world!” (TLN: she says atashi or アタシ, which is usually used by younger girls trying to sound cuter? And the word 主人公 or heroine can also be replaced with main character, protagonist or hero )




Shiii-n… … (TLN: I suppose this is a silent pause sfx, but I’m not really sure.)




A painful silence passes through the flower garden. Even Remy-sama who was burning with rage just a moment ago quickly changed her eyes as if she were looking at an impossible creature.



This child… … it hurts … … it hurts wa… …


I thought this person had chuunibyou … … While thinking that, I spoke to her.



“It is so, you are Angie-sama. But i would like to ask you, this flower garden is part of our house’s private estate. I am having a tea party today, but in the list of invited guests your name Angie-sama is not there… … ”


As she smiled and slowly tilted her neck, Angie seemed to be frightened. But in a moment, her smile soon immediately became fearless.



“I did not know of any invitation. I(atashi)… … I(watashi), for the event… …am not here for it. I came to pick flowers! Flowers for my sickly mother!”



Event……? Angie restated hastily, certainly it sounded like and Event. Leaving that aside, for some reason the sound resounded and weighed heavily in my mind.



“I just came to pink flowers! What are you doing!”



Angie shouted so and then fell to the ground exaggeratedly as though she had been pushed away.



In my mind I had only thought selfish trespassing of private land…… I did not even touch nor did I lay my hand to push anyone away.


We were absentmindedly taken aback, as a clear voice resounded.



“What are you doing! !”



Appearing gallantly with the voice, his royal highness the soon to be 10 year old crown prince of the country, Leonhart-sama.


Shining brightly reflecting the glittery sunlight was beautiful silver hair that had been trimmed to the shoulder. Pupils green like emeralds fringed with long eyelashes. Despite being young, a beautiful face like a miracle, but more that that it could be said to be a work of art by a first class painter.


When Leonhart-sama appeared, the ends of Angie’s mouth seemed to distort.



“Did you hear me, I asked what you were doing!”


Before, I who was dumbfounded could react, she… Angie raised her voice.



“I was picking flowers. Flowers for my sick mother…… But then, this person……”



Angie looked up at Leo-sama while letting her eyes moisten with tears. While imperceptibly rubbing her pained knees which had been stained with soil.



Angie’s face with upturned eyes was exceedingly lovely. While staring at those large eyes spilling even now, Leo-sama did not move it were as if he had been bound. Angie’s challenging appearance from earlier became hidden, around her I think it seemed like glittering stars were dancing…… it, it is dancing. It truly is dancing.


I rubbed my eyes to try and wipe away the illusion, but it is still sparkling. When looking carefully with my eyes as Angie moved her head, I found silver powder falling out of her hair.


………… Dandruff?


Because it is silver in colour, it doesn’t seem to be dandruff. Or would silver dandruff come from pink hair?



Uumu, while thinking about dandruff, Leo-sama’s harsh voice rose.



“Was there a need for violence? Angie was just picking flowers, yet, an Earl’s daughter, you are a disappointment, leave my presence at once!” (TLN:帰ってくれたまえ I think it means to leave or go back but i’m not very sure. So if anyone could help me with that)



“What?” (TLN: It was へ or he? or heh? When you sound it out. I wonder if I should leave it as heh? Since it sounds more like she was surprised like that.)



Eh? Are you saying that to me?


I look around restlessly, But Leo-sama’s sight was only on me.


Also as if it were too much to remember, in the first place, this is my house……


Too much of an accusation, not to mention the other person was his royal highness the crown prince, Angie continued the pursuit with the final blow.


Angie, who was supported by Leo-sama, while distorting her mouth, declared this.




“If the shape is unsightly, then the character is also ugly to the very core…… ahhh, dreadful”




Before my eyes went pitch black. The words thrown were just too much, I lost consciousness as it is……


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